How to Teach Your Dog the Come Command


Once your dog has learned how to sit and how to stay, it’s time to teach them how to come. Having those two commands mastered makes it possible to master the recall command. Be sure to start in a safe environment with as little distraction as possible, but if you do move to the outside or a distracting environment, be sure to use a long leash.

Follow these steps:

  • Hold a favorite toy or treat in your hand up by your face.
  • Drop the toy or treat to your side so that it is nose level to your dog, making them want to come to you (this will eventually become the hand sign for the command).
  • When they come to you all the way, give them the toy or treat and plenty of praise as a reward.
  • Reset and then start again.

Set your dog up for success! Don’t take them to the dog park and try the come command after practicing for two days. Asking your dog to “come” at a dog park is like asking a child to get out of the pool at a pool party!

General rule of thumb (paw): It takes a dog two to four weeks to learn a new behavior and three to six months to retain as long-term memory. Each time you change the environment, start with the beginning steps for best results.

Watch this video to see this training in action:

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About the author: Travis Brorsen is one of the most sought after dog trainers in America today and is Founder of Greatest American Dog Trainers. In 2008, Travis and his 14-month old, highly energetic and untrained boxer, Presley, won the grueling 12 week CBS’ national dog training competition, Greatest American Dog. As a result of the show, Travis discovered he had a passion to help other dogs and their owners create similar positive learning and relationship building experiences. Today, Travis and his Greatest American Dog Trainers team specializes in basic and advanced obedience, dog health and fitness training, as well as behavioral issues. For more information, please go to

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