The Wonderful of Dog — A Review

Have you recently lost a dog to the Rainbow Bridge? Do you know someone else who has lost a furry loved one? Have you ever...


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Have you recently lost a dog to the Rainbow Bridge? Do you know someone else who has lost a furry loved one? Have you ever lost a furbaby and still grieve him or her? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you need to read The Wonderful of Dog by Baby, a wise old soul who spent 13.5 years in the body of a female Miniature Schnauzer.

I’ve read over The Wonderful of Dog several times now and EVERY time it brings me to tears. Not the sort of trickle-out-your-eyes tears but the sobbing-with-red-runny-nose sort of tears. It’s just that strong.

So what is this almost tiny book about that it can cause me to run for the tissues every time I merely glance through it? Baby is writing a sort of diary for her human after she has already died. She is telling him the highs and lows of her life. But most importantly, she is telling him the meaning of her life. Through her we see ourselves, our furbabies and our own meaning in life. The veil is pulled back for a few moments. Truth, the kind you only feel in the pit of your stomach, sings through every page!

All of us who love dogs have had to say goodby. Even if we told ourselves our furbaby was old or in pain, we still have this small knot somewhere in our souls that misses them and still grieves just a little bit when we see something that reminds us of that special furry loved one. It’s natural but it still hurts. The Wonderful of Dog hits those soul knots just like a skilled massage therapist hits your muscular knots. And, just like during the massage, the knots unfold and with them come tears of recognition and unshed grief.

This small book packs a powerful emotional punch! Between the marvelous pictures and the heart-wrenching words, this is a book no dog lover should miss! In fact, I would heartily recommend that boutique pet stores and bookstores should keep The Wonderful of Dog in stock as comfort books when dogs pass on to the Bridge. It’s that good and that comforting!

The Wonderful of Dog is published by Doggonepress and is available at their web site.

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