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How Much Do Boston Terriers Shed? Facts & Grooming Tips

Written by: Ashley Bates

Last Updated on May 29, 2024 by Dogster Team

boston terrier posing in the park

How Much Do Boston Terriers Shed? Facts & Grooming Tips

Boston Terriers are an adorable brachycephalic (flat-faced) breed that are quite popular among canine lovers. Looking similar to the French Bulldog, Bostons have quite the cult following due to their size and overall appearance.

But when it comes to those little hairs left all over your fabrics, how much can you expect? In this article, we will go over how much a Boston sheds to see if it’s something you can handle daily. Lucky for you, Boston Terriers don’t shed too much at all.

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Boston Terriers Are Light Shedders

On a scale from 1 to 5, the AKC measures the Boston terrier’s coat as a 2 relating to shedding. That means they really don’t shed nearly as much as some other breeds. They are not, however, hypoallergenic dogs.

So if you have someone in the home who suffers from moderate to severe allergies, this dog will not help. Try a more hypoallergenic breed—like a Poodle hybrid or water spaniel.

However, if you have someone with minor allergies or don’t like shedding that much, Boston’s fit the bill. Adopting or purchasing one of these adorable squishy-faced pups could be a very good option.

Closed up smiling female Boston Terrier showing her tongue and bending ears in backyard under natural light
Image Credit: Siva Nattharom, Shutterstock

Boston Terrier Coat

The adorable Boston terrier has a single-layer, soft, short coat. Generally, they are extremely easy to manage, and since they’re small, you have even less shed to be concerned with.

Even though you might be used to the classic black and white coat, they come in a trio of color combos.

These include:
  • Black and white
  • Brindle and white
  • Seal and white

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Even though Boston Terriers don’t shed that much, there are ways you can reduce the existing shed in the home.

Groom Regularly

Give your Boston a brushing session once or twice a week. They might not require it as much as some heavy-shedding breeds, but they can benefit. Not only does brushing help collect excess shed, but it also distributes the oils evenly throughout your pets to maintain a soft and supple coat.

Vacuum Everyday

Keeping your space clean is important. Every day, it is important to vacuum all of your carpets and floors to sweep up any lingering shed. Make sure to get in all the nooks and crannies where the shed could be hiding—like corners, under furniture, and behind pieces that line walls.

a woman vacuuming furniture in a house with a hand-held portable vacuum cleaner
Image Credit: Den Rozhnovsky, Shutterstock

Wash Fabrics

It is important to wash not only your dog’s bedding but also your own. If you allow your dog to lay on your furniture, blankets, comforters, and so on, you should also keep these things washed and tidy.

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Grooming a Boston Terrier

Grooming your Boston terrier should be pretty straightforward. They require basic care—no special haircuts or continual brushing to prevent mats. Their single-layer coat is easy to manage!


Your Boston will need a bath once every 4 to 6 weeks. You should use a fragrance-free or naturally scented shampoo instead of harsh soaps and fragrances that can irritate the skin.

Not only will this make your pup smell amazing, but it will also nourish their skin, causing less shedding. If your dog’s coat is very dry or brittle, I can break it off easier, creating more of a mess.


When it comes to brushing, you have several brush options. Many owners like to get one or a combination of these brush types, which serve different purposes.

  • Bristle Brushes: Bristle brushes help to collect old shed while evenly distributed oil is throughout your pet’s fur. These brushes have bristles that are typically made from synthetic or animal hair.
  • Slicker Brushes: Slicker brushes gently penetrate to the skin to collect any unwanted shed from beneath the surface. These brushes typically have manual or quick-release cleaning methods; both are easy to empty.
  • Deshedding Tools: You won’t have to use a deshedding tool often on your Boston Terrier. If you use this tool too frequently, it can cause skin breakage and irritation. However, during the higher shedding periods, you can use this tool to remove any dead skin, dander, dirt, debris, and loose fur from the coat.

Professional Grooming

Because your Boston is so easy to groom, taking a trip to the groomer will likely be few and far between. However, even the easy pups need a good spa day now and then. So, while they don’t need fancy haircuts, occasional grooming might be something to budget for.

Deep cleaning is really efficient at thoroughly removing dead skin cells and hair. Plus, they will leave the facility smelling like a million bucks!

You can find professional groomers at pet shops, shelters, vet offices, and private practices. The cost usually depends on the area you live in, particular rates from groomers, and the size of your dog. Since your Boston is small, you should expect to pay between $30 and $50.

woman brushing the boston terrier dog at grooming salon
Image Credit: hedgehog94, Shutterstock

dogster paw dividerTop 5 Fun Facts About Boston Terriers

Here are a few other unique things about this fabulous breed you might not know!

1. Boston Terriers Are Brachycephalic

Is the flat-faced appearance of the Boston Terrier something you just love about the breed? The way their face is shaped is called “brachycephalic.” Other breeds that share these qualities include Boxers, Bulldogs, Pugs, Shih Tzus, and Cane Corsos.

2. Boston Terriers Are Very People-Friendly

Bostons are known for being highly agreeable dogs. They have really sweet demeanors and tend to get along with just about anyone!

3. Bostons Sport the Nickname “American Gentleman”

Because of the Boston’s proper manners, it earned them the name “American Gentleman.”

4. Bostons Aren’t True Terriers

Unlike other terrier breeds like the Scottish Terrier and Cairn Terrier, the Boston Terrier isn’t a terrier at all. Terriers are a separate class entirely, bred originally for battling rats, of all things!

Boston Terrier posing in garden
Image Credit: Ruben PH_Shutterstock

5. Bostons Are USA Natives

Boston Terriers are one of the only native breeds of the USA! They were created in Massachusetts and entered into the AKC in 1893. They are a cross between the English Bulldog and White English Terrier.

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If you are looking for a low-shedding breed and love the look of the Boston Terrier, you can be happy knowing they will fit the bill. These spunky little pups are ideal companions—not just because of their shedding level but also other factors!

The dogs are easygoing, apartment-friendly, and fun for all ages. If you want to add a Boston to your home, purchase only from reputable breeders—or rescue an adult with a full vet history.


Featured Image Credit: Eve Photography, Shutterstock

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