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Are Dogs Allowed in Petco in 2024? Pet Policy & Tips

Written by: Codee Chessher

Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Dogster Team


Are Dogs Allowed in Petco in 2024? Pet Policy & Tips

It would be really odd if a pet store didn’t let dogs in, and Petco doesn’t disappoint. All locations of the popular pet store chain allow dogs and other pets in, with a couple of rules. It’s not nearly as much of a hassle as traveling with your dog, but you’ll need to have a leash, your dog’s vaccinations, and your furry friend on their best behavior.

You should consider how well your dog does with other types of pets because Petco doesn’t discriminate by species. You can bring a cat, lizard, bird, and more, provided you have the right restraint. Dogs that aren’t well socialized or have very high prey drives might not do well if there’s a rabbit in the store, for instance. Always keep your dog’s personality and training in mind before taking them to Petco.


Can I Bring a Puppy to Petco?

We would recommend waiting until a new puppy has gotten all of their shots, like the ones for parvo, distemper, rabies, and more. Puppies have very fragile immune systems, and the wide variety of pets at Petco could introduce disease.

That’s not even considering socialization, either. Some dogs are more fearful or anxious than others and need extensive socialization to behave calmly around other people or animals. It’s always worth consulting an animal trainer about whether your dog is ready to make trips to the dog park and stores like Petco before you just wing it.

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The 5 Tips for Taking Your Dog to Petco

To make your trip to Petco a smooth, fun experience for you and man’s best friend, it helps to follow some basic tips. A little preparation goes a long way when traveling with your dog, so listen up.

Tips for Taking Your Dog to Petco:
  • Take your dog potty before entering the store to minimize accidents.
  • Have waste bags on hand just in case any accidents happen.
  • Keep a favorite treat and toy on hand to keep your dog calm during the trip.
  • Many Petco locations offer your pup a treat at the front counter—just ask!
  • Be ready to cut the trip short since there could be an aggressive dog, your dog could get freaked out about the crowds, and so on.

What Other Stores Allow Dogs?

Many stores don’t allow dogs, so it can be challenging to locate dog-friendly stores that your pooch can tag along to. Policies can vary by store location and manager discretion, so think about calling ahead before taking your dog to any store.

Dog-Friendly Stores:
  • PetSmart: Another popular pet store chain, PetSmart welcomes all dogs with the same rules as Petco.
  • Cabela’s: The sporting and hunting goods chain is dog-friendly in most states, but call your local store ahead of time to make sure.
  • Hobby Lobby: Ostensibly pet-friendly, Hobby Lobby’s pet policy varies by store location and the manager’s discretion. It’s worth calling ahead to check the policy before driving out there with your dog.
  • Harbor Freight Tools: DIYers with dogs know they love keeping you company while you work on projects, and they can help you fetch tools and supplies at Harbor Freight too.
  • Bass Pro Shop: Another sporting goods company, Bass Pro Shops knows that your dog loves to fish too, so why not let them inside?

Bass Pro Shops T-Shirt signage
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It only makes sense that pet stores would welcome dogs, and Petco allows dogs and all other pets in their stores. That can make it a fun shopping destination, provided your best buddy is on their best behavior.

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