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What to Look for When Buying Dog-Friendly Furniture: 6 Purchasing Tips

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Dogster Team

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What to Look for When Buying Dog-Friendly Furniture: 6 Purchasing Tips

Your home décor reflects your personal taste, but if you have dogs that share space on the couch while watching television, you may fear that they’ll ruin your furniture. Few things could be worse than dropping thousands of dollars on couches and chairs only to find scratches, tears, or stains.

If you don’t want to train your dog to stay off the couch, here are some tips for buying dog-friendly furniture that you both can enjoy.

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The 6 Tips for Buying Dog-Friendly Furniture

1. Choose Appropriate Fabrics

Does velvet attract dog hair? You bet! Popular or luxurious fabrics like velvet and microsuede may be appealing to you, but they’re magnets for pet hair. Worse, all that hair will end up all over your clothes when you sit down. It’s better to go for durable fabrics that are slick enough to keep hair from becoming embedded, such as leather, faux leather, and canvas.

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2. Look for Patterns and Colors That Hide Hair and Stains

White couches may look nice, but you’ll notice every colored hair and muddy paw print. Choosing patterns with multiple colors, especially busier patterns with small designs, will hide dog hair and stains much better. If you don’t like patterns, you can go with darker colors in fabric that’s easy to clean, such as leather.

3. Reconsider Wood Furniture

Some dogs like the texture of wood for chewing, unfortunately, which can leave the legs of your tables and chairs with tons of tiny bite marks. There are deterrents with bitter or strong ingredients to discourage chewing, but they rarely last long—if they work at all. Your best bet is to avoid furniture with wood altogether or commit to training your dog to chew on appropriate toys. You will need to supervise your dog during this process to reinforce their good chewing behaviors and protect your furniture.

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4. Get Machine-Washable Covers and Protectors

No matter how diligent you are, accidents happen. Some modern furniture offers helpful features like removable upholstery covers that you can wash in your machine to remove stains and keep your couch looking (and smelling) like new. If your dog sleeps in bed with you, consider getting a waterproof mattress topper to avoid late-night accidents from soaking into your mattress.

5. Keep the Good Stuff in Closed Rooms

It can be a struggle to balance the desire for nice furniture with the realities of having a dog. If you’re set on an expensive or antique living room suit or end chairs in light colors, velvet, or microsuede, compromise by keeping that furniture in a room that’s off-limits to the dog. A study, den, or parlor is a good place to keep those pieces without making your dog feel isolated in your home. Stick to more durable furniture for your main living areas.

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6. Stock Up on Cleaning Supplies

The best way to fight stains is by treating them as soon as possible. Plenty of pet companies offer stain- and odor-fighting products that are safe for wood and upholstery fabrics, so make sure you always have them on hand. Handheld vacuums, upholstery shampooers, and steamers are also good investments. Of course, you should always keep a few lint rollers around.

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Being a dog owner means getting a lot of love and making some compromises on the level of cleanliness you can maintain. These tips should help you pick out furniture that can withstand the abuse of dogs while showcasing your personal taste.

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