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This week's tip from Sunbear Squad is a must read for all dog lovers. We must teach others to stop thinking of their dogs as...
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This week’s tip from Sunbear Squad is a must read for all dog lovers. We must teach others to stop thinking of their dogs as disposable objects, something to be thrown out with the trash when no longer needed or wanted.

Week of Nov. 8:

Watch for pets that are banished from the house before new carpet or furniture arrives for the holidays; they will be wandering and hungry. Call the authorities.

Imagine caring more about furniture than heartbeats.

You “get” this, or you would not be reading any further. It’s horrifying but true. Some people will bring their dogs and cats to a shelter because of remodeling, new furniture, new carpet, new wardrobes. Is this hard to imagine? Ask anyone who works at a shelter or rescue. The stories will inflame you.

Some major metropolitan shelters in America euthanize more than 80% of their dogs and cats every week because they don’t have enough adopters. So a family who drops off a dog or cat at a shelter, believing the pet will find a new home? Sweet, loving dogs and cats? Entire litters? They are dreaming. They are absolutely delusional. That drop off, that hopeful thought of a new home, is a death sentence. WAKE UP AMERICA.

How can we change this cycle of too many dogs and cats, too many people dropping them off at the shelter to “find a new home” in the trash? That’s where their cold bodies go. In the trash. Are you shocked?

Last week, the “No More Homeless Pets” conference closed in Las Vegas. It was a clarion call to CHANGE. Please encourage people to adopt. Please spay and neuter your companion animals. Hearts are beating!!!

-Anna Nirva, Founder Sunbear Squad-

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