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How to Groom a Doberman: 5 Easy Steps

Written by: Rachel Giordano

Last Updated on April 25, 2024 by Dogster Team

Vet brushing doberman's teeth

How to Groom a Doberman: 5 Easy Steps

Doberman Pinschers are one of the most loyal companions you can have. They fiercely protect their family and are intelligent, fun, and fearless. Luckily, they are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. This breed has a single-layered and short coat, and not much is required to keep their grooming needs in tip-top shape.

In this guide, we’ll look at some great tips on Doberman grooming to ensure you have everything you need. We’ll also discuss how often to groom your Doberman.

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The 5 Simple Steps to Groom a Doberman

1. Bathing

As we’ve mentioned, Dobermans have a single-layered and short coat, which means you don’t need to bathe them too often. You really only need to bathe your Doberman once every 2–3 months. If by chance your Doberman gets dirty in between baths, you can always wipe the coat down with a wet cloth.

Ensure you rinse all the shampoo out of the coat. It’s also best to use a fragrance-free shampoo to ensure your Dobie doesn’t have any negative reactions to the skin. Try to find a shampoo with oatmeal, as this helps to restore moisture to your Dobie’s coat. You can also brush your Dobie before a bath to remove even more dead hair.

Helpful Tip: When bathing your Dobie in a bathtub, place a rubber mat on the surface to prevent your Dobie from slipping.  You can also place a cotton ball in each ear to ensure water stays out while bathing. This is especially helpful for Dobies with cropped ears.

person giving doberman a bath
Image Credit: sommthink, Shutterstock

2. Brushing

Dobermans do not shed that much, but like most breeds, they tend to shed more in the spring and fall. You can brush your Dobie once weekly with a rubber grooming mitt or a natural bristle brush. Brushing helps distribute the natural oils in the coat, along with removing dead hair. You can brush every couple of days in the spring and fall months to keep shedding down to a minimum.

3. Ears

You’ll want to check your Dobie’s ears once weekly to ensure there are no ear mites or wax buildup. If you leave the ears unattended, your Dobie could acquire an ear infection. That said, it’s a good idea to use an ear cleaner that prohibits microbial growth. When cleaning the ears, ensure you follow the directions on the package.

doberman ear cropping
Image Credit: DuxX, Shutterstock

4. Dental Hygiene

Maintaining a dental hygiene routine is essential to your Dobie’s overall well-being. Most dogs do not care for having their teeth brushed, but if you start the routine early, your Dobie will get accustomed to the routine. Ignoring your Dobie’s teeth could lead to health issues, such as heart disease or even a broken jaw. Preferably, aim for at least once a week, but do it as much as you can. Does your Dobie like getting its teeth brushed? Terrific! If that’s the case, you can brush daily, or at least 3 to 4 times a week.


Plenty of doggie toothpaste floods the market, but the best toothpaste for dogs is enzymatic toothpaste. Enzymatic toothpaste keeps plaque and tartar at bay. In reality, the only way plaque and tartar can be removed is through a dental cleaning by your veterinarian, which can be costly. Your best bet is to use this type of toothpaste to keep plaque and tartar from forming in the first place. Neglecting your Dobie’s teeth can lead to pain for your pup, and no Dobie owner wants that. Also, never use human toothpaste; only use toothpaste made specifically for dogs.

Dental Brushes

Finger brushes are an excellent way to brush your Dobie’s teeth. These brushes make it easy to reach the hard-to-reach areas, especially in the back, and the bristles do a great job of removing debris and plaque before it forms. You can also purchase a kit that comes with an enzymatic toothpaste and a toothbrush with a handle.

Dental Chews

Providing dental chews is an excellent way to keep your Dobie’s teeth in good shape in between brushings. These treats also help to keep your Dobie’s breath fresh for kisses.

5. Nails

Your Dobie will probably need a nail trimming every couple of months. It’s good practice to check the nails at least every couple of weeks to ensure they are not too long or to inspect for any breaks. Dremel tools designed for dogs’ nails are a fantastic way to keep the nails at an optimal length. The tool grinds the nail down without cutting, which most dogs don’t like.

For clipping, ensure you have a professional nail clipper to ensure a clean cut. For those who are uncomfortable with trimming their nails, you can also have your vet or a professional groomer take care of this for you.

doberman long nails
Image Credit: Lukas07, Shutterstock

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Dobermans are low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. Remember to brush the coat once a week with a rubber mitt or natural bristle brush, maintain good dental hygiene by providing dental chews and treats in between brushings, check the ears weekly and use an ear cleaner to remove any buildup, and clip or grind the nails once every couple of months. Keeping a grooming schedule is easy with the Doberman, which allows you more free time for play!

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