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King Kanine CBD Product Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Written by: James Davis

Last Updated on April 18, 2024 by Dogster Team

King Kanine CBD Products - Featured Image

King Kanine CBD Product Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give King Kanine CBD Products a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

King Kanine was started in 2015 by Jeff Riman to promote wellness in pets. The company offers a wide range of products including CBD extracts that are available in many strengths for easily dosing pets of varying weights, immune-boosting products, joint pain products, de-shedding tools, pet snacks, anti-odor spray, and even shampoo products. The company has been recognized by major news services, including ABC, CBS, and many pet-related publications.

My review of King Kanine products supports their reputation for quality, variety, and dedication to transparency. One of the most important things to me as a pet owner is trusting a product I might use with my pets. King Kanine does a great job of providing clear direct links to third-party lab results proving that what the label says is in the product is actually what’s in the product.

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At a Glance: What We Reviewed

Rating Image Product Details
Our Favorite
King Kanine Balm - Dog Paw Balm King Kanine Balm - Dog Paw Balm
  • Non-irritating
  • Excellent, long-lasting formulation
  • Second place
    King Kanine Kalm CBD Oil King Kanine Kalm CBD Oil
  • User-friendly dosing guide
  • Syringe-and-cap assembly is accurate and simple to use
  • King Kanine Dog CBD Products  Reviewed

    king kalm balm and cbd oil extract products

    Who makes King Kanine Dog Paw Balm/CBD Oil and where is it produced?

    King Kanine is based in Plantation, Florida, where all its products are manufactured or processed in facilities that comply with appropriate manufacturing regulations. All of King Kanine’s CBD oil extract products have a QR code on the outside of the box that directly links to a lab report telling you what’s inside the bottle, including THC content.

    Which Types of Dogs is King Kanine Dog Paw Balm/CBD Oil Best Suited For?

    The balm is best for dogs that have dry paws. Dry paws can be caused by injury to the paw, too much licking of the paw, blistering, allergic reaction, walking on surfaces that are too hot or freezing cold, exposure to chemicals (like salt for de-icing roads), or very dry conditions.

    CBD extracts are used to help dogs control chronic pain symptoms and anxiety. Chronic pain can come from arthritis, poorly healed wounds or scarring, or other conditions. Dog owners know that dogs can be anxious for any reason from fireworks to apparently no reason at all. CBD oil has been reported by many owners to help calm, diminish pain, and relax dogs that are hurting or upset.

    king kanine CBD oil extract products on a black table

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    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and Bad)

    King Kanine Dog Paw Balm is made from phytocannabinoid oil, beeswax, coconut oil, manuka honey, and essential oils. As a compounding pharmacist, I can appreciate some of the difficulty in formulating these sorts of products. I was pleased to find the balm formulation to be high-quality. The mixture of wax and oil ensures that the product will last a long time – a little goes a long way. Beeswax has been used for thousands of years as a protectant and additive in moisturizing products. Mixing beeswax with oils correctly lets the user get just a little on their fingertips for application to the skin (or in this case, the pads on a dog’s paw). The oil has no discernable scent and certainly works as a moisturizer and protectant. It goes on easily and does not appear to bother or irritate my dogs at all.

    King Kanine Kalm CBD Oil is made in two formulations I received. The regular series is different in that it contains only CBD, hemp seed oil, and krill oil. The more expensive Gold Standard series has less moisture per volume and adds copaiba oil, DHA 2, and EPA 1 to the ingredient list.

    Copaiba oil is less studied than CBD but is thought to work in a way that may be similar in mammals like humans, dogs, and cats. What research exists is promising to show that it may have soothing effects as well. DHA and EPA are thought to have many benefits for different animals at various stages of life and are high-quality sources of healthy fats.

    king kanine king kalm balm in a dark background

    Are My Dog’s Paws Dry?

    Dry paws can be noted by the following symptoms: Limping/favoring a paw, very rough feeling paws (a little roughness is normal), or if severely dry the paws may crack and bleed just like very dry skin in humans. If this happens you may notice your dog licking their paws obsessively, which can make the problem worse.

    Very young pups have delicate pads that have not yet toughened up. Long walks, especially on rocks or pavement, can be brutal to them. Shorter walks on soft grass, frequent checking of paws, and use of a good moisturizer/protectant like King Kanine Balm is a recipe for success in getting exercise without pain.


    King Kalm CBD extracts are available in a wide array of strengths. This makes dosing small animals much easier. A 600mg/30ml dose for a 5-pound animal is 0.1mL. Even with the provided syringe, the chance of getting too little or too much is fairly high.

    Compare this to the small dog formulation at 75mg/30mL, where the same dose is almost 1mL – much easier to measure. An overdose or underdose, if it occurs, is likely to be smaller with less risk of harm. I really like this product’s diversity as it lets a dog owner get the right dose consistently.


    Compared to competitors that offer similarly transparent, well-formulated products, King Kalm products are much more expensive for the same dose – sometimes double the cost. As I’ve used both their products and other directly comparable products, I have not seen double the value.

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    A Quick Look at King Kanine Products

    king kanine balm and cbd oil extracts in a box

    • Very high quality, especially the paw balm
    • A wide variety of products available from one trustworthy source
    • King Kanine is involved in pet-related charities
    • Expensive compared to comparable products from other sources
    • My dogs refused the joint or immune-boosting products even when added to food

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    Reviews of the King Kanine Products We Tried

    Here are two products I or my dogs loved best from King Kanine:

    1. King Kanine Balm – Dog Paw Balm

    King Kanine Balm - Dog Paw Balm

    King Kanine Balm is a remarkably well-formulated moisturizing product for dog paws. The wax and oils are mixed to ensure the product will last for a long time, helping to justify its premium price. It has no smell, and no sensation occurs when I rub it on the sensitive skin of my forearm, meaning that the essential oils in it are unlikely to be aromatic or irritating to dogs.

    Beeswax and coconut oil are excellent choices to help restore and maintain moist, flexible pads on your dog’s paws.

    • Excellent, long-lasting formulation
    • Non-irritating
    • Somewhat expensive

    2. King Kalm – CBD Oil Extract

    King Kalm - CBD Oil Extract

    King Kalm extract comes in two grades – regular and Gold Standard Series. I was unable to detect a difference when I used them in my dogs. Both seemed to induce a calming sensation at the normal dose.

    One of the remarkable features of these products is the dosing mechanism and dosing charts provided. As a pharmacist, I have not seen similarly intuitive dose charts on human products. It is very easy to see what line to use on the syringe and make sure you’re not over or underdosing a pet. The dosing mechanism is a syringe-with-cap design common to many medications. It is easy to use and very accurate.

    The oils do seem to have some calming effects on my dogs. They went from wild and rambunctious to mildly more sedate about 20 minutes after I gave them an appropriate weight-based dose. The dogs appeared to be ambivalent about the flavor, neither rejecting it nor appearing to come back for more.

    Another feature I really liked was being able to scan a QR code on the side of the box and see the lab results for tested batches immediately. This is a level of transparency that ensures credibility with the consumer.

    One drawback to the oil extracts is the cost. Comparable CBD oils as transparently tested are available from other manufacturers at significantly lower prices.

    • User-friendly dosing guide
    • Syringe-and-cap assembly is accurate and simple to use
    • Much more expensive than the competitors

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    Our Experience with King Kanine Products

    The box of King Kanine products that I received in the mail was well packaged, with plenty of bubble wrap, and the products come in appropriate plastic or glass containers well packaged with dosing devices. Some of the products I received are for specific indications that my dogs do not have, such as lesions, fungal infections, joint pain, or immune problems. I did try to give these products to my dogs, but they did not like the flavor at all and rejected them.

    My dogs appeared to both tolerate the CBD oil and take it willingly. After about 20 minutes, they went from their normal spasticity, running around, and generally enjoying themselves, to a much more sedate disposition; lolling about in the grass and allowing me to pet them without feeling the need to place their paws on my shoulders and face.

    The dosing chart provided with the CBD oil extract is probably the best example of an easy-to-understand, easy to see, and simple-to-use chart I have ever seen. As I am a pharmacist by trade, I have seen many dosing mechanisms and charts for hundreds of different medications. It was quite easy to see what dose I needed to use for my dog, to insert the syringe cap into the bottle, and draw up the dose that I needed using the provided syringe.

    When I scanned the QR code on the side of the box, I was taken to a website where I can immediately see all the tests done on King Kanine hemp products and see the THC, CBD, and other levels of chemical contents. This was awesome. This allowed me to immediately verify that the products did not contain enough THC to be considered marijuana, and to ensure that there was not enough in there to be toxic to my dogs. It also proved that it contained the CBD levels promised on the outside of the box.

    king kanine cbd oil extract product

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    Final Thoughts

    King Kanine products are well-formulated, easy to use, and their transparency level speaks volumes as to their strong commitment to high quality. The paw balm in particular is a gem of a product, and the oils they make appear to be every bit what a dog or cat owner would want in such a product. The only downside is the price markup compared to other comparable products on the market. If you are willing to pay the premium, I have confidence that King Kanine products are top-notch and an excellent choice for your pet.

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