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Can Dog Moms Celebrate Mother’s Day? 7 Tips on How to Have a Great Day

Written by: Kristin Hitchcock

Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Can Dog Moms Celebrate Mother’s Day? 7 Tips on How to Have a Great Day

Anyone can celebrate Mother’s Day if they’d like to, including those that only have canines. Many dog owners feel they provide similar love and care to their dogs as a mother might to her children. Therefore, it’s not all that uncommon for this day to become a celebration of that emotional bond, as well.

Mother’s Day has always had a very inclusive definition, as well. The interpretation of “mother” can be as broad as you’d like it to be. Not all mothers have to give birth. The spirit of Mother’s Day is with the love and devotion of caring for someone helpless, and many of our pets absolutely fall into this category.

Of course, whether you decide to celebrate Mother’s Day as a dog mother is completely up to you.

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The 7 Tips on How to Have a Great Mothers Day for Your Dog

1. Have a Spa Day

You can make this day special for both you and your canine by having a spa day. You don’t necessarily have to have this day together, but there are some spas that cater to both dogs and people, especially in more urban areas. Otherwise, you can schedule a date for you and your dog at your respective favorite spas and enjoy a day of relaxation.

Many spas have Mother’s Day specials, but you do have to make an appointment far in advance. These days, we tend to book out far ahead of time. Alternatively, you can have an at-home spa day with your pooch. This costs less money and can be more fun, as you and your dog will be together the whole time.

Of course, be sure your dog is enjoying the experience too. While some dogs like the attention that comes from grooming, others may not. It’s important that your dog also enjoys the experience—not just you.

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2. Have a Picnic

Picnics are a great way to relax and enjoy some time with your pooch. If Mother’s Day is predicted to have nice weather, a picnic can be a wonderful way to celebrate. (If it’s going to rain, consider something else!)

Pack a basket with snacks for you and your dog. If you’re feeling up to it, consider packing homemade dog food or treats for your pooch—something that they don’t typically get that they may find enjoyable.

Then, head to your favorite dog-friendly park or outdoor spot for a relaxing picnic. While dog parks are great, we don’t recommend heading to one for a picnic, as food is often not allowed inside. Plus, even if it is, other dogs may become aggressive when food is thrown into the mix, and that’s something that’s best to avoid.

Instead, head for somewhere dog-friendly but where you’re less likely to run into any off-leash dogs.

3. Go on an Adventure Day

Trying anything new can be a great way to spend the day. There are tons of dog-friendly activities that you and your pooch may not have tried yet. For instance, you could explore a new park or go on a new hiking trail. If there are no dog-friendly restaurants or bars in your area, consider going to one of them, especially if you never have before.

The point of an adventure day is to try something new, so just about anything you haven’t tried counts.

woman is hiking with a dog in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado
Image Credit: Larry Barrett, Shutterstock

4. Set Up a Photo Shoot

For a shorter celebration, consider taking some photos with you and your canine. These photos are moments that you can look back on years later, and they can be fun to post on your social media profiles.

Get some simple props, wear some cute outfits, and get creative. You can even head to a scenic location for some extra-interesting photos that won’t require much work on your part.

That all said, be sure that your dog enjoys the photo shoot. While many dogs enjoy the attention and may even like “performing” with props, others will find it stressful. Don’t push your dog to do anything stressful just for a picture.

5. Make Some Art

There are many DIY art projects you could make with your dog on this day. These can be fun to make, and they also serve as keepsakes to celebrate this special day. Paw print art is very popular, and it can be easily made at home with a few materials. All you really need is dog-safe paint and paper (and a dog that is willing to sit still long enough.

Get creative—or follow one of the many plans found online. After you’re done, frame it or turn it into jewelry that you can wear forever.

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Image Credit: Dmitriev Mikhail, Shutterstock

6. Get Your Dog a Gift

While Mother’s Day typically celebrates the mother, you can also use this day as an opportunity to celebrate your dog. Consider crafting some homemade treats for your canine that they typically don’t get or pick up a new toy. Dogs appreciate small things, so there is no need to spend a lot or purchase the biggest toy in the store.

Just having something new is plenty to make most dogs happy.

Of course, you should consider picking up something new for you, too. After all, your dog probably isn’t going to buy you anything!

7. Donate to a Shelter

While your dog has a loving owner, not every dog out there does. Those at your local shelter are still waiting for their forever home, and they need care in the meantime. You can celebrate the bond between humans and dogs by donating to the shelter on this special day, helping ensure that the dogs in their care have everything they need to thrive and find their forever home.

You can donate money (which the shelter can use as they need), or you can donate toys, blankets, food, and other items. Check the shelter’s website or call ahead to find out what they need. Not all shelters can accept all kinds of items, but practically all do accept monetary donations.

woman adopt dog from shelter
Image Credit: hedgehog94, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

While all these options are great ways to celebrate Mother’s Day as a pet parent, be sure to tailor your celebration to your canine. Some dogs are perfectly happy going on an adventure or heading somewhere new. However, other dogs may be happier with a quiet day at home. Don’t force your dog to do something stressful in the name of “fun.”

The important part is that you and your pooch make memories and have fun. You don’t have to do several things or be extravagant to accomplish this. Often, very simple traditions go a long way.

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