We Check in on Rosie the Inbred Chihuahua

It's been a while since we talked about Rosie. Today, we check in with her and two other remarkable rescues. Warning: Some of these photos are harsh.


It’s been almost a year since we first heard about Rosie, the inbred Chihuahua rescued from a backyard breeder whose desperate face broke our hearts and rallied our voices.

Since her harrowing rescue, Rosie has undergone a series of surgeries to help correct deformities and injuries suffered at the hands of horrific inbreeding. Fortunately, those days are now behind her, and the darling little Chihuahua is thriving at her home in Malibu, CA — she even has own line of clothing and accessories. Not even some of the most famous dogs out there have a clothing line!

Recently, Rosie has been spotted wearing a bandage on her leg. She’s been having procedures to help cure skin issues on her ankle. From the looks of it, she is being very well taken care of. You can keep up to date on Rosie’s progress at her Facebook page.

Looking back on Rosie made us think about other stories of hope and rescue.

On St. Patrick’s Day we celebrated with Patrick, a dog who, only two years ago, was found nearly starved to death in a garbage container. When we look at the photos from the day Patrick was found, our heart breaks, which makes Patrick’s current photos even more amazing. See more photos of Patrick here at his Facebook page.

The photos just go to show what an impact just a little love, attention, and determination can have on the life of a dog.

A woman named Roberta Lacava rescued this Whippet from the streets in Brazil:

Lacava has a history of rescuing dogs and posting photos of their amazing recovery on her Facebook page. We had a little difficulty translating the Whippet’s story from Portuguese, but the language of love is universal. After the Whippet came to Lacava’s attention, the dog was taken to a vet, where he received the appropriate medical attention.

Thanks to the efforts of one devoted human, the dog is now thriving. He’s been named — appropriately — Winner, and they’ve even found a new home for him.

At Dogster, we’re constantly amazed by people’s rescue efforts, like how the Bill Foundation rescued 15 dogs in 15 minutes and how a small army joined forces to connect Beasley to her forever home. We’re also proud and amazed by the stories of your own rescued pups.

Have you rescued a dog? Tell us about it in the comments!

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