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Seventy Years with Snoopy

Here's one good thing about the otherwise disastrous year 2020.

Kellie B. Gormly  |  Nov 4th 2020

Here’s one good thing about the otherwise disastrous year 2020: We celebrate seven decades with Snoopy, one of our favorite cartoon dogs, and the legendary Peanuts gang.

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Charles Schulz’s beloved Peanuts cartoons made their debut on October 2, 1950, when Charlie Brown appeared in seven newspaper comic pages. Two days later, Charlie Brown’s black-and-white Beagle made his debut, and over time several Peanuts kid characters joined the gang. The Peanuts kids have made an indelible mark on pop culture for the past 70 years with comic strips, movies, plays, toys and more.

Thanks to Snoopy for keeping us entertained with the clever tricks he plays on his humans!

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