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How Much Does a Bullmastiff Shed? Facts & FAQ

Written by: Jeff Weishaupt

Last Updated on April 5, 2024 by Dogster Team


How Much Does a Bullmastiff Shed? Facts & FAQ

Do you plan to bring a Bullmastiff home? If yes, you’re probably making the right choice! A Bullmastiff is an independent and courageous breed that’s affectionate and protective at the same time.

One great quality of Bullmastiffs is that they have minimum needs. Bullmastiffs don’t shed too much and are considered moderate shedders. In fact, the shedding is unnoticeable in some months, but in autumn and spring, you may have more hair floating around the house.

A Bullmastiff has more hair than a small dog. However, the coat is convenient to maintain with simple brushing. If you are worried about your pet’s shedding levels, keep reading!


Does a Bullmastiff Shed?

A Bullmastiff results from mating between two dogs, a Bulldog and Mastiff. This dog has all the qualities you look for in a pet. They are great protectors, have strong, muscular bodies, and require very low maintenance.

Like other dogs, a Bullmastiff also sheds, but it isn’t nearly as much as some breeds. Although they have a lot of hair, you won’t find your pet’s fur in every corner of your house. In fact, a simple vacuuming session once a week can easily help you get rid of all the shedding hair.

You will always find a Bullmastiff as a loyal friend with simple requirements in food and grooming!

How Much Does a Bullmastiff Shed?

A Bullmastiff sheds moderately. You may see more fur in your house in spring and autumn than in other months. But that is still less than the mess most other dogs create.

Seasonal shedding is quite normal with dogs. It is a way of removing the old coat and welcoming a new one according to the weather.

A Bullmastiff doesn’t shed a lot. So, if you find yours shedding excessively, consult a specialist or vet without wasting much time. This can be an alarming situation, leading to serious health issues.

a Brindle Bullmastiff dog
Image By: Jen Dunham, Shutterstock

When Does a Bullmastiff Start Shedding Excessively?

Excessive shedding is a nuisance and must be managed quickly before it worsens. For some breeds, excessive shedding is a part of their normal routine. But, in the case of a Bullmastiff, this situation is concerning.

That’s because this behavior often indicates environmental or health issues. Your Bullmastiff may shed excessively due to fungal and bacterial infections, parasites, kidney diseases, food allergies, thyroid issues, stress, or sunburn.

Can Brushing Help Reduce Shedding?

It can, but only when shedding isn’t uncontrollable and your Bullmastiff has no underlying health problem. Your pet’s dense and short coat is easy to maintain when the shedding is slightly above average.

Consistent brushing helps to decrease shedding by distributing the oil evenly on your dog’s skin. As a result, the patches with dry hair and skin get the much-needed oil, reducing hair fall to a great level.

In addition, when you brush your dog’s coat, you remove the accumulated dry hair on the body. Before these hairs fall on your floors, sofas, and couches, you catch them in your brush, saving the time spent on vacuuming and cleaning.

Ensure to equip yourself with the best tool before brushing your furry friend. A bristle brush works wonders for a Bullmastiff’s hair. You can also get a rubber hand glove if your Bullmastiff has a short coat.

Alternatively, you can also use a shedding blade for your desired results. It is wise to brush your dog at least once every day. However, if your pet becomes fussy, you can brush twice after every 3 days.

bullmastiff puppy
Image By: michalk37, Pixabay

Other Ways to Reduce Shedding in Your Bullmastiff

Besides brushing, there are other ways or tips to keep your Bullmastiff from shedding aggressively.

Monthly Baths

If you want to reduce shedding, bathe your dog about once every month. It’s recommended to use warm water to help loosen the stuck hair. For your pup’s safety, invest in a high-quality shampoo and conditioner.

Never use products that contain chemicals, as they can ruin your pet’s skin and fur. Also, always brush your dog’s coat after removing them from the tub.

Feed a Nutritious Diet

Most Bullmastiffs shed more due to their poor diet. To stop this, always bring high-quality dog food to your home. A natural diet is always better than artificial or packed foods.

You should also add lots of fruits and vegetables to your dog’s diet plan, so they consume a good amount of every essential nutrient. Lastly, ensure that your Bullmastiff consumes lots of water to stay hydrated and prevent unnecessary itching and shedding.

lamb dog food in a bowl
Image By: Louella938, Shutterstock

Introduce Supplements

After getting permission from a vet, you may also want to add certain supplements to your dog’s diet. To reduce shedding, nutrients like omega 3s work like magic. You can introduce this nutrient through flaxseed and fish oils or feed natural supplements with fatty acids.

Consult a Vet

If nothing above works, consult a vet as soon as possible. Your Bullmastiff might be a victim of an allergic reaction, which can only be sorted through medication.



One of the best things about bringing a Bullmastiff home is that this dog sheds moderately. This means that you won’t be cleaning your home every other hour.

However, excessive shedding may get frequent if you fail to feed your pet correctly or they develop an allergy. In that case, consult a vet while practicing the tips mentioned above.

Featured Image Credit: BORINA OLGA, Shutterstock

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