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Why Your Dog Needs Liability Insurance Even If He’s Well-Behaved

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on July 11, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Why Your Dog Needs Liability Insurance Even If He’s Well-Behaved

Being a dog owner often comes with surprises, even if you have the most well-behaved dog. Accidents can happen to the best dogs and dog owners. While you may be able to train your dog to become a polite canine citizen, their behavior isn’t completely controllable, and you also can’t control outside forces that may cause your dog to react.

Fortunately, liability insurance is available to help you pay for any expensive bills accrued by such accidents. This type of insurance can help pay for damages and save you a significant amount of money.


What Is Pet Liability Insurance?

Pet liability insurance is a type of insurance that covers damages related to incidents involving your dog. It can help pay for any fees associated with injuries or damage your dog has caused.

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Difference Between Pet Liability Insurance and Pet Insurance

There’s a clear difference between pet liability insurance and pet insurance. Pet liability insurance deals specifically with damages or injuries your dog has caused. Pet insurance helps pay for your dog’s veterinary bills. If you enroll your dog in a pet insurance plan, you can expect coverage for diagnostic testing, surgeries, and in-patient stays. Pet insurance plans will only reimburse you for veterinary services and procedures covered in your policy.

So, if your dog has pet insurance and accidentally injures another dog, pet insurance won’t pay for the other dog’s injuries. If your dog gets injured, your pet insurance company can help pay their veterinary fees.

Why Is Pet Liability Insurance Important?

Just because a dog isn’t aggressive doesn’t mean they don’t need liability insurance. Well-meaning dogs can accidentally cause injuries or damage. For example, your dog may accidentally run into someone while chasing a ball, and the individual may trip and sprain an ankle. Larger dogs can cause damage to property while they’re playing and may unintentionally break items while running around.

Data from the Insurance Information Institute shows that about 18,000 dog bite claims were filed in 2021,1 and the average cost was $49,000. More complicated dog-related lawsuits can cost even more. Pet liability insurance can help pay for at least some of these claims. So, even if your dog is friendly and gets along well with strangers and other animals, it’s worth exploring liability insurance in case of an accident.

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How to Get Pet Liability Insurance

Some major insurance companies cover dog-related damages under homeowners’ or renters’ insurance plans. So, you can always check to see if pet liability coverage can be included in your existing insurance policies. Sometimes, you can bundle pet liability insurance with another type of insurance plan to save on costs and reduce premium amounts.

You can also purchase pet liability insurance plans from companies that specialize in it. These insurance companies often have more customizable plans to ensure you get the appropriate coverage for your dog.

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How Does Pet Liability Insurance Work?

Insurance companies typically take your dog’s information and complete underwriting to determine your liability insurance premium amount. Factors like your dog’s age, breed, weight, and bite history will affect the price of your premium and your coverage options. For example, dogs with a bite history often have higher premium costs and lower coverage amounts.

Once you enroll your dog in a liability insurance plan, you’ll be expected to be on time with paying your premiums to keep the insurance plan in force. You’ll also have to meet your deductible before the insurance company reimburses you for incident-related expenses. Deductibles can range between a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars.



Dog liability insurance can help you save thousands of dollars for any unforeseen accidents caused by your dog. So, it’s best to consider your options and shop for a plan to help pay for expenses accrued by incidents and damages. You can see if any insurance companies you currently use offer coverage for pet liabilities or purchase a plan from a specialized pet liability insurance company.

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