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10 Best Dog Subscription Boxes in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on June 7, 2024 by Dogster Team

10 Best Dog Subscription Boxes in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

You might have signed up for a subscription box or two in your time, but have you ever signed your dog up for one? Dog subscription boxes can be incredibly fun for your favorite canine, as they contain a variety of toys and treats. They can also save you money, as they eliminate the need to buy those things individually.

By giving your dog a mix of treats and other items, you can easily find out what they love most. You won’t need to keep going to the store to hunt down something new that your pet might enjoy, saving you time and energy.

At first glance, all dog subscription boxes might seem relatively the same, as they tend to contain similar items. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see there are quite a few differences between the most popular boxes. Going through them all to find the best one will take up a great deal of your time, though, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Here, you’ll find reviews, pros and cons, and more regarding the best dog subscription boxes available.

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites of 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
BarkBox BarkBox
  • Comes with two whole bags of treats
  • Super chewer option for heavy chewers
  • Can customize boxes to meet your pup’s needs
  • Budget Buy
    Second place
    Pet Treater Pet Treater
  • Best value
  • Comes with more than toys and treats
  • Quick sign-up
  • Third place
    Wufers Wufers
  • Tons of delicious treats for your dog
  • Uses locally-sourced, human-grade ingredients
  • PupBox PupBox
  • Great for puppies because it provides what you need each month for the first year of a dog’s life
  • Contains fun and practical items
  • Can continue getting boxes after puppyhood
  • Dog Treat of the Month Club Dog Treat of the Month Club
  • Receive about a pound of dog treats per box
  • Treats come from gourmet, specialty producers
  • The 10 Best Dog Subscription Boxes

    1. BarkBox — Best Overall

    Barkbox Subscription

    Subscription Options: 1 month, 6 months, 12 months
    Cost: $–$$
    What It Includes: Toys, treats, games, activities

    It should come as no surprise that BarkBox is the best overall dog subscription box! BarkBox is wildly popular for a reason, most likely due to its extremely reasonable prices. Your pup will receive two bags of treats and two plushies, plus surprise games and activities in each of their BarkBoxes. Are you worried that your pup will rip plush toys to shreds within minutes? Then head over to the BarkBox Super Chewer option, where you’ll find those toys replaced by more durable ones. If your dog has dietary restrictions or other unique needs, with any of the boxes you subscribe to, you’ll be able to customize certain things, such as opting for treats that are allergy-free.

    There have been recent complaints about severely delayed shipping, and there have been several complaints about issues with canceling subscriptions. It seems that if you sign up for a 6-month subscription, it must be honored through the end, so make sure to read all the fine print before signing up!

    • Comes with two whole bags of treats
    • Super chewer option for heavy chewers
    • Can customize boxes to meet your pup’s needs
    • Complaints about delayed shipping
    • Can’t cancel mid-subscription without still paying through to the end of that subscription

    2. Pet Treater — Best Value

    Pet Treater Subscription

    Subscription Options: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months
    Cost: $
    What It Includes: Toys, treats, grooming supplies, accessories

    If you’re looking for the best dog subscription box for the money, Pet Treater is just the thing. Its Dog Packs can come with either three to four items or five to eight items and contain only toys, only treats, or both, depending on your preference. Items include everything from treats made in the U.S. and Canada to toys, accessories, and grooming supplies. The aim of the company is to include items that are fun but also practical. Sign-up is quick too, as you only need to fill out a short form to get started.

    Pet Treater’s customer support seems to be lacking somewhat, though, as the primary way to reach them is via email (and it occasionally has a live chat option). So, if you need help or want to cancel, you’ll have to email the company and then wait to hear back. There have also been many complaints about boxes taking 20 days or more to reach a person’s home and a few complaints about issues with canceling subscriptions.

    • Best value
    • Comes with more than toys and treats
    • Quick sign-up
    • Customer support seems to be lacking
    • Slow shipping
    • Some issues with cancellations

    3. Wufers — Premium Choice

    Wufers Subscription

    Subscription Options: Monthly, every other month, annually
    Cost: $$$
    What It Includes: Dog cookies

    Wufers may be a bit pricier than some other dog subscription boxes, and you don’t get as much variety, but you sure do get a lot of delicious, hand-designed cookies made specifically for canines! These sweet treats use human-grade ingredients, such as peanut butter, apples, and honey, sourced locally from Canada and the United States. The cookies’ decorations are made from yogurt and food coloring, and the food coloring used is approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (the group that regulates pet food). Each box is themed and comes with a large selection of cookies, so your pup will be thrilled!

    The downside to these cookies is that they’re 212 calories apiece, making this one sweet treat you’ll want to give your dog sparingly. There also aren’t a lot of reviews for this company out there, so it’s hard to say how well it does with shipping and customer service. You may want to go with a company that’s better known.

    • Tons of delicious treats for your dog
    • Uses locally sourced, human-grade ingredients
    • Cookies are high in calories
    • Company doesn’t have many reviews

    4. PupBox — Best for Puppies

    Pupbox Subscription

    Subscription Options: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months
    Cost: $–$$
    What It Includes: Toys, treats, training tips, accessories, chews

    For those looking for a dog subscription box for puppies, PupBox has you covered! This company sends out subscription boxes based on a dog’s age, which for puppies means starting at “newborn” and going on, by month, to a dog’s first birthday. Each month’s box comes with something you’ll specifically need at that time, such as tips on potty training or an odor and stain remover. Don’t worry, though, as your dog will receive plenty of toys, treats, and other goodies of their own! After your puppy hits the age of 1, they can continue receiving boxes with an adult subscription box, which has monthly themes.

    However, this company has a subscription cancellation policy like BarkBox’s, wherein if you cancel before your months are up, you’ll still be charged and receive the boxes you originally signed up for. There is also no phone option to contact the company; you can only email, chat, and use social media.

    • Great for puppies because it provides what you need each month for the first year of a dog’s life
    • Contains fun and practical items
    • Can continue getting boxes after puppyhood
    • Even if you cancel, you still have to pay for the boxes you originally signed up for
    • Only email, chat, and social media for ways to contact

    5. Dog Treat of the Month Club

    Treat of the Month Club

    Subscription Options: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, seasonal
    Cost: $$
    What It Includes: Treats

    Dog Treat of the Month Club is part of the Amazing Clubs’ selection and sends you exactly what it says in the name: dog treats! Each box that you receive contains two kinds of new, yummy treats and will weigh approximately 1 pound, so you’re certainly getting a lot of treats for your money. All the treats included in the Dog Treat of the Month Club boxes are gourmet, fresh-baked, and from specialty dog treat producers. For yourself, you’ll receive a newsletter with each box full of fun doggie facts and more.

    However, you cannot customize these boxes, so if your dog has any food allergies, you may receive treats they cannot eat. There have also been a few complaints about deliveries being late or not coming at all. Finally, there have been criticisms about the Amazing Clubs’ customer service being extremely rude.

    • Receive about 1 pound of dog treats per box
    • Treats come from gourmet, specialty producers
    • Boxes aren’t customizable
    • Complaints about poor delivery
    • Criticisms of rude customer service

    6. Box Dog

    Box Dog Subscription

    Subscription Options: Monthly or seasonal
    Cost: $$–$$$
    What It Includes: Treats, skincare, gear, accessories, toys

    Box Dog may only offer monthly or seasonal subscription boxes, but it sure does have a lot of variety. In every box from Box Dog, your pup receives handmade treats, vegan skincare (like balms and shampoos), toys, and/or gear. While the treats and skincare are constants in the boxes, you get to choose what else goes in there, and you can select everything from leashes and backpacks to plush and heavy chewer toys. You also receive a free dog bed with your first box! Gear and accessories are designed for dogs sized extra-small to extra-large, so no matter your pup’s breed, there should be something for them.

    There aren’t many reviews for this company, but the ones we found commented that they found the website difficult to use. They also found customer service quite unhelpful, so be aware of that if you need to contact the company. One person also claimed that they received sample sizes rather than full-sized items.

    • Wide variety of items
    • Boxes contain handmade treats
    • Free dog bed with first box
    • Some found the website difficult to maneuver
    • Some said that customer service was unhelpful
    • May receive sample sizes rather than full sizes of items

    7. Rescue Box

    RescueBox Subscription

    Subscription Options: Monthly
    Cost: $
    What It Includes: Toys, treats, chews

    Do you want to do some good for the world while also getting toys and treats delivered to your favorite pup? Then, Rescue Box is the option for you! This monthly subscription box comes in three sizes (for small, medium, and large dogs) and includes five toys, treats, and chews for your dog. The boxes are themed and have at least $40 worth of products in each one. The downside is that you can’t customize these boxes or make special requests, so you may end up with something that isn’t suitable for your pet. The upside is that 60 shelter animals are fed with each box ordered!

    The Rescue Box is done via the Animal Rescue Site, which has gone through Greater Good for distribution and delivery. This means reviews are more difficult to find, but of the ones we located, there weren’t many negative ones. A couple of people mentioned that the quality of the toys in the box was just average. There were also a handful of complaints about getting flooded with emails from the company after making a purchase and having a bit of difficulty reaching customer service.

    • Supports charity
    • Boxes designed by dog size
    • Affordable
    • Some felt the toy quality was merely average
    • Might be spammed with emails after ordering
    • Possibly have trouble reaching customer service

    8. Pooch Perks

    Pooch Perks Subscription

    Subscription Options: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months
    Cost: $–$$
    What It Includes: Toys, treats, chews, accessories

    Do you want a dog subscription box that gives you options? Pooch Perks does just that! First, you can choose from its Pampered Pooch Box (three to four toys, three bags of treats, two chews, one accessory), Pooch Box (two toys, two treats, one chew), Toys Only Box (three toys), Treats Only Box (three treats, two chews), or Sample Box (one toy, one treat). Then, once you’ve chosen your box, you can customize it by choosing which treats and toys you want for your pup. This is great for dogs that have food allergies, as you know you’ll be receiving something that they can eat, and for heavy chewers, you can pick out more durable toys. If you decide Pooch Perks isn’t for you, the company says that there’s no long-term commitment, and you can easily cancel your subscription.

    However, there do seem to be issues when it comes to customer service. One person never received answers to their emails and couldn’t reach anyone by phone. Another had some emails answered and others ignored. There were also a couple of complaints about the toy quality; they said that their dogs tore apart toys within hours.

    • Plenty of customization available
    • Can sample the service with the Sample Box
    • Canceling subscriptions is supposed to be easy
    • Customer service issues
    • Quality of the toys may not be great

    9. PupJoy

    PupJoy Subscription

    Subscription Options: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months
    Cost: $$–$$$
    What It Includes: Toys, treats, chews

    PupJoy gives you the option to order a pre-built subscription box or to make your own, which provides you with various options. Pre-built boxes include the Variety Box for dogs that like variety, the Power Chewers Box for pups that are heavy chewers, the Bully Sticks & Treats Box for canines that are fans of bullies, and the XL Bully Stick Box for large dogs. If you’d rather make your own box, you first choose your dog’s size, then decide how many items you want to include (three, four, or five). Treats and bullies are all-natural, and the company also offers toys made with recycled materials.

    The downsides to PupJoy are that it’s a bit more expensive than many of the other boxes on this list, and a few people had issues with the toys. Some felt the quality was somewhat lacking, while others ended up with toys that weren’t size-appropriate. Otherwise, this company seemed to be a hit!

    • Lots of customization available
    • Can get pre-built boxes or make your own
    • Offers all-natural treats
    • A bit more on the expensive side
    • Toy quality may be lacking
    • Might get the wrong size of toy

    10. Bullymake

    BullyMake Subscription

    Subscription Options: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, annually
    Cost: $$
    What It Includes: Toys, treats, chews

    If you have a pup that loves chewing and can easily tear through toys, this dog box subscription is for you! Bullymake specializes in sending tough chewer toys made from materials like nylon, rubber, rope, and ballistic fabric. With each box, your dog will receive two to three toys and three treats; there is also an option to get a toy-only box. If your pet has food allergies, Bullymake can cater to most of those. You just need to choose your pup’s food allergies at checkout. You can also decide what materials you want your dog’s toys made from!

    There were a few complaints about this company, though. One is that you can only contact the company via email and may not get a reply to questions. Another is that you aren’t allowed to cancel subscriptions (though the website says to email the company to cancel). Other complaints include people saying that the toys aren’t particularly tough and that their dogs ate pieces of them. We suggest carefully checking reviews before making a decision about this dog subscription box.

    • Specifically designed for tough chewers
    • Caters to food allergies
    • Can choose the materials for your pup’s toys
    • Only way to contact customer service is through email, and they don’t always reply
    • Complaints about not being able to cancel subscriptions
    • Some said  thatthe toys weren’t as tough as advertised
    • Some dogs ate pieces of the toys

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    Buyer’s Guide: Picking the Best Dog Subscription Box

    Choosing the correct dog subscription box for your pup can be challenging. After all, these boxes are a commitment, and you want to pick the best one for your dog. So, there are a few factors you should consider when trying to decide on a dog subscription box.

    Customization Options

    While part of the fun of a subscription box is being surprised by the items that you receive each month, you also want to customize the box’s contents enough to ensure that your dog is receiving items safe for them. If your dog is allergic to chicken, you don’t want to receive chicken-flavored treats! Your pup may also need certain kinds of toys to make things safer for them. Being able to choose a box according to your dog’s size means they aren’t receiving items that are too large or too small for them.

    Look carefully at what your customization options are for a box before committing to a company. Some companies will let you note food allergies and other concerns, while others will not. Some box subscriptions don’t let you choose any items, while others will let you build your own box. Figure out how much customization you need, and choose accordingly.

    Items in the Box

    What kind of items will your dog be receiving in their box? Some pups enjoy a variety of treats and toys, but other canines might enjoy the treats or toys more. Check what comes in a box, and see if the items will be things your dog will like!

    Also, find out how many items come in each box. You might find that one company offers you four or five items for the same price that another company charges for only two or three items.

    dog paws on owners hand with a gift box in the middle
    Image Credit: SvetikovaV, Shutterstock

    Product Quality

    Don’t just take a company’s word on the quality of their products; look at what pet parents have to say. Some companies may advertise toys meant for heavy chewers, but pet parents have discovered the toys don’t hold up as well as advertised. You certainly don’t want to pay monthly for toys your dog will instantly destroy!

    Also, check out the ingredients or materials used in products found in these dog subscription boxes. This way, you’ll know whether your pup is getting items made with healthy, quality ingredients and safe materials. Not knowing what you’re getting could end up being dangerous for your pet.

    Ability to Cancel

    Subscription boxes can sometimes be tricky to cancel. Each company has different cancellation policies, and sometimes, these policies include no refunds. Read the cancellation policy closely, and contact the company if you have questions before committing to a subscription!

    Delivery Times

    You might not want to get a dog subscription box every month, so check what your options are for how often boxes are shipped. Most companies will give you options, such as a box every 2, 3, or 4 months. Not all will do that, though, so take a good look at the available choices.

    brown wooden box lot
    Photo by Curology, Unsplash


    The costs of dog subscription boxes can vary quite a bit. Most are on the affordable side, but some get rather pricey. Look at what the monthly and annual costs of these boxes will be before you commit to a subscription, then decide whether what you’re getting in the box is worth that cost.


    Always check out reviews from other dog parents before purchasing a subscription! Don’t just read reviews on a company’s website either, as these will almost always be purely positive. Check out a company’s Google Business Profile or TrustPilot to get an honest look at how good a dog subscription box and the company sending it are before you spend any money.

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    Now that you’ve read these reviews, you have a better idea of which dog subscription box is best for your pet. Our pick for the best overall box is BarkBox, as it comes with several customizations and super chewer options. If you want the best box for the money, check out Pet Treater because not only is it affordable, but its boxes come with accessories and supplies. Finally, if you want an option that’s a bit more premium, consider Wufers, which offers your pup monthly dog cookies that use human-grade ingredients.

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