Crates (or at the very least crate training) are very important. When you have a puppy it aids greatly in housetraining and keeping puppy out of things when it can’t be watched. As adults it gives the dog a safe place to go and relax when needed. They are also great when traveling as its a little piece of home for them. I crate my dogs when I leave because one of them went through a window once when left out of his crate. When I leave him in his crate while I’m out he just sleeps. Also if there is a fire it’ll be easier for fireman to grab crates and get the dogs out rather than having to search for frightened dogs. Much safer for everyone involved. If you chose not to crate your dog you should at the very least teach them to accept being crated, give them positive experiences with a crate. At some point time in their lives nearly every dog will be crated. Whether at the groomer’s, the vet, etc. It’ll be much easier on the dog if they already know about crates. Can you imagine being left in a strange place and then being shoved in a crate on top of it when you’ve never been crated before?