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Get the Health Benefits of Kombucha While Helping Homeless Dogs

Tea line Kombucha Dog features adoptable dogs on its labels, combining healthy living with helping dogs find forever homes.

Amber Avines  |  Aug 18th 2016

If you’re on the forefront of beverage trends, you probably know all about kombucha. It’s made by fermenting tea with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast; it’s a popular drink for those into healthy living (and probably anyone who’s been known to wear yoga pants). However, did you know drinking kombucha can help a homeless dog find a family?

Kombucha Dog is the brain child of Michael Faye, who combined his love of photography with his belief in holistic practices and the benefits of a raw food diet. Each bottle not only contains 12 ounces of kombucha, which the company claims is the only kombucha naturally fermented long enough to contain the lowest amount of sugar and the highest number of probiotics and antioxdants, but each label features a dog who’s looking for a new home.

Currently, all adoptable dogs are with Los Angeles-based rescue groups; 100 of which have gone on to find new families (check out the dogs presently up for adoption who are featured on labels). The Kombucha Dog website also profiles some of the dogs’ adoption stories.

Kombucha Dog comes in a variety of flavors, including raspberry, mint, blueberry, and ginger, and it’s available at markets, bars, and restaurants throughout Southern California.