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Do Dogs Get Jealous?

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Jealousy was once considered a strictly human emotion, but some people think dogs feel it, too.

A study published in April in the journal Psychological Science wanted to test how dogs display jealous behavior. First, each dog watched their owner next to a fake dog. Next, a barrier blocked the dog’s view of the fake dog while the owner appeared to pet the pretend dog.

Even when the dogs couldn’t see the rival dog, they displayed jealous behavior (forcefully attempted to reach their owner), which indicated they were acting jealously over an imagined scenario, something that’s never been demonstrated before.

2 thoughts on “Do Dogs Get Jealous?”

  1. I believer that jealousy would fall under the broader umbrella of "resource guarding", a common dog behavior. Dogs guard and bar other dogs from things they consider to be theirs, including food, water, balls and toys, their homes, and attention from their people.

  2. That's a no brainer. Ask owners of multiple dogs if that isn't true. Show love to A, B comes over also if there are more it turns into a pet me party. Granted there are some dogs that are good and just chill. Usually at my home I have a needy bully. Also in the bathroom both hounds will come in for sugar and jockey for spots. Bully alas can't fit gets whacked in the face by siblings tails. So yes.

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