Extra Exclusive Info from K9’s Interview with Reality Star Kim Kardashian

If you live in Europe you're probably familiar with one of the best dog magazines on the market, K9. Every month K9 features an interview...


If you live in Europe you’re probably familiar with one of the best dog magazines on the market, K9. Every month K9 features an interview with a popular personality about their dogs and their views of dogs. This month K9 Featured Kim Kardashian.

In the very canine spirit of sharing, K9 is letting me run some extra parts of the Kardashian interview that you won’t see anywhere else, including their own site. Thanks, K9!

Kim Kardashian has her own reality series and adorns the pages of many celebrity gossip magazines. She loves dogs and recently caught up with Kim Bruce at K9 Magazine for a chat.

K9 Kim – how would you compare these celebrities to dogs…

Kim K — Ryan Seacrest: He’d be a little Terrier, always running around and working hard. He’s be a really busy dog!

Paris Hilton: I think she’d definitely be a Chihuahua just like Tinkerbell, with pink nail polish and a rhinestone collar.

Will Smith: He’s have to be some kind of a dog with big floppy ears, he’s be a really happy, cute dog. Maybe an Irish Setter?

Simon Cowell: He’d definitely have to be a Bulldog!

K9 Kim – Which do you prefer and why?

Kim K — Big dogs or little dogs; I don’t really have a preference to be honest although I did see a baby Pug recently, that had to be the cutest puppy!

Pedigree dogs or x breeds? To me it’s more about the personality, like I said earlier, my dad was more about the purebreeds, but to me it’s all about the personality.

you can catch the full interview with Kim in K9 Magazine issue 24 which also has a 5 page feature on the dangers of a closed registry system for pedigree dogs as well as a fascinating insight into the life of a dog in Iraq. Follow this link to read more about this issue of K9 Magazine.

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