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Can Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes? Vet Approved Nutrition Facts & Advice

Written by: Lorre Luther

Last Updated on April 13, 2024 by Dogster Team

Can Dogs Eat_cherry tomatoes

Can Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes? Vet Approved Nutrition Facts & Advice


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Cherry tomatoes are just about the perfect human snack. The small bright red treats are just the right size to pop in your mouth for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, and they’re great when sliced in half and added to salads or thrown on top of omelets. But are these treats acceptable for dogs? Ripe cherry tomatoes are safe for your dog to consume in moderation.

However, unripe tomatoes and the leaves and stems of tomato plants can make dogs sick—they contain solanine, which is a chemical that can poison dogs if eaten in sufficient quantities. Most dogs should be fine if they consume a few green cherry tomatoes, but a large portion is more concerning.

Reach out to your veterinarian if your pet has eaten tomato plants or a large number of unripe tomatoes, and be prepared to take them for emergency treatment if they begin showing signs of solanine poisoning, such as tremors, gastrointestinal difficulties, and weakness.

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When It Comes to Tomatoes, Green Means No

Dogs are usually fine eating moderate amounts of ripe red cherry tomatoes because the solanine levels decrease as the fruit ripens, and the amount of the chemical present in ripe tomatoes isn’t usually sufficient to cause problems in most dogs.

The tomato hazard tends to loom largest in gardens, where pets are most likely to encounter tomato leaves and stems. Keep indoor tomato plants in a secure location, and don’t allow dogs to rummage in outdoor gardens unsupervised to prevent them from ingesting toxic plants. Fencing vegetable gardens often helps keep pets away from outdoor areas featuring canine-unfriendly plants.

fresh ripe cherry tomatoes
Image By: ignartonosbg, Pixabay

Can Tomatoes Upset My Dog’s Stomach?

Yes. Tomatoes are quite acidic, which can lead to upset tummies in dogs. Some dogs with sensitive stomachs may have trouble comfortably digesting cherry tomatoes, particularly if they consume a few too many at once. Although it’s uncommon, tomatoes can trigger allergic reactions in some dogs, causing signs such as itchy skin, difficulty breathing, and coughing.

Can Dogs Eat Tomato-Based Sauces?

It depends on what’s been added to the base! Many tomato-based sauces include seasonings like garlic and onions, which can induce toxicity in dogs in remarkably small quantities. It is a good idea to avoid giving pets tomato-based sauces and condiments like ketchup.

Can Dogs Eat Ingredients Like Lettuce and Carrots?

Most dogs can snack on unseasoned iceberg lettuce, arugula, or romaine lettuce without a problem. Cooked and uncooked carrots and green beans are fine, and most dogs can enjoy a few pitted olives.

Avoid giving dogs salad dressing; it’s often high in fat, and many brands feature problematic flavor enhancers such as garlic and onion. Stay away from macadamia nuts and black walnuts, as both are highly toxic to dogs, and keep in mind that spicy products like hot peppers can sometimes upset sensitive canine tummies.

cherry tomatoes with stem
Image By: matthiasboeckel, Pixabay



Ripe, red cherry tomatoes are okay for dogs to consume in moderation, but the acidity in tomatoes can sometimes cause tummy upset in pets with sensitive stomachs. But dogs should stay away from green tomatoes as well as tomato plant stems and leaves since they contain solanine, which can be toxic to dogs in high amounts. Indoor and outdoor tomato plants tend to be more of an issue than already-ripened tomatoes from the store. Remember to cut cherry tomatoes in half before giving these vegetables to your dog to minimize the chance of a choking incident.

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