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Can Dogs Eat Brisket? Vet Reviewed Nutrition Facts

Written by: Cassidy Sutton

Last Updated on April 3, 2024 by Dogster Team

Can Dogs Eat Brisket? Vet Reviewed Nutrition Facts


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Brisket is a cut of beef from the lower breast muscles of a cow. The lower breast is a well-worked area of the body, so the meat cooks best in a slow cooker combined with seasoning and vegetables. The result is a delicious dinner that everyone wants to taste, including your dog. However, brisket isn’t always a good treat to offer your dog, as the seasonings and ingredients used for cooking it can be harmful. Learn more about brisket below.


When Brisket Isn’t Safe for Your Dog

Beef alone is highly nutritious for a dog. It is full of protein, vitamins, and minerals that benefit a dog’s health.

The issue with brisket lies in how it’s cooked. Brisket can be cooked in several ways depending on the household and culture. However, most recipes contain high amounts of garlic, onion, salt, and fat, damaging your dog’s health if consumed in high amounts.

raw beef brisket meat surrounded by spices and seasonings
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When It’s Okay to Offer Brisket to Your Dog

If you can offer plain brisket to your dog, meaning no seasonings or sauces have seeped into the muscle. This can be hard since most people want to cook brisket with flavor enhancers, but it is worth setting aside a snack for your dog if you can.

Red meat, in general, is high in protein and fat, making it great for energy and building muscle. Red meat is also rich in B vitamins and iron, perfect for healthy fur and blood.

Active dogs do very well with red meat, but some should steer clear of it because of its high-fat content.

What if My Dog Eats Seasoned Brisket by Accident?

Should you panic if your dog eats some seasoned brisket? Not really.

A small amount generally won’t hurt your dog except to cause some digestive issues. If somehow, your dog eats a significant amount, like from a plate, you should monitor your dog for signs of illness.

Dogs with sensitive stomachs or those on a special diet may need to visit the veterinarian, but realistically, your dog should be fine. The important thing is to refrain from feeding your dog seasoned meat regularly.



Brisket is a tough piece of red meat that is best slow-cooked in various seasonings and sauces. For this reason, brisket isn’t always a good idea to feed your dog. However, if you can provide your dog with plain brisket, go for it. Treat your dog to something special.

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