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150+ Scottish Dog Names: Female and Male Ideas with Meanings

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on May 29, 2024 by Dogster Team

Scottish Dog Names

150+ Scottish Dog Names: Female and Male Ideas with Meanings

Bringing home a new canine is always exciting. Not only do you have a new best friend, but you also get to decide on a new name for your little pup!

While naming can be quite exciting, it can also be extremely difficult. You don’t quite understand how hard it is to name a dog until you try. Sometimes, choosing a single dog name out of hundreds can feel nearly impossible. Other times, finding a name that everyone can agree on can be difficult.

For naming inspiration, you may want to branch out to other languages. Scottish names can be a great source of inspiration, especially if you’re adopting a Scottish dog breed.

Below, we’ve included a list of our favorite Scottish dog names. We’ve included Scottish girl names for dogs, as well as some for boys.

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Scottish Female Names

Scottish Terrier
Image by: Tesa Robbins, Pixabay

We’ve drawn the names below directly from the Scottish language. Many of them are traditional names, making them the perfect female Scottie names—though they can be used for all dog breeds. Hopefully, you find inspiration in the list below!

  • Adamina: Earth or red
  • Aileas: Noble sort
  • Aileen: Little Eve
  • Ailith: Noble war
  • Ainsley: Hermitage Meadow
  • Aithbhreac: New speckled one
  • Alickina: Defender of mankind
  • Alison: Noble sort
  • Allie: Noble sort
  • Alyth: Ascending, rising
  • Annabelle: Lovable
  • Annag: Favor or grace
  • Annis: Holy
  • Anstace: Resurrection
  • Arabel: Lovable
  • Athol: Derived from the name of a district in Perthshire, Scotland, meaning ford of the rock
  • Barabel: Foreign
  • Bearnas: Bringer of victory
  • Beathag: Life
  • Beileag: God is my oath
  • Beitris: Voyager
  • Blair: Battlefield
  • Brenda: Sword
  • Ceiristine: Believer
  • Cait: Pure
  • Cam: Crooked nose
  • Catriona: Pure
  • Diorbhorgui: True testimony
  • Deoiridh: Pilgrim
  • Dina: Sea warrior
  • Diorbhail: Gift of God
  • Doileag: World ruler
  • Ealasaid: God is my oath
  • Eamhair: Swift
  • Edme: Esteemed
  • Eilidh: Beauty
  • Eiric: New speckled one
  • Elspet: God is my oath
  • Eubh: Life
  • Fenella: White shoulder
  • Frangag: French
  • Gavina: White hawk
  • Glenna: Valley
  • Gormlaith: Splendid lady
  • Greer: Watchful and vigilant
  • Grizel: Grey battle maid
  • Innis: Island
  • Iseabail: God is my oath
  • Isla: Island
  • Jamesena: Supplanter
  • Jean: God is gracious
  • Jinny: white
  • Kenzie: Finely made
  • Kyla: Slender
  • Lachina: Lake-land
  • Leslie: Garden of hollies
  • Lileas: Lily
  • Liusaidh: Light
  • Logan: Hollow
  • Lyall: Shield wolf
  • Mackenzie: Finely made
  • Maighdlin: Magnificent
  • Maighread: Pearl
  • Mairi: Rebellion
  • Malvina: Smooth-brow
  • Marsaili: Of the sea
  • Mckenna: Born of fire
  • Mor: Great
  • Morag: Great
  • Muireall: sea-bright
  • Murdag: Sea warrior
  • Mysie: Pearl
  • Nandag: Favor
  • Neilina: Champion
  • Nonie: Island
  • Normanna: Northman
  • Oighrig: Speckled one
  • Paaie: Pearl
  • Raghnaid: Battle counsel
  • Rhona: Wise ruler
  • Rodina: Island
  • Rona: Wise ruler
  • Saundra: Defender of mankind
  • Senga: Slender
  • Sile: Blind
  • Slaine: Health
  • Tearlag: Instigator
  • Una: Famine

Scottish Male Names

Glen of Imaal Terrier dog standing on grass
Image By: No-longer-here, Pixabay

If you’re looking for Scottish boy names for dogs, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve included dozens of different boy names below – all derived from the Scottish language. This list includes real names of historical people, as well as names that are common in Scotland today.

These Gaelic dog names are an easy way to name your dog something unique and meaningful.

  • Adair: The ford of the oaks
  • Ailbeart: Bright nobility
  • Aindrea: Warrior
  • Alistair: Defender of mankind
  • Amhlaoibh: Heir of the ancestors
  • Aodh: Fire
  • Aodhagan: Tiny, little fire
  • Artair: Bear-man
  • Athol: Ford of the rock
  • Augustulus: Venerable (the name of a king who attended Arthur’s coronation)
  • Balfour: Grazing land
  • Barclay: Birch tree meadow
  • Beathan: Life
  • Benneit: Blessed
  • Bhaltair: Ruler of the army
  • Blaan: Little yellow one
  • Blair: Battlefield
  • Boyd: Yellow
  • Bruce: Woods
  • Bryce: Spotted or speckled
  • Cailean: Young pup
  • Callum: Dove
  • Cam: Crooked
  • Campbell: Crooked mouth
  • Carbrey: Charioteer
  • Cinaed: Born of fire
  • Clyde: Muddy
  • Claimain: Gentle
  • Coiseam: Steadfast
  • Comhnall: Hound of valor
  • Comag: Hound of defilement
  • Craig: Rock
  • Cuddy: Bright fame
  • Dabhairdh: Beloved
  • Dand: Warrior
  • Deorsa: Earth-worker (aka Farmer)
  • Dermid: Without envy
  • Dolaidh: World ruler
  • Drummond: Ridge
  • Dubhghlas: Black stream
  • Duff: Black
  • Dugald: Stranger
  • Duibhshth: Black peace
  • Eachann: Brown horse
  • Eanraig: Home-ruler
  • Eideard: Guardian of prosperity
  • Eoghan: Born of yew
  • Errol: To wander
  • Erskine: Upon the knife
  • Eumann: Protector of prosperity
  • Fib: Poet
  • Fife: From Fife (an area of Scotland)
  • Filib: Lover of horses
  • Foirtchern: Overlord
  • Forbes: Field
  • Fraser: Strawberry
  • Glen: Valley
  • Gordon: Spacious fort
  • Graeme: Gravel home
  • Grant: Great
  • Greg: Watchful
  • Hamilton: Flat-topped hill
  • Heckie: Defend
  • Hendry: Home-ruler
  • Hew: Heart, mind, or spirit
  • Iagan: Tiny, little fire
  • Imhear: Bow warrior
  • Irvine: Fresh water
  • Jaime: Supplanter
  • Keith: Woods
  • Kester: To spring up
  • Kirk: Lives near a church
  • Kyle: Slender
  • Laird: Landowner
  • Lamont: Lawman
  • Leith: Flowing water
  • Lennox: Place of elms
  • Logan: Hollow
  • Lyall: Shield wolf
  • Lyle: From an island
  • Magnus: Great
  • Maitland: Bad-tempered
  • Martainn: Like Mars (the Roman warrior God)
  • Max: The greatest rival
  • Maxwell: The stream of Mack
  • Melville: Bad settlement
  • Monroe: In Ireland
  • Moray: Sea warrior
  • Muicheachtach: Skilled seaman
  • Muir: Sea
  • Munga: Dearest friend
  • Neacal: Victor of the people
  • Oengus: Excellent valor
  • Olghar: Elf army
  • Osgar: Deer-lover
  • Padraig: of noble descent
  • Pal: Small
  • Rab: Bright fame
  • Ramsey: Wild Garlic Island
  • Ranulf: Shield-wolf
  • Ronald: Wise ruler
  • Ross: Headland
  • Ruairi: Red king
  • Sawney: Defender of mankind
  • Seoras: Farmer
  • Seumas: Supplanter
  • Shug: Heart
  • Sim: Hearkening
  • Sioltech: Literally “sowing” (aka fruitful)
  • Somerled: Summer traveler
  • Steafan: Crown
  • Stu: House guard
  • Suibhne: Well-going
  • Tam: Twin
  • Tasgall: Divine
  • Tearlach: Instigator
  • Thorburn: Thor’s Bear
  • Tocuil: Thor’s Cauldron
  • Uailean: Healthy and strong
  • Uilleam: Will
  • Uisdean: Island stone
  • Vailean: Strong
  • Wiley: Helmet

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How to Name Your Dog

Scottish Deerhound standing at a beach
Image By: Kim Christensen, Shutterstock

Now that you’ve seen our list of Scottish dog names, you may have found several you like and are wondering how you can decide between them. There are a few ways you can go about it.

The first is by writing down all the names you like and drawing one out of a hat. This way, it will randomize the choice and you can go with whichever name you pick. If you draw one out and it turns out you don’t like it after all, you can try again for another name. You can also use an online randomizer tool as well.

Another way is to ask your friends and family by posting on your social media sites. Create a poll of your favorite names, then have your followers vote on which one they like best.

Finally, no one says you have to give your dog a name right away. If you still can’t decide, spend a few days getting to know your dog. See what their personality is like. You might find a name that just fits once you know your dog a little better.

dogster paw dividerSumming Up

With so many Scottish names to choose from, we hope you found at least one that is suitable for your canine! Some of these names are quite familiar to most English speakers, while others are a bit more unique.

We recommend marking a lot of your favorite options and trying out a few on your canine. This provides you with a chance to narrow down your list—and gives you some time to learn your dog’s personality before naming them.

Dogs typically take a little bit before they learn their name, so this period of switching shouldn’t confuse them!

Featured Image Credit: GoDog Photo, Shutterstock

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