Olivia Lazer Photoshops Her Dog’s Face Onto Pop Culture Icons, and It’s Wonderfully Weird


Olivia Lazer is a Seattle-based photographer who has caught the Internet’s attention with her series of images that transpose the head of her Shiba Inu, Zelda, onto the body of various pop culture icons. By virtue of slick use of Photoshop, you can catch her 4-year-old canine channeling the spirit of musicians like Beyonce and David Bowie, big screen stars like Harrison Ford and Marilyn Monroe, and even tech gazillionaire Bill Gates.

Here’s a snapshot of the best of Zelda’s scene stealing moments.


Zelda as Beyonce. (Image via zeldaboom Instagram)

Remember Beyonce’s performance during the 2013 Superbowl halftime show? Zelda certainly does, as she harnesses the spirit and attitude of Queen Bey here to appropriately fierce effect.

David Bowie

Zelda as David Bowie. (Image via zeldaboom Instagram)

Getting in on the trend of homaging the late icon David Bowie, here we have Zelda’s face merged into the musician’s 1976 mug shot (which took place after he was arrested for marijuana possession along with Iggy Pop). Naturally, the puntastic caption to the photo reads, “They call her the Diamond Dog,” referencing Bowie’s 1974 album.

Marilyn Monroe

Zelda as Marilyn Monroe (Image via zeldaboom Instagram)

By imposing Zelda’s face onto an iconic shot from the movie The Seven Year Itch, this image of Marilyn Monroe turns from playful and seductive to something that’s altogether more freaky and, well, just weird.

Lisa Simpson

Zelda as Lisa Simpson. (Image via zeldaboom Instagram)

Introducing Shiba Simpson, the newest member of Springfield’s finest dysfunctional family!

Mysterious Kitten Girl

Zelda as Kitten Girls. (Image via zeldaboom Instagram)

This vintage photo reportedly hails from 1931, where a young girl in England was captured hanging three Siamese kittens in woolly socks on a washing line, for reasons not entirely explained. Let’s just assumed Zelda’s motives here are entirely innocent and move swiftly on.

Kelly Kapowski

Zelda as Kelly Kapowski. (Image via zeldaboom Instagram)

Who knew that Zelda was such a shoo-in for the belle of Bayside High School? When not glamming it up as Tiffani Thiessen’s character Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell, Zelda can also be found hanging out at The Max with the cool kids and warding off the attentions of Screech Powers.

Indiana Jones

Zelda as Indy. (Image via zeldaboom Instagram)

Originally, this shot was taken from the filming of the Harrison Ford adventure flick Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom. In Zelda’s world, she’s remade the movie under the title of Indiana Bones and The Temple Of Doge. Either way, we’re talking nothing but classic ’80s action on display.

Bill Gates

Zelda as Bill Gates. (Image via zeldaboom Instagram)

Behold Zelda as a young Bill Gates lounging on his desk in the ’80s after the launch of the very first version of Windows. “It’s good to have a positive Outlook on life,” puns the caption to the image. “Zelda gives you her Word.”

Check out more of Zelda’s pop culture cameos over at her Instagram and Facebook pages.

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