Alabama Owner of Dogs That Attacked Man Had Other Dogs That Attacked in 2004

How often do we have to say, "Its not the dogs, its the humans?" Here's another case where the dogs are getting a bad rap...


Owner Raises Aggressive Dogs

How often do we have to say, “Its not the dogs, its the humans?” Here’s another case where the dogs are getting a bad rap because they were owned by what may be a scumbag human. This guy had two other dogs that attacked someone in 2004 and NOTHING WAS DONE to keep him from having and abusing other dogs. So big surprise! There’s another attack!

Well, don’t blame the dogs! Of course, they are the ones who will probably pay for the official disregard with their lives! What I want to know is what happened after the last attack? Didn’t anyone think, hey, maybe letting this guy lose with anything more sentient than an unfertilized chicken egg may not be the best idea?

Here’s a tip for whoever is supposed to be in charge in that locale — bad people don’t stop being bad because you don’t want to deal with them. Sooner or later, they do something bad enough that you HAVE to intervene.

This article was in the Press Register.

Owner had other dogs involved in 2004 attack
Staff Reporter

The owner of two pit bulls that mauled a Semmes man Monday also owned two different dogs that attacked an elderly woman in May 2004, authorities said Wednesday.

That discovery makes it more likely that the dogs’ owner, Brian West, could be charged in connection with Monday’s dog attack, said Sarah Hopson, director of the Mobile County Animal Control Department.

“It’s a strong possibility that (charges) are pending,” she said.

State law makes it a misdemeanor for dog owners to allow their pets to leave their property. In some cases, dog owners have been charged with reckless endangerment because of attacks. Earlier this year, a couple in Chilton County, Ala., were charged after their two pit bulls mauled a police officer.

West could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Hopson said that she might ask a judge to allow her department to euthanize the dogs, which are both in custody at the Mobile County Animal Shelter. That decision, along with the decision whether to bring charges against West, are both pending the results of the investigation into the attack, Hopson said..

The dogs are being held to see if they have any signs of rabies, she said. Neither one has been vaccinated.

The attack has caught the attention of the Mobile County Commission, which already was considering passing a new law to strengthen animal control regulations in unincorporated parts of the county

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