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8 Awesome DIY Christmas Dog Collars You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Written by: Oliver Jones

Last Updated on April 10, 2024 by Dogster Team

Black dog wearing a green and red collar

8 Awesome DIY Christmas Dog Collars You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Christmas is a time of celebration, and in the spirit of giving, it’s also an excellent opportunity to practice your crafting and DIY skills with a homemade gift. Dog parents love to get their pets involved this time of year, and a festive dog collar is a great way to do that, so why not DIY one while you are at it?

With just a few materials, basic crafting skills, and some jolly cheer, you can easily create a festive dog collar for your pet so they can enjoy a canine Christmas.

Follow these easy DIY ideas to make an awesome Christmas dog collar.

The 8 DIY Christmas Dog Collars

1. Holly Felt Collar by Dogue

DIY Christmas Dog Collar
Image By: Dogue
Materials: Green felt, red fleece, elastic, bells
Tools: Sewing tools, scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

Deck your dog with bells and holly this festive season with this DIY felt dog collar. You can quickly put together this festive collar with just a few supplies, basic sewing skills, and festive cheer. Your dog will feel comfortable, and not only will it look adorable, but a gentle jingle will also follow your dog everywhere it goes, adding to the Christmas spirit.

Make sure you measure correctly and consider making it slightly bigger, so the elastic isn’t too tight.

2. Easy to Sew Ruffle Collar by 2 Bees in a Pod

DIY Christmas Dog Collar
Image Credit: 2 Bees In A Pod
Materials: Christmas fabric, elastic, bells
Tools: Measuring tape, chalk marker, scissors, sewing machine
Difficulty Level: Easy

This DIY ruffle collar is the epitome of Christmas and is easy to make. You can put this collar together in about 20 minutes using a festive Christmas fabric, an old tea towel, or something festive from the previous year. Choose something with a cute festive print like a Santa or reindeer to really capture the Christmas spirit.

Once you have your supplies, measure your dog’s neck, and you are good to go. The bells are a lovely whimsical touch but are optional. Although this design is comfortable, the bells may be a bit much for your pup and perhaps a bit too much jingle for your liking, but the choice is yours!

3. DIY Crotchet Elf Collar by Posh Pooch Designs Dog Clothes

DIY Christmas Dog Collar
Image Credit: Posh Pooch Designs
Materials: Green and red yarn, bells
Tools: Hook-H
Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

For those skilled in crochet, this one’s for you. This festive DIY crochet elf collar is easy to finish, not to mention adorable. You can change the design by adding colors, changing stitches, and customizing the size by making more or fewer triangles. The bells on each tip of the triangle add to the Christmas spirit and make it more fitting as an elf-inspired collar, but bells are a personal choice, and a constant jingle is not welcome by everyone.

4. Festive DIY Knitted Cover for Dog Collar by Fiber Flux

DIY Christmas Dog Collar
Image Credit: Fiber Flux Blog
Materials: Yarn- colors of your choice
Tools: Tapestry needle
Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

You can get your dog into the festive spirit with this easy DIY knitted cover that slips over your dog’s existing collar. This is a quick and straightforward project for dog owners who love to knit. You can choose your colors and patterns, but it is advisable to purchase machine washable yarn as it can get spoiled quickly by an active dog that loves to roll around. It’s important to note that the sleeve isn’t seamed and doesn’t join to form a ring to allow the collar clasp and tags to be visible for safety.

5. DIY Christmas Bling Dog Collar by Irresistible Pets

DIY Christmas Dog Collar
Image Credit: Irresistible Pets
Materials: Old dog collar, iron-on crystals
Tools: Cordless heat setting tool
Difficulty Level: Easy

Dressing up your dog for Christmas is fun with this DIY Christmas bling collar. All you need is an old dog collar and some bling iron-on crystals to give it some bedazzling. Choose your colors and simply heat set the crystals in the pattern onto the dog collar.

Before you start, adjust the collar to your dog’s neck size because it’s hard to adjust once the crystals are set in.

6. DIY Festive Bow Tie Dog Collar by PawBuzz

DIY Christmas Dog Collar
Image Credit: Paw Buzz
Materials: Festive fabric, Velcro
Tools: Needle and thread
Difficulty Level: Easy

Your dog will look festive and classy in this DIY bow tie collar. Choose a fabric that is festive and in theme with your Christmas function, and you can easily sit it alongside your dog’s collar as a festive accessory. It is quick and easy to make and instantly makes your pet look like a Christmas-loving dog.

7. DIY Festive Dog Collar and Leash by May Arts

DIY Christmas Dog Collar
Image Credit: May Arts
8−10 ft festive grosgrain ribbon, polyester webbing, strap keeper, strap hook
Tools: Scissors, sewing machine, ruler
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you are planning on making a festive collar for your dog this holiday season, why not add a leash to go with it! If you have a knack for sewing, then you can easily craft this DIY dog collar and leash for your dog and make it as festive as you like. You can go with a classic design like polka dots or plaid or find something a bit more novelty like reindeer, trees, or candy canes. You can walk off your dog’s Christmas lunch in style with this fun DIY project.

8. DIY Festive Paracord Dog Collar by DIY Projects

DIY Christmas Dog Collar
Image Credit: DIY Projects
Materials: Paracord, plastic buckle, D-ring
Tools: Lighter, scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

Paracord is great for DIY. You can easily construct this DIY paracord dog collar and make it festive by choosing the classic colors of Christmas. It is comfortable, durable, practical, and stylish, and you can even make a few extras as gifts for your dog owner friends!

Tips for DIY Dog Collars

When embarking on a DIY project you want it to be fun and creative, but the product you are crafting should also be functional. This is especially true if you are choosing to DIY a dog collar for the festive season. Here are some tips for successfully completing a DIY dog collar.


Make sure you have all the necessary tools, if possible. If you don’t have the needed tools, find out if there is an alternative, or try a project that uses your tools. Knowing how to use the tools is crucial unless you are happy to experience a few learning curves. After all, DIY is all about fun and learning.


Several materials can make a dog collar durable, stylish, and comfortable. Nylon and polyester are the most common, versatile, and long-lasting. You will preferably want a material that is also easy to clean. Whatever material you choose, make sure it is comfortable for your dog and not something your dog will want to chew!


It is essential that your dog’s collar is the right fit. If it is too loose, it can become a safety hazard as your dog could easily slip out of it, or it can get caught on something. If it is too tight, it could restrict breathing and cause pain. Use the two-finger rule to ensure enough space between the collar and the dog’s neck, and if necessary, make adjustments.

A flexible measuring tape is the simplest way for you to measure your dog’s neck. When it comes to sizes, every collar is unique, so measuring your dog’s current collar will not provide you with the correct size for their neck.


A DIY dog collar is a fun and creative project to complete this festive season, and your dog will love being involved in the festivities. You can take any of these simple plans and customize them to suit your dog and theme. You can even have fun making multiple festive dog collars to gift your dog owner friends!

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