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How To Leash Train a Beagle: 6 Vet Approved Steps

Written by: Patricia Dickson

Last Updated on June 7, 2024 by Dogster Team

A woman and a beagle wearing a leash

How To Leash Train a Beagle: 6 Vet Approved Steps


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If you’ve been a pet owner for a long time, you already know that training dogs to walk on a leash is essential. The same holds for Beagle puppies, who tend to be energetic and stubborn.

However, teaching your new dog to walk on a leash is essential for many reasons. The puppy needs to have good manners when you’re in the dog park. You need them to learn to do as you say, and you don’t want the dog to pull your arm out of the socket when they’re larger, which is more common than you might think in dogs that aren’t properly trained as puppies.

Below, you’ll find a few steps for helping your puppy learn to walk on a leash and a bit about preparing for the leash.

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Before You Start

Before you can leash train your Beagle, you need to be prepared. The last thing you want is to have to stop what you’re doing to run back into the house to grab something you forgot. That’s not good for your frame of mind, and it’ll confuse your puppy.

The first thing to remember is that your dog is a baby, and you need to go slow, have patience, and shower him with rewards and love. Before you begin your training, you’ll need to gather the items below.

  • A leash that’s not too long
  • Plenty of puppy treats
  • A harness or collar
  • A whole lot of patience

Once you’ve gathered everything you need, it’s time to begin the task of leash training your Beagle puppy.


The 6 Steps on How to Leash Training Your Beagle Puppy

Now that you’re prepared to train your little Beagle to walk on a leash, we’ll go into the steps you need to follow.

1. Introduce a Collar

The best way to introduce your Beagle to his collar is by letting them sniff it to see what it is. Once they’re familiar with the collar, put it on them gently. Put the collar on the puppy right before you feed them. This will help your Beagle associate the leash and collar with mealtime; every pet owner knows a Beagle puppy loves to eat!

close up of a beagle dog wearing a black collar
Image By: gerardosan, Pixabay

2. Introduce the Leash

Once your puppy is acclimated to the collar, it’s time to bring out the leash. Start clipping the leash to the collar to familiarize them with having it on during mealtimes. Again, do this gently so as not to scare your puppy.

3. Practice Picking Up the Leash

It would help if you let your puppy run around and play with the leash on after mealtime so that they gets used to having it on. Practice picking up and putting down your dog’s leash, but don’t pull on it or try to force your dog to walk. Drop the leash, then give your puppy a treat.

Person touching a beagle's chin
Image by: nastya-korenkova, Pexels

4. Take a Walk in the House

Once you think your Beagle puppy is used to the collar and leash, try picking up the leash and walking a very short distance with your puppy. Try encouraging your puppy to take steps with you. Don’t force this, or your work could be for nothing.

If the puppy walks with you, praise them, and give them a treat. Don’t overdo the walking; keep it short and sweet in the beginning.

5. Try Taking Longer Walks in the House

Little by little, take longer walks as you move through your house with the leash and collar on your Beagle puppy. Keep rewarding good behavior with treats and cease walking after short jaunts, so they don’t get tired or bored.

A beagle standing on a wooden floor
Image by: Kampus Production, Pexels

6. Step Outside for Your First Real Walk

Once you think your Beagle puppy is ready, it’s time to step outside for your first real walk together. Walk only a short distance and keep rewarding with treats and praise as you walk. Soon your Beagle puppy will be walking on the leash with the best of them.

The leash training of a Beagle puppy might not always go smoothly. Your love, patience, and treats will come in handy. Repeat the steps above for as long as it takes to train your Beagle to walk on a leash.



These steps should help you train your Beagle to walk on a leash. Remember, however, that there are some things you need to consider, such as the age of your pup and their health. The secret to training your Beagle puppy to walk on the leash is to be consistent with your little friend and never give up.

As with any other dog you’re trying to leash train, if you don’t succeed at first, you need to try again. Your puppy might be confused and scared because you’re in a place it doesn’t know or around a group of other dogs, so take your cues from how your Beagle acts for the best results. Soon, your Beagle puppy will be leash-trained and walking proudly with you everywhere you go.

Featured Image Credit: Blue Bird, Pexels

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