If These Two-Legged Dogs Can Succeed at Life, So Can You

Born without front legs, Kandu and Lucy have proven to be exceptional therapy dogs.

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Together, Kandu and Lucy have the same number of legs as one dog does, and that’s because these courageous canines were born without their front limbs.

But that doesn’t slow them down. Not only do these special little dogs manage to cruise around on their own sets of wheels, they also, as therapy animals, help humans feel better. When you see how Kandu and Lucy overcome their disabilities with wagging tails, it’s difficult not to smile. Check out the video below and see if you can’t make it through without cracking a grin.

Kandu, radiating wonderful, healing energy, proves you don’t need paws to have the magic touch. When placed by an elderly woman who had, to the distress of her family, not yet awoken from surgery, Kandu managed to rouse her from her slumber. It almost sounds like a fairytale. That’s how magical dogs are.

After meeting all the therapy dog requirements, Kandu and Lucy immediately set to the task of aiding patients in recovery. According to their handlers, the dogs have a “cathartic” effect on those who interact with them.

Tell us about a dog you know whose calming presence helped you through a tough time.

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