The 12 Dogs of Christmas: Chica-Chan the Blind Chihuahua

This senior, blind puppy-mill survivor is out to find forever homes for all the puppies left in the pound.


With the holiday season upon us and the year winding down, we’re casting a look back at the most notable, newsworthy, and lovable dogs we wrote about on Dogster in 2014. It’s a little tribute we like to call the 12 Dogs of Christmas — and today we get up to speed with a blind puppy-mill survivor who is embracing the spirit of the season.

2. Chica-Chan the Senior Chihuahua

It was barely two months ago when we brought you news of Chica-Chan, a blind Chihuahua with large cataracts in her eyes who was dumped at the Abilene Animal Services Shelter at the age of 16 years old. Thankfully, local rescue groups bandied together to facilitate her escape from the pound, and one figure who is active on the scene, Colleen Mitchell, granted her a new and loving home.

Talking to Dogster back in October, Colleen told us how she was instantly smitten with Chica-Chan as soon as they met: “With how old she was even then, I didn’t think she would live long. I prepared myself and tried not to get too attached. And then I fell in love. Chica has such an expressive little face and just wants to be held. She would be happy sleeping 23 hours a day and cuddling for the one hour she is awake.”

Now 17 and a half years old, Chica-Chan can often be found spending her active hours spreading awareness of the ills of the puppy mill system. (She’s a suspected former breeder herself, and Colleen says she was probably simply left to turn blind instead of receiving treatment.)

During the holidays, Chica-Chan has also begun to help foster her first pup. Named Cita, this little critter cutie was the sole survivor in a litter born in a pound — and a fundraiser for shots and vetting is currently running into the new year. Peeking at pics on Facebook, it seems that Chica-Chan is developing the little pup into her own protege.

Getting into the swing of the season, Chica-Chan recently took time out of her schedule to visit Santa. She posted about the experience to her Facebook page and described it as “pawsome.” Then in her own inimitable patter, she also added the closing message she told to ol’ Saint Nick:

“I told him dat I only wunted two fingz: 1. Fur all puppies in duh pound to find good homes. 2. Fur Puppy Mills to END!!!”

Sounds like a perfect Christmas sentiment to us.

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