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25 Awesome Pomeranian Haircuts to Try Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Jordyn Alger

Last Updated on April 18, 2024 by Dogster Team

grooming a pomeranian puppy

25 Awesome Pomeranian Haircuts to Try Today (With Pictures)

The tiny Pomeranian has been a favorite for generations. The average person and the most affluent of royals have enjoyed the companionship of this toy breed, and its foxlike face and big dog personality make it an adorable and spunky dog.

You know how long this breed’s coat can grow if you are among the lucky dog owners with a Pomeranian friend. Every once in a while, your Pomeranian may need a trim—so why not make a statement with it? In this article, we will take a look at 25 awesome Pomeranian haircuts that will get your inspiration flowing for your Pomeranian’s next hairdo.


The 25 Awesome Pomeranian Haircuts to Try Today

1. The Traditional Cut

Image Credit: Nick Stafford, Pixabay

We would be remiss not to mention the traditional Pomeranian cut on this list. This cut is a timeless classic favored by most Pomeranian owners. To give your Pomeranian the traditional cut, your groomer will trim along your dog’s natural coat shape, outlining his body.

They may also trim a little extra to give your Pomeranian a cleaned-up look and give an extra trim to your dog’s paw hair to make the rest of the body stand out. This traditional cut is the way to go if you want a trim that never goes out of style.

2. The Puff Ball

Pomeranian Pomeranian poses after the exhibition
Image Credit: Ihar Halavach, Shutterstock

Pomeranians have lots of fur, and with their small stature, they tend to look like puff balls. So why not lean into it? The puff ball cut gives your Pomeranian an even cut all across his body, giving the fur a poofy appearance.

The tail will be brushed and blown out, making it look like your Pomeranian has a pom-pom for a tail. This cut can be especially useful for preventing knots since the fur is cut short and close to the body. Plus, this trim will make your Pomeranian adorable and Instagram-ready!

3. The Teddy Bear Cut

pomeranian puppy with bandana
Image Credit: Suti Stock Photo, Shutterstock

The teddy bear cut is another classic pick, and it is so adorable that it will make your Pomeranian look like a little puppy again. With this cut, your Pomeranian will have long fur around the neck and body. The rest of their fur will be comparatively short, making this an easily maintained cut.

4. The Blow Out

Pomeranian Spitz Toy_Natalia Fedosova_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Natalia Fedosova, Shutterstock

If you want to add some style and pomp to your Pomeranian’s coat, consider the blow out look. This style will require you to let your Pomeranian’s fur grow out, so you can use a blow dryer to blow out the fur. Since your dog will have long fur all over their body, you may need to spend extra time brushing and maintaining his coat.

However, the glamorous appearance of your pup will be well worth it!

5. The Mini Pom Poof

Cute fluffy Pomeranian puppy on a blue background
Image Credit: Ivanova N, Shutterstock

This is the perfect cut for your tiny toy dog if you have a mini-Pomeranian. The mini pom poof is one of the most adorable fashions you can style your dog’s coat into, and it’s easy to do. Allow your mini-Pomeranian’s fur to grow out, then use a brush to puff up the hair.

This creates a thick, poofy look that makes your Pomeranian look slightly larger.

6. The Long Tail Cut

White Pomeranian dog sitting among purple background
Image Credit: RavenaJuly, Shutterstock

If you want a look that will focus on your Pomeranian’s adorable tail, you have to check out the long tail cut. This style places an emphasis on one of your Pomeranian’s best features by allowing the tail fur to grow out while keeping the rest of the coat short for contrast.

This cut is also easy to maintain, as most of the hair is cut short and simple to brush.

7. The Long-Layered Cut

pomeranian puppy running
Image Credit: wirakorn deelert, Shutterstock

With the Pomeranian’s long double coat, your groomer can layer your dog’s fur. Next time you visit the groomer’s, request that your Pomeranian’s fur be layered. This cut will emphasize your dog’s best features; the hair is kept long around the body and tail while being trimmed shorter near the head and the feet.

8. Short Body Cut

pomeranian dog with short hair at body
Image Credit: Leeyakorn06, Shutterstock

The short body cut is the way to go for a simple, easily maintained trim. This trim keeps your dog’s fur short around the body while keeping it long around the head. With this cut, you get convenience and style all at once.

9. The Puppy Cut

pomeranian puppy walking in grass
Image Credit: thanai asawaroengchai, Shutterstock

If you have a Pomeranian puppy, this is the cut for you. The puppy cut not only gives your Pomeranian an adorable look but is also easy to maintain. The design is even across the body, giving your puppy a soft and gentle look.

10. The Foxy Cut

portrait of a pomeranian dog
Image Credit: POrPU47, Shutterstock

Your Pomeranian already has a foxlike face; why not give them a foxy cut to match? This trim is an excellent way to keep your dog’s fur neat without cutting it short. The hair is kept at the same length and is styled so as not to hang too low and collect dirt.

11. The Play Toy Cut

pomeranian puppy sitting on a chair
Image Credit: Mind Pro Studio, Shutterstock

The play toy cut is similar in appearance to the puppy cut, but the fur around the face is left a little longer than the fur around the body. This cut emphasizes your Pomeranian’s adorable looks and soft hair.

12. The Paw Cut

trijmming a paw of pomeranian
Image Credit: Polina Yanchuk, Shutterstock

Every once in a while, your Pomeranian is sure to need a trim around the paws. Cutting the fur around your Pomeranian’s paws helps them achieve a full range of motion without slipping or tracking dirt.

13. Little Lion

lion like haircut of a pomeranian
Image Credit: YuRi Photolife, Shutterstock

If your Pomeranian has an especially large personality, the little lion cut will suit them. This cut is a variation of the play toy cut, with the fur cut short all over the body. As a bonus, this cut can reduce the amount of loose hair lying around your home.

14. The Half and Half

For a half-and-half look, your groomer will trim your dog’s hindquarters while leaving the fur around the face, chest, and front paws to grow long. It is a unique look for Pomeranians, so if you want them to stand out among their other toy dog friends, this is the way to go.

15. The Chest Style Cut

The chest-style cut is a variation of the little lion cut. With this style, your Pomeranian will have longer hair around their chest, giving them a majestic appearance. On the downside, the cut can be a bit more difficult to take care of.

16. The Polar Bear Cut

pomeranian dog outdoor_
Image Credit: Piqsels

The polar bear cut is the perfect style for white Pomeranians. To achieve this style, your groomer will trim the fur down to about 2 inches all over the body. This creates a fluffy, bear-like image that makes your tiny Pomeranian even more adorable.

17. The Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is a perfect fit for a miniature, loveable dog like the Pomeranian. The fur on your dog’s head is the focus of the pixie cut, as your groomer will need to shape it into a unique pixie style. The fur on the rest of your dog’s body can be left as it is or trimmed shorter to emphasize the dog’s head.

18. The Reverse Lion Cut

pomeranian dog outdoor
Image Credit: KristinaSh, Shutterstock

The little lion cut and its variations can give your Pomeranian an air of majesty. With the reverse lion cut, you can experience that same regal appearance with a twist. For the reverse lion cut, your Pomeranian’s fur will be short around the head and longer on the chest.

19. The Spiky Style Cut

spraying leave-on conditioner to pomeranian spitz dog
Image Credit: BY-_-BY, Shutterstock

To make your Pomeranian stand out, try the spiky style cut. This style gives your dog a unique look; their fur will stand on end. The spiky style cut requires fur that is long enough to stand up but not so long that it drags down. Due to this delicate balance, this style can be challenging to achieve without a professional groomer’s help.

20. The Frizzy Tail Cut

white pomeranian dog standing outdoor
Image Credit: Wirestock Creators, Shutterstock

The frizzy tail cut adds some extra flair to your Pomeranian’s tail. By cutting the coat over the body short and leaving the tail longer, you can puff out your dog’s tail to give it that fun, frizzy look.

21. The Rockstar Cut

Brown Pomeranian Puppy with a bowl Looking at Camera
Image Credit: Cup of Couple, Pexels

Pomeranians often see themselves as the rockstars of any social gathering, so your dog will surely appreciate a cut meant to match their personality. The rockstar cut keeps your dog’s fur long and full of volume.

22. The Princess Cut

teddy bear pomeranian
Image Credit: PhotoArtMiA, Shutterstock

To pamper your Pomeranian, consider the princess cut. With this style, your dog’s fur is trimmed short on the head while the rest of the body is left long. The long hair is brushed straight, giving your dog a silky look.

23. The Simple Cut

pomeranian dog with grooming product on the side
Image Credit: Zdan Ivan, Shutterstock

If some of these cuts sound too complicated for what you had in mind, don’t worry; there’s always the simple cut. With the simple cut, the focus is only on your dog’s comfort. All you will need to do is trim your dog’s fur, so it is not hanging down on the ground.

This will allow your dog to run and keep them from tracking dirt everywhere.

24. The Slightly Scruffy Cut

brown red Pomeranian lies in the bed
Image By: Nick Stafford, Pixabay

To make your Pomeranian look a little bit bigger than it really is, you can give them the slightly scruffy cut. This style gives your Pomeranian a charmingly disheveled poof all over their body. At the same time, it keeps their fur from interfering with their everyday life or from carrying in dirt.

25. The Long Trim Cut

fluffy dog ​​breed pomeranian stands
Image By: Maxim Shmakov, Shutterstock

If you want your Pomeranian’s fur to grow free, let it! The long trim cut is the perfect way to let your Pomeranian exist in their natural state while still keeping them comfortable. All you will need to do is trim a little around their body and feet to keep their fur from becoming unmanageable.

divider-dog paw

Final Thoughts

When styling your Pomeranian, there are dozens of hairstyles to choose from. The best way to pick what suits you and your dog is to consult your groomer to learn which cut will be most convenient and practical. Don’t forget to consider the current weather in your area, as you will want to keep your Pomeranian’s comfort in mind with every trim you choose.

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