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How Much Should a Beagle Eat? Facts, Do’s & Don’ts

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on April 3, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How Much Should a Beagle Eat? Facts, Do’s & Don’ts

If you’ve just gotten your first Beagle, you’re in for a good time. These happy-go-lucky pups are extremely loyal and a bit goofy, so there should be no end to the fun and shenanigans. However, if it’s the first time you’ve owned a Beagle, you likely have questions about caring for one.

One vital thing to know about your new pet is how much to feed it (and what to feed it). Especially with Beagles, as some are prone to becoming overweight (this breed loves their food!). So how much should a Beagle eat? The answer depends on your pet’s age, as well as how active it is. A good rule of thumb, though, is that puppies generally require 55 calories for each pound they weigh, while adult dogs should consume around 45 calories for each pound they weigh.


How to Calculate How Much Your Beagle Should Eat

  • Important Note: Please note that while these tables list the average nutritional requirement of most dog breeds, Beagles do have a somewhat higher-than-average caloric requirement. Therefore, we would recommend consulting your veterinarian to ensure that your puppy’s meal plan doesn’t compromise their nutritional welfare. 
Medium Dog Breed Feeding Chart
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However, going by the 55 or 45 calories per pound rule isn’t the only way to figure out how much your Beagle should eat.

If you’re feeding your pet manufactured dog food, you’ll find that most include a table on the back of the bag that lets you know how much of the food you should give your pet each day. Of course, this table only goes by size and weight and doesn’t take into account how active your dog is. So, if your dog is a bit more active than most, you might want to feed them a bit more; likewise, if your dog isn’t very active, you’ll want to feed them a little less.

You could also use a calorie calculator to figure out just how much to feed your pet. Remember that though these are fairly accurate, they may be up to 25% off (as in, your pup may need 25% more or fewer calories). Again, take into account your dog’s age and lifestyle.

Finally, talk to your vet! Your vet will know your Beagle’s current weight and activity levels, so they can help you figure out how much your pet needs to eat each day.

Beagle eating from a bowl
Image By: Przemek Iciak, Shutterstock


What to Feed Your Beagle

Beagles are fond of food, so they tend not to be picky eaters. However, feeding your pet dry food can help keep its teeth clean, which is a plus. Any food you choose, though, should be high-quality and high in protein. That means you should look for foods that have meat or a meat meal listed as the first ingredient.

Other ingredients to look for are ones that contain essential fatty acids (fish or sunflower oil) and healthy fibers (brown rice). If a food has been approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials, it will meet all of your dog’s nutritional requirements.

It also doesn’t hurt to find food that’s been developed based on the life stage of your pet. That would mean going with puppy food for your puppy, regular dog food for adults, and foods labeled “senior” as your Beagle ages.

feeding beagle dog
Image Credit: Olena Yakobchuk, Shutterstock

What Not to Feed Your Beagle

Dog foods that contain lots of fillers should be off-limits for your Beagle since these will only aid in them gaining weight. But what about treats? Dog treats every now and then should be fine for your pet, as long as it isn’t overweight or in the process of losing weight.

However, if you’re tempted to give your pet treats in the form of human food (and who isn’t occasionally?), then there are some foods you’ll need to avoid as they could harm your dog. These include:

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Raisins
  • Grapes
  • Onions
  • Avocados
  • Plums


Final Thoughts

Figuring out how much your Beagle should eat each day can be a bit of a process as you need to take into account your dog’s age and level of activity. But there are several ways you can find out just how many calories your pet needs. One way is by following the general rule that puppies require 55 calories for each pound they weigh, while adults require 45 calories. Other methods include following the guidelines on the bag of food you’ve purchased, using a caloric calculator, or talking to your vet.

When it comes to the food you should feed your Beagle, ensure you’re choosing a high-quality dog food with a high protein content (with real meat or meat meal being the first ingredient) and one that contains other quality ingredients such as essential fatty acids and healthy fibers. Do avoid giving your pet too much people food, though, and if you give them treats from the table, double-check that these foods aren’t toxic to your pet.

Featured Image Credit: Olena Yakobchuk, Shutterstock

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