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7 Common Bullmastiff Colors and Patterns (With Pictures)

Written by: Sarah Psaradelis

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7 Common Bullmastiff Colors and Patterns (With Pictures)

The large Bullmastiff is a powerful dog breed that can be found in three registered colors with several types of markings. One of the most appealing aspects of this dog breed is their resilient and protective nature which makes them good guard dogs. The Bullmastiff typically has a simple coloration with little patterning that is typically located on their head and chest area.

Even though you can find Bullmastiffs in other colors and non-breed-standard colors, it is uncommon. While many dog breeds can be found in a range of coat colors that are of the breed standards, Bullmastiffs are only found in a limited number of colors.

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Quick Overview of Bullmastiffs

Breed name: Bullmastiff
Life expectancy: 7 – 9 years
Height (adult): 24 – 27 inches
Weight (adult): 100 – 130 pounds

Let’s take a look at the seven standard colors and patterns that are formally recognized for a Bullmastiff below.

The 3 Common Bullmastiff Colors

1. Fawn

fawn brindle bullmastiff drooling
Image Credit: DejaVuDesigns, Shutterstock

Fawn is the most common color found in Bullmastiffs, and it is recognized as a breed standard by the various kennel clubs. The fawn coloration can be described as a type of light tan color mixed with cream-colored hair, and it is usually paired with dark markings on the Bullmastiff’s face. You can also find fawn Bullmastiffs with a brindled coat, which appears as a mixture of fawn and darker-colored hairs that blend into each other.

2. Red

red brindle bullmastiff
Image Credit: Vitaly Titov, Shutterstock

The red coloration is excellent at accentuating the breed’s muscular body, and it pairs well with any patterns the dog may have. This coloration isn’t exactly red, but rather a dark or light rusty brown coloration that is registered as a standard color in the breed. Just like the fawn coloration, red Bullmastiffs can have red brindled fur. This makes the Bullmastiff appear dark, with what seems to be subtle tiger stripes throughout their coats.

3. Red-Fawn

Red fawn bull mastiff sitting
Image Credit: Olga Raduzhnaya, Shutterstock

The red and fawn-colored Bullmastiff has a coat that appears as a lighter brown and tan color. It’s a combination of two common coat colors that can be seen in Bullmastiffs, and it can be brindled too, which creates an interesting appearance and rich coloration. The exact shade of the red and fawn coat may vary in intensity.

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The 4 Common Bullmastiff Markings and Patterns

Bullmastiffs can also have various markings and patterns aside from the brindle that is commonly seen in the breed.

1. Brindle

a Brindle Bullmastiff dog
Image Credit: Jen Dunham, Shutterstock

Red brindle, fawn brindle, and red fawn brindle Bullmastiff coat colorations are formally recognized as a standard for the breed. The brindle may appear as a subtle patterning of darker hairs that are usually darker than the rest of the dog’s body. The brindle pattern on a Bullmastiff is usually categorized as dark brown or black hair and looks striking when combined with a Bullmastiff’s main colors. This means that all of the Bullmastiffs’ common solid colors can be brindled.

2. Black Mask

bullmastiff puppy
Image Credit: michalk37, Pixabay

A primary feature of the Bullmastiff is their black facial mask which covers their wrinkled muzzles, eyes, and their ears. This dark facial mask is easily distinguished in red- and fawn-colored Bullmastiffs, but it can be harder to spot in darker and brindle Bullmastiffs. Despite this, the outline of the black mask will still be slightly visible. Even with a black mask, a Bullmastiff can still have white markings.

3. White Markings

Black Bullmastiff
Image By: Urszula Drab, Shutterstock

Bullmastiffs can either have white hair sprinkled throughout their coats or a white marking on their chest. This marking can vary in size and shape, and it looks fascinating on red-colored Bullmastiffs. For fawn-colored Bullmastiffs, the white marking on the chest may blend into the rest of the dog light colored coat.

These white markings are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), although they are not considered a breed standard. If you were to place your Bullmastiff in a show, the white markings may lose your dog points.

4. White Markings and Black Mask

Image By: Pxhere

Bullmastiffs can have a combination of black markings (the facial mask), and white markings on their chests. You can also find Bullmastiffs with a brindled coat, white markings on their chest, along with a black face mask. According to the AKC, black masks with white markings are recognized, but not considered a standard marking for the Bullmastiff.


The Bullmastiff can have either a solid color of red or fawn, a mixture of the two, or each of these colors being brindled. The black face mask is a prominent feature in Bullmastiffs, although it can be more difficult to see in darker brindled Bullmastiffs.

In some cases, a Bullmastiff may have white markings in the center of their chest, although it is not a breed standard. Brindled Bullmastiffs are considered slightly less common than the solid-colored red or fawn Bullmastiffs, and it enhances the fierceness of this dog breed.

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