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How Fast Can a Beagle Run? Breed Requirements & Facts

Written by: Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Dogster Team


How Fast Can a Beagle Run? Breed Requirements & Facts

Beagles were bred to hunt, so it makes sense that they would be speedy. After all, they must catch up to their prey to take it down. Beagles have athletic bodies, they like to be active, and their little legs typically have no problem keeping up with their adventures.

So, how fast can a Beagle run? While all Beagles are different in terms of their top running speed, the average Beagle can run much faster than we humans can. Here’s what you should know.

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Beagles Can Run About 20 Miles Per Hour

The average speed of a Beagle is about 20 miles per hour, although some may run slower and others might run as fast as 30 miles an hour. Their running ability helps them greatly on hunting trips, which are the Beagle’s specialty. If a Beagle does not practice their running skills, they will likely be on the slower side of the scale.

Alternatively, a Beagle that actively hunts or spends time running daily will likely be able to outrun the average dog. It is important to keep in mind that Beagles are not marathon runners, but rather sprinters. However, they can be trained to run short distances with you if you’re looking for a jogging partner. Just start slow, and watch for signs of over-exertion during your runs. Add distance only if your dog shows signs of wanting to go farther.

Image By: Daniel Albany, Pixabay

What Affects a Beagle’s Running Speed?

There are a few things that can affect a Beagle’s running speed that every owner should be aware of. First, genetics can play a role. Beagles that are poorly bred are more likely to run slower than those that have been bred from top-quality bloodlines. Another thing that can affect your Beagle’s running speed is their diet.

If they are overweight, they naturally will not be able to run that quickly. Also, if their food is nutritionally poor, they won’t have the energy and muscular build needed to maintain a high running speed. A lack of exercise is another thing that can affect a Beagle’s running speed. Without being physically conditioned, a dog can’t be expected to run fast or for long. Overall health is another factor that must be considered. Health problems are sure to inhibit your dog from achieving their full running potential.

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How to Improve Your Beagle’s Running Speed

For the average Beagle, it doesn’t matter how fast they can run because their owners don’t engage them in any significant running activities. However, for some owners, speed is important for hunting or competition reasons. There are a few things that you can do to improve your Beagle’s overall running speed.

1. Provide a Proper Diet

It is important to make sure your Beagle is getting all the nutrition that they need if you expect them to reach their full running potential. Their diet should be comprised of food that is high in protein and low in fat. Look for food that includes real meat protein as the first ingredient and that contains no artificial ingredients. Choosing a food that features fish or fish oil will help ensure that they get all the omega-fatty acids that they need for optimal health and agility.

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Image By: Olena Yakobchuk, Shutterstock

2. Engage in Regular Exercise

Your Beagle cannot reach their full running potential if they do not have an opportunity to practice their skills and improve their stamina. Daily outdoor exercise in the form of long walks and playing at the dog park can go a long way in getting your dog to run faster as time goes on.

3. Ensure Good Health

If your Beagle is not healthy, they can’t be expected to run fast, if at all. Scheduling regular checkups with your veterinarian is the most effective way to ensure that your dog stays in good health throughout their life. Making sure your dog stays hydrated, well groomed, and social can all help contribute to their good health too.

Image By: Nestor Rizhniak, Shutterstock

4. Join an Agility Club

Enrolling your Beagle in an agility club is a great way to improve their running skills and ensure that they get the exercise that they need for good health and optimal stamina. The more your dog practices their agility skills, the faster they will be when they run.

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In Conclusion

Beagles can run faster than humans, with the average speed being about 20 miles an hour. This impressive speed is partly what makes the Beagle so good at hunting. Your Beagle’s running speed will likely change as their health changes and as they age. Regardless, being in good health is much more important than running fast.

Featured Image Credit: Przemek Iciak, Shutterstock

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