Chinese Cresteds Emir and Taj Rule Tokyo’s Instagram Scene


This week’s premier social dogs are Emir and Taj, a couple of Chinese Crested pups. Let’s get straight to the point: These are without a doubt two striking-looking dogs. Even when they’re not fancying themselves up in outfits and sporting outlandish hairdos, we’re looking at a scene-stealing duo.

Emir and Taj live in Tokyo, and unfortunately most of the captions to their popular Instagram account are in a language I am not exactly familiar with. So with the haphazard help of Google Translate, let’s try and figure out why everyone loves these pups. (Spoiler: It may involve foot baths, something about street fashion, and ’80s pop singers.)

Who’s who?

Image via Instagram.

It’s easy to distinguish Emir from Taj, mainly as the former is white (with a few black splodges on her snout) and the latter is black (with a smidgeon of pink coloring under her chin). Well, that’s the official line coming from their Instagram bio, but I’d suggest our friend Taj is more of a dark chestnut brown rather than midnight black. It’s all in the details, people.

Style is key

Image via Instagram.

Emir and Taj are not shy about getting dolled up for the camera. If you were wondering about the extent of their fashionista credentials, this particular shot is apparently a demonstration of the “manufacture of fashion in the streets.” As if it was ever in doubt!

Calling Emir

Image via Instagram.

This is Emir’s closeup. See, I told you we’re dealing with some exceptionally distinctive dogs. Although based on this particular pic, I would not be surprised if Chinese Crested dogs are suddenly trending in night terrors across the globe. (To my eyes, we’re looking at nothing less than a bloodthirsty, flying ghost-pig-horse hybrid.)

Taj is up next

Image via Instagram.

On the other hand, when it comes to Taj’s moment in the solo spotlight, I’m getting a strong ’80s pop star vibe coming through. Maybe it’s the coiffed hair? If Nik Kershaw or Feargal Sharkey were reincarnated in canine form, the result would most certainly resemble our pooch’s look here.

Ying and yang

Image via Instagram.

Emir and Taj seem inseparable. You can often catch them galavanting around together in the local dog park. They also comes across as a happy and good-spirited pair — a regular Instagram catchphrase seems to be, “It is going well.”

All your base are belong to us

Image via Instagram.

As befits any of the Internet-famous dogs, Emir and Taj have their share of fan-art tributes and merchandise. Here you can see them looking fancy on what appears to be a small towel. Their human (I’m guessing) is about to use it after taking a foot bath to soothe a weary set of feet. “Came out as early!” boasts a translation of the photo’s caption. Yes.

Getting naturalistic

Image via Instagram.

Emir and Taj definitely seem to love nature. These two pooches especially enjoy their trips to the beach. Taj once caught something that I am reliably informed is a turban shell, although in this photo they’re simply taking in what they majestically call “the beauty of the sea” at the Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Flower power

Image via Instagram.

With their matching flower hats, Emir and Taj are surely the darlings of the local forest fashion scene. Although that does little to help me out with understanding why this image is captioned, “Phew, I was scared.” Maybe there are some chronic hayfever issues going on?

One more for the road

Image via Instagram.

Here for your viewing pleasure are Emir and Taj’s nine most popular photos of the ancient year we were all calling 2015. They posted them as part of the #BestNine trend. Not to start any internal squabbles, but let the record show that Emir features in nearly all of the pics, while poor Taj has been relegated to something of a sidekick role. Hey, no one ever said Instagram fame was fair and easy, right?

Skedaddle over to Emir and Taj’s Instagram account to check out more of these eye-catching Chinese Crested dogs.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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