Do Dog People Make This Kind of 911 Call?

I was all set to call a truce with the Catster people, but then I ran into Skeezix' latest little hissy rant. (Feel free to...


I was all set to call a truce with the Catster people, but then I ran into Skeezix’ latest little hissy rant. (Feel free to leave a comment over there by clicking the hissy link! We need some canine reinforcement.) Geez, here we are at Dogster, all peaceful and happy and mellow and forgiving, and there’s Skeez with his back arched about Dogsters sniffing around on the other side of the ‘ster line.

This is Skeezix, who is obviously wearing shades so we Dogsters don't recognize him if we see him in our neighborhoods.

So the little kitty has drawn a line in the sand. I suppose this comes naturally, since cats do this every time they use their kitty litter boxes. Therefore, I bring you this little gem, above. It’s an English version of a 911 call (it’s 999 across the pond). A woman phones in an “emergency” because her cat has been playing with string for two hours and “it’s doin’ me head in.”

As a dog, I want to ask dog people: If your dog were playing with, say, a Kong for two hours, would you call 911? In fact, does your dog have any annoying habits? (Try not to list too many, or the Catsters will get all gloaty again.)

And any cat people reading this: What are some of your cat’s more annoying habits? C’mon, you can be honest. Just don’t take up more than 500 words for your answer, easy as that might be.

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