Mayors Gone Wild

Okay, only one mayor, and not really wild, more like concerned. A dog loving mayor in Texas heard about a dog stuck on a second...


Okay, only one mayor, and not really wild, more like concerned. A dog loving mayor in Texas heard about a dog stuck on a second floor balcony. Not only did he alert emergency services, he went to the location himself and climbed a ladder to reach the dog.

All of this would have been great if the dog was actually in need, he wasn’t. The dog was just catching a few rays, something he does routinely. The homeowner was not pleased when he found Mayor Pat Ahumada in his kitchen.

He broke into my house,’ the owner, who asked not to be identified, told the Brownsville Herald. ‘My dog is very well taken care of. He (the mayor) shouldn’t have done that.’

Ahumada, a well-known dog lover, said that a local TV station called him to say a dog was stuck.

‘He looked to be stuck on the balcony,’ Ahumada said. ‘I didn’t know the condition of the dog or if the building was abandoned. … The animal’s paws were hanging out from the railing and he was struggling to get up.’

The dog’s owner explained that the 14-year-old dog has little mobility, and one of its greatest pleasures is passing the day on the balcony where it can watch the passing traffic.

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to be mad at this guy. While I don’t advocate breaking and entering, Mayor Ahumada was obviously very concerned about the dog, and thought its life was in jeopardy.

This wasn’t the first time the mayor has gotten into trouble because of his dog loving ways. In 2007 he was notified that he had double the amount of dogs allowed by the city. Another time he picked up a stray, which was really a lost dog, and gave it to another family. Before becoming mayor he was charged with theft for taking a dog from the Brownsville Animal Shelter. He did so because he didn’t think the dog was being properly cared for, the charges were eventually dropped.

Sorry, but despite his somewhat overzealous ways, I like this guy. At least he takes action where others would not. Although, I do have a feeling if he were not mayor there’s a good chance he would be in jail. Going forward he may want to think first, then act.

* The gorgeous senior gal is Heidi

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