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Is Redondo Beach Dog-Friendly? 2024 Guide, Safety Tips & FAQ

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 5, 2024 by Dogster Team

Is Redondo Beach Dog-Friendly? 2024 Guide, Safety Tips & FAQ

Redondo Beach is a popular seaside destination for beachgoers and dog lovers alike. With its generous coastline, wide sandy beaches, and an abundance of attractions, it’s no wonder people flock to this sunny spot in California. But what about Fido? Is Redondo Beach dog friendly?

Yes! Redondo Beach is indeed a great place for dogs and their owners alike. With miles of sandy beaches, plenty of parks to play in, and even a few pet-friendly places to stay, your pup is sure to have an enjoyable time at Redondo Beach.


Dog Beaches

Redondo Beach offers plenty of places to take your pooch for a good romp in the sand. The North Beach area is known to be a popular spot for dogs, providing plenty of room to play and splish-splash without getting too close to other beachgoers. A leash is required at all times, but your best friend will love running around and playing in the waves. Some of the most popular local dog beaches are: North Beach, Torrance Beach, and Polliwog Park.

two dogs playing at the beach
Image By: Karsten Bergmann, Pixabay

Parks and Trails

Besides a few great beaches to visit with your pup, Redondo Beach also hosts many parks and trails that are ideal for dog-walking. At Veterans Park, you can take advantage of the long pier jutting out into the ocean – perfect for watching the sunset! The park also features a large grass area for your pup to play in, as well as plenty of places to take a rest. If you’re looking for something more challenging, Redondo Beach also has several hiking trails that are perfect for exploring with your dog.

Dog Parks

Redondo Beach also has several dog parks where local pooches can run free and explore the great outdoors. The Pier Avenue Dog Park is located within Redondo Beach’s Veterans Park and provides a safe place for dogs of all sizes to play, socialize, and exercise. There are also several smaller parks around the city that offer fenced-in areas for dogs to roam about without a leash.

sunset at redondo beach veterans park
Image By: A. La Canfora, Shutterstock

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Redondo Beach is home to several pet-friendly accommodations, from hotels and motels to vacation rentals. The Best Western Plus Redondo Beach Hotel and the Pacific Inn of Redondo Beach are both well-known for their pet-friendly policies. Pet fees may apply, so be sure to check ahead for details.

Parks and Recreation

Redondo Beach has several great parks for dogs and their owners. The South Coast Botanic Garden is a great place to take your pup for a walk. With paths winding through gardens of local flora, it’s the perfect spot to spend some quality time with man’s best friend. There are plenty of other parks in the area, too – many are fenced, providing plenty of room to run around and explore.

maltipoo dog walks in the park in autumn time
Image By: Irsan Ianushis, Shutterstock

Other Places to Take Your Dog

Though Redondo Beach isn’t home to many dog-friendly restaurants and bars, there are still plenty of places to take your pup while you explore the town. There are several pet stores that offer treats, toys, and grooming services – all great options for keeping Fido entertained while you enjoy the sights.

divider-dogWhat Should I Bring When I Take My Dog to the Beach?

When taking your dog to the beach, it’s important to bring some essential items. Most importantly, don’t forget a leash and a waste bag. It’s also a good idea to bring plenty of water for both you and your pup, as well as some treats or toys to keep them occupied during your visit. Finally, if your dog has any specific health or dietary needs, make sure you have the necessary items to take care of them. With these items in hand, you and your pup are sure to have a great time at Redondo Beach!

dog drinking water from bottle at the beach
Image Credit: Alla Pogrebnaya, Shutterstock

divider-paw12 Safety Tips for Taking Your Dog to Oceanside Beaches

  • Safety first! Let’s take a look at some safety tips for taking your pup to the beach.
  • Make sure your pup is up to date on all their vaccinations and is wearing an ID tag with their name, address, and phone number in case they get lost.
  • Bring a leash and keep your dog on it while at the beach or they could be fined by local law enforcement officers.
  • Bring plenty of water for you and your pup, as the sun can be very intense.
  • Bring a waste bag to clean up after your dog and dispose of it properly afterward.
  • Avoid letting your pup play with other dogs they don’t know, especially if they are large breeds, as this could lead to fights or injuries.
  • Keep an eye on them at all times as ocean currents can be strong and may sweep them away in an instant.
  • Watch for signs of heat exhaustion or fatigue, such as excessive panting or sluggish behavior – take breaks regularly to cool down and avoid overexertion.
  • Be aware of the local wildlife. Sea birds may carry diseases that are harmful to pets so keep your pup away from them.
  • Never leave your pup unattended – even for a few minutes – as they could get into trouble or wander off.
  • If you plan to take your dog swimming, make sure they are wearing a life jacket in case of strong currents and riptides.
  • Avoid taking your pet to the beach during peak hours when it is most crowded, as this can be too overwhelming for some pups.
  • Make sure your pup is up to date on flea and tick treatments before going to the beach to avoid ticks from attaching themselves to your pet’s fur while playing in the sand or water.

divider-dogOther Redondo Beach FAQs for Pet Owners

Can I take my dog to the beach in Redondo Beach?

Yes! Dogs are welcome on Redondo Beach but must be kept on a leash at all times.

Walking the dog on a leash with the pet owner on the beach
Image By: Wolfgang Claussen, Pixabay

Are there pet-friendly hotels in Redondo Beach?

Yes, there are several pet-friendly hotels in the area that offer accommodations for four-legged friends.

Are there any dog-friendly restaurants in Redondo Beach?

Unfortunately, no. Dogs are not allowed in restaurants or bars in Redondo Beach.

Is there a pet store near Redondo Beach?

Yes! There are several pet stores in the area that offer treats, toys, and other supplies for your pup.

man buying pet food
Image Credit: LADO, Shutterstock

What are the local leash laws?

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when off of their owner’s property in Redondo Beach.

Is Redondo Beach usually crowded?

Redondo Beach can be quite crowded during peak hours, but if you plan to visit in the morning or early evening, you’ll likely find it much more peaceful. During these times, your pup will have plenty of room to run around and explore without having to worry about large crowds.

Are there any restrictions on the number of dogs I can bring to the beach?

Yes, most beaches in Redondo Beach impose a limit on the number of dogs allowed at one time. Please consult local ordinances or check with beach staff for more information about specific regulations.

divider-dog pawWhat Else Do I Need to Know?

When taking your pup to the beach or parks, always remember to clean up after them and keep a close eye on them at all times. Dogs should also be up-to-date on their vaccinations and licenses, so make sure you have all of that paperwork in order before heading out. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the beautiful Redondo Beach with your furry best friend!

dog lying on the sand at the beach



So, is Redondo Beach dog friendly? Absolutely! With miles of beaches to explore and plenty of parks for pups to play in, Redondo Beach makes an excellent choice for beach-loving canines and their owners. Be sure to check out the pet-friendly accommodations in the area if you’re planning an extended stay. You and your pup are sure to have a great time!

Featured Image Credit: Meg Sanchez, Unsplash

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