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How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost in the UK? (2024 Price Guide)

Written by: Keri-Beth Clur

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost in the UK? (2024 Price Guide)

Dog grooming includes an array of hygiene care, such as bathing, nail trimming, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and more. Some breeds require frequent trips to the groomer due to their coat length or management, special needs, or because they compete in dog shows. Regardless of the reason, all dogs need to be groomed, which is an expense you’ll need to prepare yourself for when welcoming a new dog into your family.

Costs for dog grooming differ throughout the UK because where you live will influence how much you’ll have to pay. The size of your dog, their coat length, the type of cut you want, and the type of groomer you take your dog to will affect the cost.

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The Importance of Dog Grooming

Although you’ll have to get your dog professionally groomed quite frequently, there are so many benefits to it. Most importantly, it keeps your dog healthy.


Getting them washed not only improves their smell but it cleans their coat, paws, and whole body from all the dirt or mud they’ve accumulated since the last time they were washed.

Using shampoo and conditioner reduces the risk of fungus and keeps your dog’s skin moisturized. A good wash also reduces allergens in your home as the dead skin is washed away.


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When your dog is brushed with the right brushes and tools, their skin is massaged and stimulated, and the blood circulation in their skin improves. It can bring back the shine to their coats because their natural oils will be spread along their whole body as they’re brushed.

It’s also a great way of preventing mats or spotting fleas, ticks, rashes, or bumps. Brushing also removes loose hair and prevents excessive shedding.

Ears and Nails

Groomers will also clean your dog’s ears which is important as it prevents ear infections and maintains their hearing. They’ll also trim their nails for your dog’s comfort. It’s important to get their nails trimmed regularly to prevent arthritis and other problems that can arise from long nails.

Dog Shows

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Image By: LRuss, Pixabay

If you have a show dog, a professional groomer will be able to style them to look identifiable while adhering to the strict show dog rules—and make them look like a decent competition.

And, of course, a groomed dog looks like they’re taken care of. They look maintained, happy, and as though they’re in good hands—which is what most loving dog owners want because it’s true.

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How Much Does Professional Dog Grooming Cost?

Apart from your location, the size of your dog, their age and behavior, the condition of their coat, its thickness, length, type, and any medical condition your dog may have will affect the grooming cost. The type of cut you want and any extras will also contribute to a higher or lower cost.

You’ll have to budget around £43 to get your dog professionally groomed in the UK. Some dogs can be groomed for as little as £20 or as high as £90. Large dogs with double coats typically cost the highest for a full groom.

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Dog Grooming Prices According to Location and Breed Size

London England Wales Scotland
Small Breeds £50–£60 £32 £30 £35
Medium Breeds £55–£65 £42 £38 £45
Large Breeds £75–£85 £45–£65+ £42 £65

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Grooming costs can add up, but they don’t stop at your dog’s groomer. You also have a responsibility to take care of your dog and will need to groom them at home, albeit on a smaller scale.

To keep your dog’s gums and teeth healthy and fresh, you’ll need to brush their teeth and give them dental chews. You’ll need to purchase a toothbrush and pet-friendly toothpaste. You’ll also need to get the correct brushes and combs to remove tangles, loose hair, and dirt from their coat, as well as distribute their natural oils for a shinier coat.

If you don’t want to take your dog to the groomer monthly, you’ll need to occasionally wash your dog, which will require shampoo and conditioner.

How Often Should I Take My Dog to the Groomer?

Some dog breeds will only need to go to the groomer every season when their coats change and they start to shed. Other breeds or dogs with specific needs will need to go to the groomer every 4 to 6 weeks. Research your dog’s breed, coat requirements, and the health problems they’re prone to, such as ear infections, to know how often they require an extensive grooming session.

Dogs that have long or silky, curly, or wavy coats need to be groomed more often than dogs with short-haired coats. If your dog has allergies, you should chat with your groomer about how often they should be groomed because they may need to be groomed more frequently or much less frequently, depending on their allergies. Grooming helps some types of allergies, while it can trigger symptoms for other types.

If your dog enjoys playing or relaxing in your yard during the day, they’ll need to go to the groomer more regularly for them to wash out the pollen and other dirt and debris from their coats.

Of course, if you have the time to occasionally wash and brush your dog, you can avoid taking your dog to the groomer as frequently. However, if you have allergies that are triggered by your dog’s dander and cannot brush them without having an allergic attack, you’ll have to take them to the groomer more often.

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Does Pet Insurance Cover Dog Grooming?

Pet insurance typically covers emergencies and illnesses because they’re unexpected and often result in high vet bills. Grooming your dog is necessary, but it’s a cosmetic service that you can plan ahead for, and therefore, it isn’t usually covered.

Although grooming isn’t included in most policies, there are some pet insurance companies that offer wellness add-ons which often include grooming and other preventative treatment or services that pet insurances don’t cover. These add-ons aren’t free, though, and you’ll have to pay a fee on top of your policy which will push the overall price up.

Although your dog might not be covered, rather save up or budget your money in a way that covers the grooming costs rather than not getting them groomed at all—for your dog’s benefit as well as your own.


What To Do for Your Dog In Between Routine Grooming Appointments

Although groomers will check your dog’s ears and teeth during their appointment, your dog could develop a health issue before that, which can leave them uncomfortable and in pain.

It’s important to check the color of your dog’s teeth and smell their breath. If their teeth are yellow, their breath stinks, and their gums are bleeding, you’ll need to take your dog to the vet. The same is true if your dog’s ears are red and have a bad odor.

Groomers do a great job at keeping your dog clean and healthy, but sometimes it’s not enough, and you’ll need to do a few things to maintain their skin, coat, teeth, ears, and nails in between their scheduled appointments, especially if it’s a few months apart.

In between grooming appointments, you should wash your dog when they’re dirty or muddy. However, avoid bathing them excessively, as the shampoo can dry out their skin. You should brush them about twice a week and trim their nails if they start to touch the ground. Try to brush your dog’s teeth every day if you can, or at least twice a week, and occasionally clean your dog’s ears with liquid ear cleaners.

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Grooming Options

There are different types of grooming options available to you in the UK. You have the choice to take your dog to a groomer or use mobile groomers that come to your home.

Taking your dog to the groomer is generally the more affordable option, but some dogs get very anxious and even aggressive when they’re in an environment they don’t know. Mobile groomers are excellent because they bring all their own equipment and groom your dog in their commercial vehicle. This eliminates a long car drive and the exposure to other dogs that may make your dog feel uneasy.

Companies that offer mobile grooming will be more expensive than self-employed or less qualified groomers. Depending on which type of mobile groomer you choose, along with the breed of dog you have, you can expect to pay between £40 and £65.

Dog Grooming on a Budget

On top of everything else your dog requires, having to cover the cost of grooming may seem overwhelming. Thankfully, there are many ways to care for your dog’s well-being without having to pay high costs.

Remember that you can groom your dog yourself. As long as you have the internet to watch tutorials or a book on dog grooming as well as the right tools, it is a much cheaper alternative to taking your dog to a professional and paying an expensive rate.

You could also consider asking the groomer to do the basics without adding on extras if you can do them yourself. Anything you add onto your dog’s standard groom, you’ll be charged for.

If you don’t have the time or the tools to groom your dog at home, you can save costs by comparing prices between the groomers in your area and looking out for discounts and specials. If you’re a loyal customer, your groomer may offer you discounts, so enquire about those.

Lastly, consider choosing cheaper cuts. A simple wash and cut will be cheaper than asking for a fashionable or exotic cut.

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Dog grooming is expensive, and you’re likely to pay an average cost of £43 every time you take your dog to be groomed. However, there are ways to bring the cost down. Instead of using a mobile grooming company, take your dog to a groomer.

Make sure to compare prices and look out for discounts. To save the most amount of money, you could groom your dog yourself but make sure you’re well-researched and have the right tools.

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