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KONG Club Dog Subscription Box Review 2024: An Expert Breakdown

Written by: Ingrid Yeh

Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Dogster Team

KONG Club Dog Subscription Box Review 2024: An Expert Breakdown

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give KONG Club a rating of 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 3/5
Ingredients: 4/5
Value: 5/5

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What is KONG Club? How Does it Work?

Ever the exclusive members-only club, KONG Club is a subscription service that provides both dogs and cats with monthly goody boxes full of treats and toys, specially selected by vets based on your fur baby’s personality, preferences, and particular stage in life. KONG Club subscription boxes contain toys and treats hand-chosen by vets to bring fun and enjoyment to playtime—enhancing the life and overall health of your pet. KONG toys are unique from other toys in that they are meant to be stuffed with food and treats, offering your dog or cat some extra incentive during playtime.

Each subscription box also offers different tips and recipes centered around your pet’s wellness topics. KONG Club is the perfect subscription service for all pet parents, and for pets at any stage in their lives as well. “Made for pet parents. By pet parents.”, KONG Club treats your family and fur babies like its own, partnering with AskVet to keep pet parents informed and pets healthy.

Joining KONG Club is made easy, either via its website or mobile app, where you can enjoy other perks like its 1-on-1 pet coaching, 24/7 vet access, pet wellness support, and 360° Pet Lifestyle Plans for every stage of your pet parenting journey.

kong club subscription box

KONG Club Dog Subscription Box – A Quick Look

  • Offers a variety of dog treats and toys specially chosen for your pet
  • Offers pet parents 24/7 vet guidance, tips, and wellness support
  • Themed boxes come with a new selection of toys and treats every month
  • Products and services are based on your dog’s stage in life (i.e., puppies, adult, senior) and needs (e.g., extreme chewer)
  • Most KONG toys seem to be made for chewers, not ideal for dogs who aren’t big on chewing
  • You can’t see the selection of toys and treats available without a subscription

KONG Club Dog Subscription Boxes Pricing

Pet parents can choose between a 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscription, priced at $44.99/month, $39.99/month, and $34.99/month respectively—with the 6-month plan being the most popular option. Each plan comes with the same contents of a monthly box, 24/7 vet access, and a monthly surprise bonus item, as well as free shipping.

What to Expect from KONG Club Dog Subscription Boxes

My monthly subscription box was delivered right to my door in a nicely packaged KONG Club box, so I knew right away what it was when it arrived. Upon opening the box, an array of KONG Club toys, treats, a cute pumpkin bandana, and some informational postcard flyers—with helpful holiday-inspired pet care tips, and a recipe for an “Autumn Treat” for dogs—were all thoughtfully packed together inside the goody box. All in all, this made for a great first impression of KONG Club.

a black dog sitting near the kong club subscription box contents

KONG CLUB Dog Subscription Box Contents

The contents that came with my monthly subscription box included:


  • KONG CoreStrength Bamboo Ring
  • KONG Squeezz Dumbbell
  • Bonus item: KONG Ultra Cozie Stuffed Lion Toy

KONG Treats

  • Small KONG Snacks (baked with real pork, bacon, and cranberries)
  • KONG Kitchen All-Natural “Farmer’s Omelette” Crunch Biscuit


  • KONG Club “Pet Care Reinvented” flyer with pet care tips
  • KONG Club “Sweet ‘n’ Savory Surprise” Recipe
  • KONG Club pumpkin bandana

a black dog eating a kong snacks treat

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Important Feature 1 (Quality)

Each item in the box was made of good, quality materials—with its treats and all-natural rubber toys manufactured in North America, made of FDA-approved materials, and routinely tested for safety.  It’s clear that every item in the box was carefully chosen to match the Autumn theme, given the time of the year. Every detail down to the packaging and delivery was very thoughtfully done and made a great impression on me as a consumer. For this reason, I would rate the overall quality of KONG Club’s dog subscription boxes a 5 out of 5.

Important Feature 2 (Variety)

While I did like the thoughtfulness put into matching each item to the theme, I would have appreciated a bit more variety with regard to the types of toys and treats. Both toys were clearly chosen for the avid chewer, which my dog is far from. For this reason, the bonus item (KONG Ultra Cozie stuffed lion) was the only toy that my dog, Coco, took any interest in. As not all dogs are chewers, including a variety of different toys would have been a nice touch.

The same goes for the treats, as both treats included were dog biscuits, and Coco tends to prefer softer chew-type treats. Although she happily eats them now, it took some prompting from my end at first to get her to eat both treats. Mixing it up with different types of treat options within each box would be a thoughtful change, considering dogs can be particularly picky with their treats. As such, my rating for variety is a 3 out of 5.

kong club subscription toys in front of a black dog

Important Feature 3 (Ingredients)

While I’m pleased to see that both the Farmer’s Omelette treats and Small KONG Snacks don’t contain a ton of “un-pronounceable” artificial ingredients and fillers, I do prefer to feed Coco mostly all-natural food and treats, to cut out any unnecessary chemicals and preservatives wherever I can.

The Farmer’s Omelette contains an all-natural recipe, however, the KONG Snacks are made with mostly natural ingredients, but still do contain some preservatives. Of course, this is absolutely a preference thing for each pet parent. Due to my own preference for all-natural ingredients when feeding Coco, I rate the ingredients of my monthly box’s treats a 4 out of 5.

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Is KONG Club Dog Subscription Box a Good Value?

For any pet parent who loves their dog enough to provide them with a monthly surprise of excitement, fun, and enrichment, KONG Club’s monthly dog subscription is absolutely a good value. Not only did my dog get to enjoy some new treats, a new favorite stuffed toy, a cute new fall outfit, and a tasty “Autumn treat” (which I’ll be making her for Thanksgiving), I got to experience the sweet and thoughtful touches that the folks at KONG Club put into each and every box.

I would say the best perk of joining this subscription service is all the pet care tips, wellness support, and 24/7 vet access. Not to mention, scheduled behavior coaching, if needed. As nearly all pet parents can agree that ensuring our dogs’ optimal health and wellness is of the utmost priority, having that peace of mind of knowing you have round-the-clock veterinary-guided support is invaluable.

For the multiple reasons just stated, I rate KONG Club’s monthly subscription boxes for dogs a 5 out of 5 for overall value.

a black dog sniffing the kong club subscription box contents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are KONG Box and KONG Club the same thing?

No, they aren’t. KONG CLUB is the new and improved KONG Box, which was upgraded to be a members-only club.

What do I get with a KONG Club subscription?

With KONG Club, members receive 1-on-1 vet-guided support for every stage of their pet’s life, while their pet gets a monthly kit filled with toys and treats—all at no extra cost. KONG Club members have access to the first personalized, veterinarian-led experience with 24/7 wellness support—to help lower the risk of chronic illnesses, reducing stress for both you and your pet, while enhancing your pet’s life and overall well-being.

Can I have a KONG Club subscription for multiple pets?

Yes, you can create additional pet profiles using the KONG Club app. While KONG Club does not offer a subscription discount for multi-pet households, pet parents are able to use their 24/7 vet-led support and Personalized Pet Plans for all their pets at no extra cost.

Does KONG Club available internationally?

At this time, KONG Club is only available within the United States and Canada and is not eligible for international shipping.

a black dog lying next to the kong club subscription toy

Our Experience with KONG Club’s Dog Subscription Box

Overall, both Coco and I had a positive experience with KONG Club’s monthly subscription box for dogs.

Coco is a 4-year-old chihuahua-terrier mix. As a rescue dog, first adopted by my Dad, then by me when he passed away, she had a rough start to life, and has taken some time to come out of her shell when it comes to playtime. In fact, she doesn’t really “play” with her toys—more so, she likes to just have them close to her when she sleeps, to cuddle with, and sometimes to gnaw on. Because Coco isn’t much of a chewer, the KONG Core Strength bamboo ring and KONG Squeezz dumbbell toys weren’t of much interest to her (which I’m sure would be total hits with other dogs). She does love her new KONG Cozie stuffed lion, though, which has quickly become her new favorite toy to sleep with as of late.

As far as the treats, Coco is always happy to try out new snacks. Though she’s more used to softer chews and treats than dog biscuits, she quickly adapted and now enjoys getting both the KONG Kitchen Farmer’s Omelette biscuits and the small KONG Snacks. I’m sure that has to do with the quality ingredients in both that lend to their tasty flavors—bacon, egg and cheese for the biscuits, and pork, bacon, and cranberry for the snacks. After some time to adjust, Coco is now thrilled to get both.

For me, I really enjoyed the whole concept of a themed subscription box filled with new toys and treats for Coco to enjoy each month. As a dog mama, the informational flyers included with pet care tips and an autumn/holiday-themed dog treat recipe were a very nice touch. Not to mention, the cute pumpkin bandana for Coco—which will absolutely be her Thanksgiving outfit. I love the thoughtfulness that obviously went into creating this monthly subscription box, and I’m sure the same amount of care is applied to each and every box.

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KONG Club’s monthly subscription boxes for dogs are a great way for dog owners to enrich their pups’ lives with a new selection of toys and treats to enjoy each month, specially chosen by a vet-led team based on your dog’s particular needs and stage of life. Dog owners also benefit greatly from this service with the many perks of KONG Club—including 24/7 vet access, wellness support, behavior training, and helpful tips and advice to keep your dog happy and healthy.

It is my humble opinion that KONG Club’s monthly subscription service is of great value for both pets and pet parents alike—offering both you and your beloved fur child lots of enrichment, support, and a like-minded, animal-loving community to belong to.

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