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Are Pomeranians Smart? Vet-Verified Intelligence Facts

Written by: Chantelle Fowler

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Are Pomeranians Smart? Vet-Verified Intelligence Facts


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It’s a well-known fact that many medium and large dog breeds are highly intelligent. Border Collies, for example, are regarded as the most intelligent dog breed for their exceptional problem-solving skills and ability to learn new cues quickly. But don’t be so quick to discount the intelligence of toy and small dog breeds. Papillons are tiny, perceptive little dogs and are considered the eighth most intelligent breed. But where do Pomeranians fit into this? Are they smart, too?

While Pomeranians are smart dogs, they don’t crack the top 10 or even the top 20 of the most intelligent dog breeds. Read on to learn more about Pomeranians’ intelligence.

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What Is Canine Intelligence?

Stanley Coren, a psychologist from British Columbia, Canada, is generally regarded as the expert on canine intelligence. His book The Intelligence of Dogs delves deep into his theories about the intelligence differences between various dog breeds. He believes there are three aspects of dog intelligence.

  • Instinctive intelligence is a dog’s inherited traits and their capacity to perform the tasks they were bred to do. This can include activities such as herding, pointing, guarding, or providing companionship.
  • Adaptive intelligence refers to problem-solving skills and social awareness. It’s what a dog can learn to do for themselves and the ability to learn from their environment.
  • Working and obedience intelligence is a dog’s ability to learn things from humans. This is the canine equivalent of school learning.
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Where Do Pomeranians Rank in Intelligence?

So, where exactly did Coren put Pomeranians in his book of intelligent dog breeds?

They scored rather impressively and earned themselves the 23rd spot on the list (out of 132 breeds)1. Pomeranians fall into the second intelligence category, meaning they can generally learn new commands after just five to 15 repetitions and obey the first given command 85% of the time or better.

How Smart Are Pomeranians?

Pomeranians are smart and fast learners who form strong bonds with their humans. It is this tight attachment that makes them want to please their owners, so they’ll do almost anything with the right motivation, like a tasty treat and their favorite human’s praise.

When examining the Pomeranian’s intelligence, it’s clear that they excel in several areas.

  • Problem-solving. Problem-solving intelligence involves how a Pomeranian can work out a problem, such as finding treats you’ve hidden in a snuffle mat or around the home.
  • Trick learning. Pomeranians are very quick learners and genuinely enjoy learning new tricks to please their humans. It’s simple for them to pick up on complex tricks like playing dead or rolling over.
  • Competitions. Despite their independent streak, some Pomeranians can excel in obedience competitions and other dog sports like agility.

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Final Thoughts

While Pomeranians aren’t the smartest toy dog breed, they still rank fairly high in intellect, at least according to the world expert in canine intelligence. Pomeranians really shine in problem-solving and trick learning, and some make fantastic competitors in obedience competitions and dog sports.


Featured Image Credit: wirakorn deelert, Shutterstock

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