PetSmart Doggie Day Camp Petition

As some of you may have already seen in the various groups and forums, many Dogsters are concerned with PetSmart's Doggie Day Camp Policies. It...



PetSmart Excludes Certain Breeds

As some of you may have already seen in the various groups and forums, many Dogsters are concerned with PetSmart’s Doggie Day Camp Policies. It seems that PetSmart bans certain breeds of dogs from participating in it due to the company’s fears of those dogs harming other dogs or causing disruption at the camp. Here’s what I heard from Belgian and his mom on the subject.

I’m sorry to bug you at this time but I have a request. Since you are the editor of dog blog I would like to ask if you can publicy announce this petition.

Lucia recently discovered her dogs aren’t allowed in Petsmart’s Day Care because they are a “bully breed” This is a result of BSL (breed specific legislation). Lucia started a petition so Petsmart will change their policies on “bully breeds” People don’t realize that a dog is a dog and a breed is a breed. Everyone should be cautious around all breeds not just those who have a square head. A lab can even kill a human. BSL needs to stop because it will just continue until we have no more dogs.

anyways here is the link to the petition

thank you for listening,
Belgian and his Mom

First off, never apologize for barking in, Belgian. I love hearing from Dogsters!

I went to the PetSmart site to check out what they say about the Doggie Day Camp and here is who they say cannot attend.

Who may not attend?

      Intact (unneutered) male dogs or pregnant females

Dogs who haven’t been socialized with other dogs

Dogs in the “bully breed” classification (e.g. Pit Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bull Dogs or mixed breeds that have the appearance or characteristics of one of these breeds)

Wolves/wolf hybrids

Okay, I understand the first two on the list. Having had intact males for many years I understand that there can be problems when they interact with other dogs. The second group on the list actually makes the most sense. Why would anyone expect an unsocialized dog to play well with lots of other dogs? That’s a big DUH!

Now things start getting a lot hazier. A bully breed or anything that looks like one? I get the wolf part but a wolf hybrid? Does PetSmart honestly think those are the only dogs who ever cause trouble in a dog park or other social situation? If they do its time to call in Cesar Millan for a little chat with their management. Any breed of dog can be a problem if not socialized or managed correctly! Even human children are sorted according to age/size in schools and daycare in part to avoid having too wide a size difference among the children.

How about this PetSmart? There is already a requirement to have each dog temperment/socialization tested before being allowed to participate. What about having separate sections for dogs of different sizes and types? My Beagle Beatrice loves other dogs but I wouldn’t want her spending the day with Pomeranians or Bernese Mountain Dogs she doesn’t know. I adore both those breeds, and in the right situation I know she would too, but the point is the size and temperment differentials are too great to just assume that because they are all good dogs (and not a bully breed or wolf hybrid) that everybody will get along.

I have essentially two different breed groups of dogs myself. The Weims and the hounds actually have different physical languages. They had to learn each other’s body language. All four are now “bi-dogal” but I can easily imagine dogs of different breeds and sizes trying to interact.

I realize, PetSmart, that this may take a lot more management on your part but I have faith you can do it. I have three pet stores I shop at regularly (once a week each store) and PetSmart is one of those three. I love taking one or more of the dogs in to pick out treats, toys and other stuff! You guys have done such a good job in developing a line of stores that encourage pet/human interaction I know you can work this one out too!

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