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How to Find a Dog-Friendly Hotel in 2024: 10 Things to Consider

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How to Find a Dog-Friendly Hotel in 2024: 10 Things to Consider

Traveling can be fun, but traveling with your dog is a blast. Having your favorite pup accompanying you wherever you go brings more joy to you and allows your dog to have an exciting adventure. The issue with traveling with your dog, though, is that you have to find dog-friendly accommodations. Luckily, the world is becoming more dog-friendly, and many hotels now allow canine companions.

But how do you find a dog-friendly hotel? What should you be looking for when searching for a hotel that is welcoming to dogs? Here are a few things to know about dog-friendly hotels so you can find the best one for yourself and your pet!

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The 10 Considerations for Finding a Dog-Friendly Hotel

1. Pet Policy

The first thing to do when searching for a dog-friendly hotel is to check the hotel’s pet policy. All hotels have a pet policy, but don’t assume all hotels in the same chain have the same policies! Individual hotels have differing policies, even within chains. The pet policy will tell you whether a hotel accepts dogs and should have all the relevant information you need to make an informed decision.

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2. Pet Fees

Unfortunately, you will have to pay a pet fee at most dog-friendly hotels. This isn’t true for all hotels, but in most instances, a pet fee of some kind will be required. This could be a single fee for an entire stay or a fee per night you’re there. If you’re having an extended stay at a hotel, many hotels will cap the fee, so you aren’t spending over a certain amount a month. And, as you can probably guess, luxury hotels have much higher pet fees than chain hotels.

The information on pet fees, including the cost, should be in the hotel’s pet policy. However, some hotels will simply say something like, “Additional Fees May Apply.” If that’s the case, call the hotel before booking to find out what their fee is!

3. Extra Fees

Just because you pay a pet fee doesn’t mean there aren’t other pet-related fees. While this won’t apply to every hotel you come across, some hotels may charge a cleaning fee if your dog has an accident or makes a mess. Some places will charge an extra cleaning fee just for having a dog on the premises. Most hotels also don’t allow you to keep your pets in the room when you aren’t there with them, and sometimes, hotels will charge you a fee if they find your pet on their own in the room.

Before booking, make sure you know precisely what fees a hotel charges. If you can’t find info about extra fees in the pet policy, contact the hotel to double-check whether they have them.

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4. Number of Pets Allowed

If you have more than one dog you want staying with you or even a mix of animals, like a dog and a cat, you absolutely need to find out how many pets are allowed per room. Many hotels will only allow two animals max, but some will only allow one animal in a room. You may also find a few that allow more pets or allow an animal per person in the room, but those are rare. Again, if this information isn’t in the pet policy (though it should be!), contact the hotel to find out how many pets you can bring.

5. Breed and Weight Restrictions

Hotel pet policies usually include breed and weight restrictions for dogs. Breeds with negative stereotypes, such as Pit Bulls or Dobermans, are often not allowed in hotels due to safety concerns. There’s also usually a weight limit per room or even per animal, so hotels can avoid having extremely large dogs on site that may cause other patrons to become nervous. Rarely will you find a hotel that has no sort of restrictions on pets.

Information about weight restrictions should be in the hotel’s pet policy, and breed restrictions are often listed there, too, but not always. Make sure you know if your dog is allowed before committing to a hotel!

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6. On-Site & Off-Site Dog Amenities

Find out if a hotel offers any amenities for canines. A hotel that is pet-friendly and not just pet-tolerant will often offer cute little amenities for pups, such as goodie bags or food bowls. Check out amenities for your dog near the hotel, too. For example, is there a nearby dog park your dog can enjoy? Or is there a dog-friendly beach right down the road you can visit? Hotel staff will often be able to let you know what is around the hotel that is friendly to canines.

7. Areas for Dogs

Where in the hotel is your dog allowed to go? Not all areas of a hotel will be accessible to your pup, such as the pool or dining areas. Some places might even ask that you not walk your dog through the lobby but instead use a side or back door. And where will your dog go to the bathroom at the hotel? Is there a dedicated doggie area for pups to relieve themselves, or will you be required to go down the street or across the road for this? You don’t want to get to a hotel only to discover that your dog is limited to one or two areas and has nowhere to go for bathroom breaks!

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8. Requirements to Bring a Dog

Did you know that many hotels require vaccination records before they’ll allow your dog in? It’s true! You’ll need to have a copy on hand to show at the front desk before checking in. Some hotels also require you to fill out a pet form before they’ll let you check-in or that your dog is in a crate and not on a leash when in the lobby. Every hotel is different when it comes to requirements for allowing dogs to stay, so be sure you find out exactly what you need to do to keep your pet with you.

9. Recon

Even if you’ve found all the above information online in the hotel’s pet policy, it’s still smart to call the hotel’s front desk and chat with them about bringing your dog along. Why is that? Because this gives you a better idea of how the staff reacts to the potential of having dogs around. Does the staff automatically provide you with recommendations on nearby dog-friendly activities and places? Or do they ask you a million questions about the size of your dog, how often they bark, whether they’re prone to having accidents indoors, and so forth? One of those scenarios is definitely “dog-friendlier” than the other, so you may find you want to pass on a hotel after speaking with them!

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10. Dog-Friendly Travel Sites

Did you know there are travel sites online that are focused on dog-friendly hotels and destinations? Sites like or are dedicated to helping you find hotels that cater to animals. And don’t forget that Dogster has tons of articles featuring dog-friendly hotels that include vital information you need, so you don’t have to look it up yourself!

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Dog-friendly hotels are rather ubiquitous these days, but the policies at the hotels can differ vastly. To find the best dog-friendly hotel for your pup, take a close look at a hotel’s pet policy to determine how much extra you’ll have to pay for your dog, where your dog will be allowed in the hotel, whether there are doggie amenities, and more. Once you have that information, it will be much simpler to decide which hotel works for you!

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