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Most Dog Friendly States in America: All 50 Ranked in 2024

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on July 2, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Most Dog Friendly States in America: All 50 Ranked in 2024

As a dog parent, you want to bring your dog with you everywhere you go, but it’s not always easy. Some places in the United States are just friendlier to our canine pals than others. So, how can you know where the dog-friendliest places are?

We’re here to help with this list that ranks all 50 states in the U.S. by how accommodating and friendly to pups they are. More likely than not, you’ll find yourself surprised by where some of your favorite states landed on this list (and #1 will definitely surprise you!). So, keep reading to learn what you can expect of each state in America while traveling with your pup and how we figured out the level of dog-friendliness for each state.


The Top 10 Dog-Friendliest States in America

1. Florida

Florida - Top 10 Dog Friendly US States Infographic

Based on our categories and estimations, Florida swooped in and grabbed the number one most dog-friendly U.S. state in 2023 spot! If you’ve been searching for the perfect vacation spot to bring your pup, Florida has you covered.

With a grand total of 32,841 dog-friendly rentals and hotels available, there is no shortage of places to stay, and with 8,313 activities, dog parks, and dog-friendly eateries, you’ll have plenty to do while you’re in the state.

Florida also has a plethora of dog-friendly events you can check out, including the amazing Bark on the Ark dog cruise! Plus, there are several beaches that you can bring your canine companion to, as well, so even if you’re planning on doing nothing but basking in the sun, your dog can also enjoy the sand and surf.

2. California

California - Top 10 Dog Friendly US States Infographic

California came in second place with 24,443 dog-friendly accommodations, so if you’re seeking a beach vacation with your dog on the West Coast, you’ll have plenty of options! And California had a few more recreational spots open to canines and a handful more dog-friendly events. Whether you want to hit the beach, chill in a botanical garden, or even go whale watching, your dog can join in. Or check out a Padres game or go have a beer with your pet; whatever your fancy, you’ll likely be able to do it while hanging out with your pup in California.

And if you find yourself in need of a vet or groomer while on vacation, you’ll find plenty of those around (there were 930 dog services found in the state), so all your canine’s needs will be met.

3. Texas

Texas - Top 10 Dog Friendly US States Infographic

Texas is a huge state, so it’s no surprise they’d have plenty to offer our four-legged friends. With 20,848 different accommodations to host you and your pup and 6,057 dog-friendly parks, restaurants, and activities to enjoy, you’ll never be at a loss for things to do with your pet, no matter which area of Texas you’re in.

Take your pup antiquing, enjoy a jazz concert together, go swimming, or check out a local Dog Days event where your pup will be sure to have a blast. You can even take your dog on a dolphin or ghost tour! Plus, with 230 dog retailers located throughout Texas, even if you forget an essential doggie item, you can find something to replace it easily.

4. North Carolina

North Carolina - Top 10 Dog Friendly US States Infographic

North Carolina comes in at #4 on our list! Here you’ll find 13,717 excellent vacation rentals and 1,297 dog-friendly hotels. But it’s the dog-friendly places and activities where you’ll really be able to have a blast with your pup. This state has 2,863 restaurants and cafes open to canines, so you can grab anything from a beer and burger to seafood with your pet in between fun times. Plus, North Carolina has some fantastic outdoor activities and places to bring your pup, from hiking trails to vineyards to beaches and more. You and your pup can even go on a trolley tour!

Or enjoy a fun activity geared toward your pet like a pet wellness expo (you love to be pampered, and so will your pet!). There’s also doggy yoga (adorable), a wine and song series to enjoy, a kite festival, and so much more. And with 448 dog services available and 101 dog retailers in the state, you can stay as long as you want without worrying about your pet not having everything they need.

5. New York

New York - Top 10 Dog Friendly US States Infographic

Most people picture New York City when they think of New York, which might not seem like the best place to take your canine companion, but it’s much dog-friendlier than you might imagine (and there’s the entire rest of the state to explore). This state has 13,633 dog-friendly hotels and rentals to choose from, so there’s no shortage of places to stay.

They do have quite a bit fewer dog-friendly locations and activities than the top four states on our list. That doesn’t mean you won’t find anything to do with your dog—New York still has 754 dog parks, eateries, and activities to enjoy, as well as 19 events currently going on. If you visit the city, you and your dog can hang out in Central Park (which always has tons of stuff happening), go hiking, enjoy a dog run, or even go on a ferry ride. Outside the city, you can hit up a farmers’ market, hang out with the Mets, or even take your pup to a comedy show. The world’s your oyster in this state!

6. Georgia

Georgia - Top 10 Dog Friendly US States Infographic

Ah, the Peach State. Placing 6th on our list is Georgia, which is slightly less dog-friendly than the top five states on our list but still a pretty good place to take your pup. With 8,201 accommodations open to having dogs, you’ll be able to find a rental or hotel with no problems. And with 2,204 dog-friendly cafes and restaurants to choose from, you and your pet will never go hungry. There’s plenty to see and do, no matter which part of the state you’re in (although Savannah, Tybee Island, and Jekyll Island seem particularly friendly to canines). Go on a historic dog walking tour, hunt for ghosts, go river tubing, take a dolphin tour, or check out a puppy carnival! There’s no shortage of activities you can do with your dog in this state.

7. Colorado

Colorado - Top 10 Dog Friendly US States Infographic

Colorado is pretty close to Georgia in terms of what it can offer dogs and dog parents. The state has a total of 8,400 dog-friendly hotels and rentals to pick from, along with 1,869 restaurants and cafés where one can bring their canine companions. There are also tons of parks to go to and activities for you to do with your favorite pup, like hiking at the Garden of the Gods, riding on a train or gondola, taking in a concert, or going to the local Yappy Hour.

Colorado has many state and national parks, so it’s perfect for those who enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities. Plus, you’ll find 291 dog services throughout the state, including 78 vets you can visit if your pup gets injured on a hike.

8. Arizona

Arizona - Top 10 Dog Friendly US States Infographic

The Southwest United States has a lot to offer, including a host of dog-friendly places to visit in the state of Arizona. With 8,826 hotels and rentals you can stay at with your pup and 89 retailers for dogs to meet all your pet’s needs, Arizona is a fabulous place to visit. There’s plenty to see and do, too. The state has 1,544 restaurants and cafés open to canines, as well as tons of parks and activities to enjoy. Take your pet to the Pima Air & Space Museum and explore 80 acres featuring spacecraft and aircraft.

Or check out DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun Museum and view art and sculptures. If museums aren’t your thing, you and your dog can head outside to one of the many, many parks and preserves to hike and play or enjoy a concert at Old Town Music & the Market. You can even take your pup on a tour of a silver mine! You’ll find something to do in Arizona regardless of what tickles your fancy.

9. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania - Top 10 Dog Friendly US States Infographic.

You’ll find much to do in Pennsylvania with your favorite four-legged friend! Check into one of the state’s 7.426 hotels or vacation rentals, then head out for a slew of fun activities. Bring your pup with you to Knoebels Amusement Resort for a day of rollercoasters, rides, swimming, and more (dogs are not allowed on the rides). Or take your dog to a baseball game with Pup Nights at PNC Park!

You can also go on a buggy ride in Amish country, visit Gettysburg, tour vineyards and breweries, and go to the drive-in. Don’t forget to take meal breaks, though; check out The Gettysburger Company or The Harmony Inn for delicious food and a dog-friendly atmosphere. And if you find yourself in need of a groomer, vet, or other kind of dog service, you’ll find 359 throughout the state to meet your needs.

10. Illinois

Illinois - Top 10 Dog Friendly US States Infographic

Finally, coming in at #10 on our list is Illinois! Illinois has a large number of dog-friendly hotels (1,004), along with tons of rentals that allow dogs (5,014), giving you ample choices for places to stay while in the state. When you’re ready to leave the comfort of your temporary residence, you’ll also find a wealth (2,943) of dog-friendly activities, restaurants, cafes, and more you can enjoy with your pup. Have a nosh at the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, then head over to Downers Grove’s Summer Concert Series for some excellent music.

If you’re visiting Chicago, take your dog on Mercury’s Canine Cruise, a dog-friendly boat tour, to see the sites. Or visit Abraham Lincoln’s home in Springfield with your pup, then visit Obed & Isaac’s Microbrewery and Eatery. And if you’ve run out of dog treats for your well-behaved pup, stop by one of the 117 dog retailers in the state.


Honorable Mentions

Where did the rest of the states fall on our list of dog-friendliness? If you didn’t see your state above, check out the rest of the U.S. below!

11. Tennessee

Tennessee might not have broken the top ten on our list of dog-friendly states, but the area is certainly still open to having dogs around. When looking for a place to stay, you’ll find a whopping 6,955 hotels and rentals available to those with canines, so you have your pick! You’ll also discover 1,586 eateries where you can dine with your doggo, along with 432 parks and dog-friendly activities. In particular, the Gatlinburg-Sevierville-Pigeon Forge area of Tennessee is an excellent choice for dog parents. You can visit Gatlinburg SkyLift Park, The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum, Foxfire Mountain Amusement Park, and the Moon Pie General Store in this area alone.

Elsewhere in the state, you can enjoy doggie brunches, Centennial Park, and Seven Islands State Birding Park. If you do find a place you can’t bring your dog along with, you’ll find 70 doggie daycares and boarding facilities in the area where your pup can safely stay while you play.

12. Michigan

If you’re planning a visit to the state of Michigan, you’ll find a ton of dog-friendly rentals available—5,463, to be exact. Plus, 1,006 hotels allow dogs, so there’s certainly no shortage of places to stay. There’s also no shortage of things to do with your canine companion in Michigan. In Kalamazoo, you’ll find a Dog Days of Summer series that allows you and your pup to hang out in a beer garden and enjoy food, fun, and more. Visit Mackinac Island, and you and your pet can explore Colonial Michilimackinac, an old trading village and fort.

There are also beaches, dog parks, state parks, carriage tours, and a shipwreck museum you can enjoy with your dog! And, if your pet gets too dirty after all your adventures, just visit the closest of the 74 groomers in the state to get your dog looking spiffy once again.

13. Washington

If you’re visiting the Northwest U.S., stop by Washington, where you’ll find plenty to do with your doggie pal! Choose one of the 6,417 rentals or hotels welcoming to canines, then head out to take in some sights. Go grab a beer with your pup at Dogtoberfest, visit one of the many beaches and parks in the state, take an ice cream cruise (which, honestly, just sounds delightful), or even go golfing with your furry friend.

Once you’ve had fun, stop by one of the 1,580 eateries in the state that welcomes pups for a bite to eat. And don’t forget to stop by one of the 85 retailers for dogs to grab a nice treat for your pet, too!

14. Oregon

Once you’re done visiting Washington, head on over to Oregon for some more dog-friendly good times. Here you’ll find 6,650 hotels and rentals that welcome dogs, along with 1,540 restaurants and cafes that allow you to bring your pooch. There’s also a wealth of things for you and your canine companion to do, such as this pet parade held in October!

If dressing your pup up isn’t your thing, never fear because there’s tons more to see and do. Besides the large number of parks and beaches you and your dog can visit, there’s also kayaking and canoeing, scenic railroads, gardens, farms, vineyards, and breweries to enjoy. If your pup ends up needing a vet for any reason while you’re in the state, there are 34 to choose from, plus there are 48 pet retailers that have all you need to keep your dog happy.

15. Virginia

Virginia may have 1,150 fewer accommodations than Washington that are open to those who bring their dogs with them, but there are still 5,500 to choose from, so you still have lots of options. There are also 1,962 cafes and restaurants that allow doggos to dine with their parents, as well as tons of activities and events available. Visit a Bow Wow Brunch, so your dog can enjoy a tasty meal, or go on a ghost tour with Colonial Ghosts (one of the top 10 ghost tours in the U.S.!).

Spend a day in Shenandoah State Park or check out Torpedo Factory Art Center to take in all kinds of art, from printmaking to sculpting. You can also take your dog antiquing or stop by any number of breweries and vineyards. And with 304 dog services in the state ranging from groomers to training schools and 97 dog retailers, anything your pet needs will be within reach.

16. South Carolina

This Carolina may be less friendly to canines than the other, but it’s still reasonably dog-friendly. Unlike North Carolina, which had 15K+ dog-friendly accommodations, you’ll only have 6,056 places to choose from in South Carolina. The state only has about 1,400 fewer dog-friendly eateries to pick from, though, so there are still plenty of options available. And despite having far fewer activities to do with dogs, there are still 394 places to go and things to see, so you’re not lacking.

Just what can you and your dog do in South Carolina? Visit loads of parks and beaches, for one. Or you can take a water taxi ride with your pup. There are also harbor tours, dolphin tours, and ghost tours to be done. And though the state has less than half the dog services North Carolina has, you’ll still find groomers, vets, and more if needed.

17. Massachusetts

Of the 5,471 dog-friendly accommodations in this state, only 546 are hotels, with the rest being vacation and long-term rentals. However, you’ll find plenty of doggie daycares and boarding facilities (84) if you end up going out to do something your dog can’t join in on. And though there are only 1,844 restaurants, cafes, and activities your pup can go to with you, that’s still a lot of options! Plus, those available eateries and activities offer plenty of fun. Take Barkamor, the charitable dining experience that’s also for a good cause. Or deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, the largest dog-friendly park of its kind in New England, where you and your pet can take in a variety of artistic sculptures.

You can also go sailing with your pup, visit an orchard, take in a movie at the drive-in, or visit several beaches and parks. When all the fun’s been had, visit an eatery like Moby Dick or (just for the irony) The Black Cat Tavern to replenish.

18. Ohio

Ohio actually beats out Massachusetts in several areas of dog-friendliness but not in the area of accommodations. This state has 1,314 fewer hotels and rentals available that cater to dog parents. However, when it comes to eateries, services, retailers, events, and things to do, Ohio does have a tiny bit more. And when it comes to events and activities, there is so much fun to be had. For example, your dog can take you to a baseball game on Bring Your Human Day, or you can take your pup to explore Ash Cave or Old Man’s Cave. You can take each other to any number of parks, beaches, and falls or even to the drive-in for a movie.

Or go on a real adventure at African Safari Wildlife Park! If you stumble across a place your doggo isn’t allowed, check out any of the 94 boarding facilities and doggie daycares available. And if your pup gets absolutely filthy during all this fun, clean them up at one of the 78 groomers in the state!

19. Wisconsin

Next on our list is Wisconsin, home of cheese (so your pup will love it)! With 4,645 rentals and hotels that allow dogs to stay with their parents, it won’t be hard to find a home away from home. You’ll also find plenty to do, and several (1,222) places to eat that let dogs accompany their humans. Take your dog for pizza at the Wild Tomato or enjoy some frozen custard at Not Licked Yet. Then head out for a grand adventure in one of the many state or county parks, relax on a boat tour, or visit a brewery or winery. You can even hit up the swimming pool so your pet can have a nice swim with other doggos! And if you find you’re missing something your dog needs, run by any of the 43 Petco and PetSmart stores to get what you need.

20. New Jersey

New Jersey can sometimes get a bad rep, but the state is actually beautiful and full of lakes and places to hike. The state is also fairly dog-friendly! While Jersey only has 3,827 dog-friendly rentals and hotels you can utilize, they have plenty of places you can visit with your pet, whether it be one of the 1,448 eateries that allow dogs or 413 places to go and see. Stop by SmartWorld for a delicious coffee drink, then venture out to the Dog Park at Central Park of Morris County for a fun romp. Or hit up the coast and visit the Atlantic with a dog-friendly trip to the beach. There are plenty of state parks, wildlife areas, and reservation areas where you and your dog can take a quick (or long) hike to enjoy the great outdoors.

Or enjoy a whale watching tour, the Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum, tons of breweries, camping, farms, or dog-specific activities like Paws in the Park.

And if you find yourself in need of services for your dog, you’ll find no shortage with 294 groomers, vets, and more in the state!

states ranked 11-20

21. Missouri

Nothing may immediately come to mind when you think of things to do in Missouri, but you’ll find plenty when it comes to stuff to do with your favorite pup. The state has 4,277 hotels and rentals catering to dog parents and their pets, plus 1,469 activities to do and eateries to visit with your dog. A lot of those activities are outdoor ones, as Missouri has a plethora of parks and natural landscapes to explore, from Gateway Arch National Park to Fantastic Caverns to Elephant Rocks State Park.

There’s plenty more to do other than hiking and exploring the great outdoors, though! Take your pup to see some big kitties at the National Tiger Sanctuary, check out art at Laumeier Sculpture Park, or visit the Mark Twain Memorial Lighthouse. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, take a brewery tour or visit a restaurant like Dog Days Bar & Grill. Then stop by one of the 60 dog retailers in the state to get your canine companion some treats for being so good!

22. Minnesota

Minnesota is a fabulous state to visit, and with 3,790 places to stay that allow dogs, you can absolutely bring your pet along with you. While you’re there, you and your dog can enjoy 1,620 restaurants, cafes, and activities together, along with a handful of events. It seems a good portion of breweries and brewing companies, in particular, are incredibly dog-friendly, so you’ll never be at a loss on where to grab a bite or quick drink. If you’re feeling athletic, check out Tails and Trails, a charity walk/run that benefits Ruff Start Rescue.

Or take in something a bit more unique by visiting the SPAM Museum & Gift Shop (a place your dog is sure to love!). There are also tons of state parks and dog parks you and your pup can visit together for hours of fun. Found a place your pet isn’t allowed? Drop them off for a few hours at one of the 50 doggie daycares and boarding facilities in the state and let them enjoy some time with other canines!

23. Maine

Maine might have more hotels and rentals (4,189 total) that will let your dog stay with you while visiting than Minnesota, but they have far fewer things to do and places to eat with your pet (776 total). Admittedly, Maine is relatively small, so fewer activities can be expected, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do. Maine is beautiful, and there are a host of outdoor activities you and your pup can enjoy. If you’re a fan of camping, take your pet to Koa for Pet Lovers Weekend and indulge in pet paintings, contests, and pool time. Or explore any number of state, national, and dog parks, or enjoy a day at a local beach.

There’s also the Seashore Trolley Museum you can visit with your dog or scenic and nature cruises you can take. Once you’ve enjoyed your day, take your pup to Mainely Meat BBQ or The Porthole for some excellent food. Just be careful while out and about, as Maine doesn’t have many services for dogs; in fact, there were only three vets listed on Bring Fido for this state!

24. Indiana

When it comes to places to stay with your favorite canine, you’ll only find a couple of thousand in Indiana—1,316 are vacation rentals, 691 are dog-friendly hotels, and only 388 are long-term rentals. You can take your pup to a fair number of places, though, as the state features 1,980 activities and eateries that allow dogs to accompany their humans.

There are also quite a few events you can take your pet to—57, at last count. Enjoy a ball game with your dog at Bark in the Park, then head to Fire by the Monon for some Dirty Mac & Cheese. Visit one of the state’s many state and national parks, tour the RV Motorhome Hall of Fame and Museum, game at an arcade, visit a bookstore, or go bowling with your pet! You can also attend several concert series, antique markets, and farmers’ markets with your pup.

25. Alabama

Right smack in the middle of our list is Alabama! Despite being in the center, the Yellowhammer State has plenty of dog-friendly accommodations, activities, and restaurants. There’s a total of 3,495 hotels and rentals open to dogs (which is many more than Indiana) and 1,046 restaurants and activities you can visit with your canine pal.

However, Alabama is lacking on events to bring your dog to, as there are currently only five. You’ll find fewer dog services in Alabama (only about 104) due to more rural areas (though you can undoubtedly find vets and maybe even pet stores in most places if you look hard enough). Stop by The Hideout for a peach latte and Mexican food, then take your pet for a hike at Desoto State Park. Or enjoy a botanical garden with Dog Nights at the Garden, visit the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park or Fort Gaines, take in some sun at the beach, check out the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, or visit any number of state, national, and dog parks.

26. Maryland

Maryland may only have 1,877 dog-friendly vacation rentals, 475 hotels, and 513 long-term rentals, but that’s still quite a few accommodations where you can stay with your pet. The state also has 70 PetSmart and Petco stores, so there’s no shortage of stores to pick up all your dog’s needs. There are also 1,193 cafes and restaurants that allow dogs, along with 50 dog-friendly parks and 299 activities your pup can join in on. Enjoy bars, grills, pizzerias, drive-ins, cafes, and more with your canine companion before going off to enjoy the sites.

Besides the many parks you can visit, like Swallow Falls State Park, there are plenty of places to go, like bay cruises, Historic London Town and Gardens, arboretums, brewing companies, ghostly walking tours, and tons more! Plenty of services are available to your pup in this state, with 47 vet clinics, 44 groomers, 41 boarding facilities and doggie daycares, and even 60 training schools!

27. Utah

If you’re headed to Utah, you’ll find lots of dog-friendly accommodations to choose from since the state has a total of 2,945 hotels and rentals. And while you won’t find a lot of events your dog can accompany you to (there’s currently only a single one), there are a total of 712 eateries, activities, and parks your pup can enjoy along with you. 550 restaurants and cafes will allow your dog to join you in your meal, including The Blu Pig and The Green Pig Pub, so you’ll have lots of options there.

And when it comes to fun, you can choose from activities such as live music at Pendry Plaza, safari tours, animal sanctuaries, rafting, and historic farm visits. Of course, the state of Utah has no shortage of absolutely gorgeous scenery to take in, so visit Dead Horse Point State Park, Parley’s Nature Reserve, The Wave, and more!

28. Arkansas

Arkansas may not have as many retailers (only 21) and services (48 total) available for dogs, but the state still has many dog-friendly rentals and hotels (2,695) and plenty of activities and restaurants to enjoy (702). There are also a handful of events your dog can attend in Arkansas, like First Friday in Bentonville, which is essentially a huge block party.

If huge parties aren’t your or your dog’s thing, take in a duck tour or visit the Gangster Museum of America in Hot Springs, check out the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway in Eureka Springs (or go on a ghostly hotel tour!), or go shopping at Little Rock River Market District in Little Rock. You can also enjoy any number of gorgeous state and national parks, like Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, or take your pup for a romp in a local dog park, such as Dog Park at Burns Park in North Little Rock.

29. New Mexico

The state of New Mexico isn’t far behind Arkansas when it comes to dog-friendliness—there are 2,605 dog-friendly rentals and hotels, 761 activities, dog parks, and eateries to enjoy, along with an available 66 dog-related services and 18 dog retailers. You and your canine companion can grab delicious food at places like Rowley Farmhouse Ales or Watson’s BBQ before doing something fun, such as Bark in the Park with the Albuquerque Isotopes.

Don’t enjoy baseball? Take your dog to Pistachio Land to tour a pistachio ranch and view the “World’s Largest Pistachio”. Fond of alien lore? Visit the International UFO Museum & Research Center or the Roswell UFO Spacewalk! Take a pedicab ride or jeep tour in Santa Fe, check out Magical Old Town in Albuquerque, or hike the day away in numerous parks, like White Sands National Park or Pecos National Historical Park. You’ll find plenty to do and see in this state!

30. Louisiana

Louisiana may only have 2,116 hotels and rentals that allow pups, but the state offers 881 eateries where your dog can dine with you. Plus, with 183 dog parks and activities you can enjoy with your doggo, you’ll find more than enough options for things to do. Take your dog to Liberty Lagoon water park for an end-of-summer pool party or take a break at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant. If you and your pet adore everything spooky, you won’t be disappointed with dog-friendly activities in Louisiana—go on a haunted history tour, witches brew tour, ghost tour, or visit some lovely old cemeteries.

Spooky stuff not your thing? No problem! You and your pup can take a swamp tour instead, stroll through the French Quarter, take a ferry ride, visit botanic gardens, or hike in a state park. And if your dog ends up needing a groomer or vet, Louisiana has you covered with 31 groomers and 30 vets in the state!

states ranked 21 -30

31. Oklahoma

Planning a visit with your dog to Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain? Unfortunately, you’ll find it to be significantly less dog-friendly than the states that came in before it. While Oklahoma does have 2,911 hotels and other accommodations that allow canines, the state only has 150 eateries where dogs can join their people, 30 parks and activities to explore, and 33 dog retailers.

There are 98 dog services in the state, though, so if you need boarding, groomers, vets, or training facilities, you should be covered. Some of the few restaurants your dog can join you at in the state include Waffle Champion, Picasso Café, and The Pump Bar. When it comes to things to do, you can join a 5K with your pet, visit Myriad Botanical Gardens, check out several brewing companies, take in some art, enjoy river sports, or take your pet for some fun at one of many dog parks. It’s a bit limited, but there’s still fun to be had!

32. Kentucky

Kentucky came in right behind Oklahoma with 2,282 dog-friendly accommodations, 875 eateries where pups are allowed, and 215 parks and activities. But with only 23 dog retailers in the state, you might have trouble finding dog food or treats for your pet. However, the state does have a bit more to do than Oklahoma, even if there are fewer places to stay with your pup while you do so. Visit great restaurants and cafes, like Double Dog and Charlie Brown’s, then travel around for a variety of fun things to do. Check out Dinosaur World in Cave City or Hidden River Cave & the American Cave Museum in Horse Cave.

Or take a trip to see Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace or the Kentucky Horse Park. Visit breweries, go kayaking and canoeing, or take a gander at Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest (or many other dog and state parks). Just be prepared to travel a bit if you can’t locate a dog-friendly accommodation near where you want to explore.

33. Idaho

Next on our list is Idaho, with 2,275 accommodations you can stay at with your pet (we are sad to report the Big Idaho Potato Hotel is not one of those). You’ll also find a total of 49 groomers, boarding facilities, vet clinics, doggie daycares, and training facilities in the state, so you should be fine in case of any emergencies. There are only 18 Petco and PetSmart stores, though, so stock up on needed supplies before you visit.

There are also a fair number of places to eat and things to do in this state (565 total), so you shouldn’t get bored. You and your pup can go to a few doggie events, like Dogtoberfest in Caldwell. When it comes to other things to do with your pet in Idaho, you’ll find it’s mostly breweries and outdoor adventuring in parks, but there are some gorgeous places you can visit, like Lake Coeur d’Alene and Eagle Island State Park. There’s no shortage of dog parks, either! There are also a couple of other places to take your pet, like the drive-in and arcade, but mostly it’ll be strictly outdoor fun.

34. New Hampshire

If you’re a New England fan, check out the state of New Hampshire on your journeys. At #34 on our list, it only has 2,109 dog-friendly hotels and rentals, but that’s still a fair number of places you can crash while on your visit. The state also has 69 services for dogs and 25 retailers for your pet, so you should be fairly covered if something unexpected comes up. Activities and eateries are really where this state shines with canine friendliness, though! There are 365 cafes and restaurants to eat at with your dog and 255 activities you can do together.

However, there aren’t many dog parks (20) or events (4). Still, you can enjoy Yappy Hour at the Biergarten at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery with your pup or have a bite at Black Mtn. Burger Co. Other excellent things to do include the Conway Scenic Railroad, Sap House Meadery, shopping, breweries, skiing, and, of course, excellent state and national parks, like White Mountain National Forest.

35. Montana

Montana has a few more rentals and hotels (2,199) open to dogs, as well as events (7), but they’re a bit lacking elsewhere. The state only has 394 eateries, dog parks, and dog-friendly activities, plus only 37 services and 14 retailers catering to canines. That doesn’t mean you’ll be at a loss on where to go and what to do, though. You and your pet can still enjoy Pet Fest, which features contests, animal adoptions, exhibitors, and more.

Or enjoy the great outdoors in a plethora of places, including Bannack State Park, Norm Schoenthal Island, or Pictograph Cave State Park. You can also take your pup for a romp at several dog parks, like Hugh Rogers WAG Park and High Sierra Dog Park. Unfortunately, there aren’t many non-outdoor activities to engage in with your dog, but the state has 19 doggie daycares and boarding facilities, so you might be able to utilize those if you want to do something indoors.

36. Connecticut

Connecticut isn’t the dog-friendliest state, but it’s still reasonably friendly toward our canine companions. The state has only 1,405 hotels and rentals where your pup can stay with you, but that’s still a fairly decent amount. They’re also not doing terribly with activities and eateries that welcome pups, with 726 restaurants and cafes that allow dogs and 316 activities and dog parks you can visit. There are 108 services geared toward dogs, but the majority of them (71) are either training schools or boarding facilities and doggie daycares rather than groomers and vets (37).

There are definitely some fun happenings, though, like the annual Pets in the Park in Danbury, and plenty to see, such as the Mystic Seaport Museum or Books & Company, a pet-friendly bookstore. And there are a wealth of parks and outdoor fun to be had, whether you visit Devil’s Hopyard State Park, Topsmead State Forest, or Lake Mohegan!

37. Vermont

Vermont may have 2,150 accommodations that serve dogs as well as people, but they have far fewer stuff than Connecticut in every other category. There are only 392 dog-friendly places to eat and activities to partake in, and Bring Fido only listed 29 dog services (including just 4 vet clinics). You’ll also only find a whopping five Petco and PetSmart stores in Vermont! You’ll still find some things to do with your pet, though, such as the Levitt Amp St. Johnsbury Music Series featuring artists like Fox Royale and Mobley or the Summer Dog Party at Dog Mountain.

You can also grab a bite with your pup at The Publyck House or Idletyme Brewing Company. Of course, most dog-friendly activities in this state will involve the outdoors and gorgeous scenery, like taking a gondola skyride, mastering a corn maze, or exploring the wild at a number of locations, like Smugglers’ Notch State Park or Mile Around the Woods. But you’ll find a few activities involving the indoors, such as the Vermont Country Store and the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. There may not be tons to do in Vermont, but you and your doggo can still have some fun!

38. Nevada

The home of Las Vegas may not be as dog-friendly as you’d hoped, but they still are fairly welcoming to our four-legged friends. The state contains 1,495 hotels and rentals allowing pups to stay with their people, offers 110 services geared towards canines, and has 31 dog retailers. Only 440 cafes and restaurants allow dogs, which is still a fair amount, while there are 179 activities and parks to visit with your pet. So, there’s still quite a bit to do in Nevada. Las Vegas, in particular, seems quite welcoming of dogs, with restaurants like the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Canonita, and The Original Sunrise Café all allowing doggos.

You’ll find some fun events to attend, such as Dogtoberfest at Big Dog’s Brewing Company; plus, there’s lots to explore. Check out Goldwell Open Air Museum (an art exhibit located near a ghost town), or take your pup kayaking at Day Go Adventures, or do something entirely unique and visit the International Car Forest of the Last Church. If you’d rather stick to hiking and other outdoor adventures, you have no shortage of options, as the state has several parks, including Valley of Fire State Park, Red Rock Canyon, and North Zephyr Cove Beach.

39. Iowa

Iowa has a few more dog-friendly accommodations than Nevada, with a total of 1,508, but it has less of everything else. Altogether, there are only 553 eateries, parks, and activities, 60 dog-related services, and 23 retailers. There’s still enough to do to make it worth a trip, though. You can dine on delicious food with your dog at The Mucky Duck Pub, Bluebird Café, or Proof Restaurant. Then, check out a fun event like Yappy Hour at Brown Dog Bakery (an event your dog will love!).

Or head out for a plethora of activities, such as Pappajohn Sculpture Park (not pizza related, unfortunately), take a tour with Maiden Voyage Tours, visit Living History Farms, or take a ride on the shortest, steepest railroad in the world with Fenelon Place Elevator Company. There are also plenty of parks you can take your dog to, like Backbone State Park, Maquoketa Caves State Park, or Crow Creek Dog Park. You and your pet will have a blast playing in Iowa!

states ranked 31- 40

40. Kansas

Kansas may be home to the infamous Toto from The Wizard of Oz, but overall, this state is only mildly friendly to our four-legged friends. There are only a total of 1,506 hotels and rentals that accept dogs and only 48 services related to canines (including only 14 vet clinics and nine boarding facilities and doggie daycares). That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find anywhere to eat or play with your pup, though. There are 504 eateries in the state that allow doggos, including Ladybird Diner, George’s French Bistro, and Pig & Finch Gastro Pub.

And Kansas has some fun events involving dogs, like the Bark for Life, which involves games, a costume contest, vendors, and more. If you want to take your pup to the dog park for a good, long play, you have plenty of great options, like Hutchinson Dog Park or Hills Pet Nutrition Bark Park. Plus, you can explore some excellent state and national parks, such as Big Shunga Park and Mushroom Rock State Park. Have a hankering to do something that isn’t outdoors? Visit the OZ Museum, shop at Scheels, or travel to Dorothy’s House & the Land of Oz!

41. Mississippi

Mississippi has a handful more accommodations (1,338) that allow pets than Kansas, but that’s about it. There aren’t even any pet-friendly events in this state that we could find. There are only 33 dog services listed, including 10 vets, eight groomers, five doggie daycares and boarding facilities, and 10 training schools. And there are only 17 Petco and PetSmart stores in the state. Things are a bit better when it comes to eateries and things to do with your pet, though, as there are 372 restaurants and cafes that will allow your dog to dine with you and 116 parks and activities your pup can indulge in. Restaurants in beach areas seem more open to canines, so take your pup to eat at Shaggy’s Gulfport Beach or Bacchus on the Beach.

If you’re worried that you’ll only be able to visit parks with your dog, don’t be because there are plenty of things to do other than spend time outdoors. You can visit Elvis Presley’s birthplace, go antiquing at Peddler’s Junktion, take in Hattiesburg Pocket Museum, or check out the Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum. If you want to spend time seeing the sights outside, you and your dog can take a shrimping trip, visit Vicksburg National Military Park, go to Gulf Islands National Seashore, or explore any number of dog, state, and national parks!

42. West Virginia

West Virginia actually has 1,389 hotels and rentals (mostly vacation versus long-term) that welcome canine companions. However, the state only has 26 services geared toward dogs and only 12 retailers that cater to pups. They do have a few events for the dogs, though, such as Koa’s Rewards and Pet Weekend, where you can take your dog to eat hot dogs, join in pet relays, and go swimming.

You might have a bit of difficulty finding pet-friendly places to chow down, though, as there are only 186 eateries that allow dogs. But you’ll enjoy the restaurants and cafes you do find, as they include great places like Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen and Blue Moon Café. And there are 117 activities and parks to enjoy with your pup. Go on an overnight ghost hunt, visit the Flatwoods Monster Museum or Mothman Museum, watch a movie at the drive-in, or check out a local brewery. You can also indulge in all your favorite outdoor activities at parks, such as New River Gorge National Park & Preserve or Tomlinson Run State Park.

43. Nebraska

Unfortunately, you and your dog will only have 967 places to choose from when it comes to where to stay in the state of Nebraska. You also won’t find many dog services and retailers here (50 and 15, respectively). You will find a handful of events to attend, though, like this movie night at Omaha Dog Bar, along with 269 dog-friendly restaurants and cafes, like Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill and Dam Fish Shack.

You’ll also be able to enjoy 119 things to do, including parks and other activities. The majority of these activities will be outdoors, but there are a couple of things that are indoors, like the Museum of the Fur Trade and some brewery tours. Otherwise, you’ll need to stick to some of the extensive parks in the state. Go for a swim at Dog Island, a romp at Wildwood Dog Park, check out Carhenge (which is exactly as the name suggests), or give your pup a chance to qualify as a Bark Ranger at Agate Fossil Beds National Monument. There isn’t much to do, but you and your doggo can still have fun!

44. South Dakota

South Dakota’s got more dog-friendly accommodations than Nebraska (1,094 versus 967) and at least twice the number of events for dogs, but far less of everything else. There are only five PetSmart’s and Petco’s in the state, and Bring Fido only lists 17 services for dogs. You’ll also find fewer restaurants and activities your dog can join you at, with only 177 eateries allowing canines and 96 activities and parks to enjoy.

But you can stop by The Custer Wolf for a bite before heading out to Custer State Park for a day of beautiful landscapes and hiking. Or hang at Murphy’s Pub and Grill before taking in bears, cougars, elk, and more at Bear Country. You can also visit The World’s Only Corn Palace, Dinosaur Park, the Pioneer Auto Show, or take your pet to the waterpark! Or you can stick strictly to the great outdoors and visit Badlands National Park, Wind Cave National Park, Mitchell Dog Park, and more.

45. Hawaii

It probably won’t surprise you to find out Hawaii has fewer dog-friendly accommodations, eateries, and sights than many other states, as it’s only a bit larger than New Jersey (and a series of islands). But while there are only 629 rentals and hotels that are friendly to dogs, 14 services and 14 retailers catering to canines, and no doggie events, Hawaii does shine when it comes to eateries and things to do with your pet. There are 500 cafes and restaurants you can visit with your dog in this state, along with 193 things to do and places to see.

So, while you might have issues finding a place to stay, you won’t be at a loss on where to go or eat. Visit Island Lava Java for some of the freshest food in Hawaii or Uncle Bo’s Pupu Bar & Grill for some local flavor. Then go out and indulge in some breathtaking scenery. Hang at Kailua Beach Park, hike Kuliouou Ridge Trail, bask at Liliuokalani Gardens, paddleboard at SUPDog Hawaii, or learn to weave a coconut hat with your pet!

46. Delaware

Delaware isn’t lacking too much in vacation rentals and hotels that welcome dogs, as the state has 1,008 dog-friendly accommodations. However, Delaware is less friendly to canines in other areas. There are only 207 places to eat in the state where your dog is allowed to join you, and there is a distinct lack of dog services and retailers, with 33 and 12, respectively. There also aren’t tons to do with your pup in the state, with only 73 activities listed on Bring Fido and only seven events for dogs found.

There’s still some fun to be had, though! You and your pup can join in on the 5K and Mutt Mile in Wilmington, then relax at Timothy’s Riverfront Grill together. Or visit Rehoboth Beach and take your pet to Salty Paws for some dog-friendly ice cream before heading to Revelation Craft Brewing for a drink. You’ll find plenty of water adventures in the state of Delaware, whether it’s taking in the beach at Fenwick Island State Park or enjoying a ferry ride with Cape May Lewes Ferry. You can also go mini-golfing with your pup, explore historic New Castle, or visit the Seaside Country Store!

47. Rhode Island

As the smallest state in the U.S., with only about 1.1 million residents, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Rhode Island has fewer dog-friendly accommodations, services, retailers, and activities. That doesn’t mean there’s nowhere to stay or no places to visit with your dog, of course. The state does have 801 accommodations open to dogs (with 636 of those being vacation rentals), 34 services your pet can take advantage of, and 10 Petco and PetSmart locations. You’ll even find a handful of doggie events in Rhode Island, like Paws in the Park.

There aren’t quite as many dog-friendly restaurants and cafes in the state (though there are still 277, so there is variety), and there are only 91 parks and activities you and your dog can do. If you’re going to Rhode Island for the food, check out Belle’s Café in Newport or Finn’s Harborside in East Greenwich. Or bring your canine companion along for various outdoor adventures, like going for a pedal-powered rail bike ride, taking in an antique yacht collection, visiting Point Judith Lighthouse, hanging out at farms, or exploring state and dog parks.

48. Wyoming

If you’re planning a visit to the great state of Wyoming, you’ll only find a few things to do and places to stay with your four-legged friend. There’s still some variety, but it’s far less than most other states. For example, Wyoming only has 886 places you can stay with your pet, the majority of which are vacation rentals. And when it comes to eating and recreation with your pet, you’ll only find 107 dog-friendly restaurants and cafes and 76 activities. However, there are 60 services for dogs, including 13 vet clinics and 20 groomers, so you are covered there.

You won’t find many dog-related events, though; we only found a single one in this Bark in the Park. When you want to stop somewhere for a bite to eat with your dog, you can visit Café Genevieve, Sidewinders Tavern, and Cowboy Coffee Co., among others. Most of what you can do with your dog will involve the great outdoors in places like Bitter Creek Bark Park, Emily Stevens Park, or Bear River State Park, or in the form of breweries. But you can find a few activities that don’t involve the park, such as trolley tours, rafting, and old-timey photos with your pup.

49. Alaska

Considering how sparsely populated it is, it’s a bit surprising Alaska didn’t come in dead last on this list (because the fewer people around, the less there is to see and do with your pup). But while Alaska lacks dog-friendly accommodations, services, and more, you might be surprised to find out how many they do have. There are certainly quite a few options for rentals and hotels welcoming dogs in the state, with a total of 826 and 149 eateries and activities to enjoy. There were only 23 services for dogs and eight retailers found, though.

However, you and your pup can absolutely find some fun in Alaska! Check out Woofstock for music, food, and drinks, or enjoy a meal at dog-friendly restaurants like Ak Alchemist, Alice’s Champagne Palace, or Tommy’s Burger Shop. You’ll find no shortage of beautiful scenery in Alaska as you explore areas like Far North Bicentennial Park, Bishop’s Beach, and Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge. You’re pretty limited to hiking and exploring the outdoors in Alaska, though you can explore Santa’s House at the North Pole or try your hand at ice fishing, too.

50. North Dakota

And coming in last on our list of dog-friendly states is North Dakota. Whereas Alaska has 826 dog-friendly rentals and hotels, North Dakota only has 477 (with 243 being hotels). This state does have five more eateries welcoming dogs and activities you and your pup can do, but there’s a serious lack of retailers and dog-related services to be found (7 and 16, respectively). So, you might have a bit of trouble finding things to do or things you need while in North Dakota with your pup.

However, there are some great eateries you can take your dog to, like Wurst Bier Hall and JL Beers. And there are some fun things to do, like this Pooch Pool Party (because who doesn’t love swimming in the pool?). You and your dog can also check out excellent spots like the Fargo Air Museum, Dakota Thunder the World’s Largest Buffalo, or Scandinavian Heritage Park. Or explore the beauty of North Dakota by visiting parks such as Lewis and Clark State Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and North Fargo Dog Park!

states ranked 41-50


There you have it; all 50 states ranked by dog-friendliness! Which ones surprised you the most? No matter where you take your pup in the United States, you’ll find some level of dog-friendliness, as all states have some accommodations and activities where your pet can go. You’ll just find fewer of these things in some states. But with how dog-friendly the U.S. is, you can safely take your doggo on a meandering road trip to explore it all!


We gathered information from various reliable sources like Google, BringFido, Zillow, Petco, PetSmart, and more to determine how dog-friendly each U.S. state is based on five categories:

PetKeen_Dog Friendly Places Pie Chart_v1-3_Jul 21 2023

Estimated Dog-Friendly Accommodation (20%):

  • Long-term rentals
  • Vacation rentals
  • Hotels

Estimated Dog-Friendly Recreational Areas (20%):

  • Restaurants/cafes
  • Parks
  • Activities

Estimated Number of Dog-Related Services (20%):

Estimated Number of Large Pet Retailers (20%):

Upcoming Dog-Friendly Events (20%)

Once we determined the totals of each category for each state, we ranked them and gave each state a score out of 50 based on where they placed. The total amount of dog-friendly options across these five categories ultimately determines how accommodating each state is for dogs and their owners.

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