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How Much Do Dog & Puppy Vaccinations Cost in the UK? (2024 Guide)

Written by: Keri-Beth Clur

Last Updated on June 21, 2024 by Dogster Team

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How Much Do Dog & Puppy Vaccinations Cost in the UK? (2024 Guide)

If you’re considering getting a puppy and have started researching the costs you’ll have to cover once they’re home, you’ll have already discovered that vet care is one of the highest expenses on your list. Of course, one of the most important treatments you’ll have to pay for is getting your puppy vaccinated. They’ll also require booster shots every year to protect them from life-threatening diseases. The vaccinations not only protect your dog but you as well, because some of those diseases are transmissible to humans.

There is a lot to budget for, so we’ve listed how much dog and puppy vaccinations cost in the UK to help you prepare. However, these prices will vary depending on your location and the age of your dog.

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The Importance of Vaccinations

Around 24% of puppies haven’t been taken to the vet to receive their primary vaccinations in the UK. This not only puts their young lives at risk of contracting a deadly disease, but it also makes them dangerous to other dogs and humans as they may be carriers of transmissible diseases.

Although it isn’t illegal for your puppy or dog to remain unvaccinated in the UK, it is encouraged and is a responsible step to take as a dog owner. If you prefer not to vaccinate your dog, keeping them away from other dogs and areas where they may pick up diseases is necessary to protect them—as well as other dogs and people.

Dog and puppy vaccinations extend the life of your dog by protecting them from diseases that are likely to kill them as well as building their immunity towards them. They allow dogs to play and socialize together without the risk of transmission, and they actually save you money down the road, as paying for life-saving treatment is very expensive.

If you haven’t vaccinated your dog and want to take them with you when you travel abroad, they will be denied travel as their vaccinations aren’t up to date. The same is true with boarding kennels as they have a responsibility to keep all the dogs they house safe from diseases and cannot allow your unvaccinated dog in as they pose a threat.

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Why Aren’t All Dogs Vaccinated?

You might be questioning why there’s a high percentage of unvaccinated dogs if it’s so important for their well-being. There are several reasons for this, and many of them have to do with the recent lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the lockdown, many pet owners couldn’t get an appointment with their vet to get their dogs vaccinated, or they were put on a waiting list. Some vet practices weren’t even doing vaccinations during this time.

Many pet owners of dogs that haven’t had booster shots admit that life got in the way, and they forgot about their dog’s appointments or didn’t have the time to take their dog to the vet. Others gave up on booster shots because they’re an expense that they cannot afford.

Other owners are fearful of vaccines and believe that they’re unsafe. However, the vaccinations are given to keep your dog safe and have undergone strict safety testing before being marketed to the public. The vaccines remain under observation to ensure that they remain safe for dogs.

Some dogs might experience mild side effects that could leave them feeling a bit sick, but those symptoms shouldn’t last long. A few days of mild symptoms are a safer alternative to catching a disease that could be fatal.

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What Do Primary Vaccinations Protect Puppies From?

The primary or core vaccinations your puppy will receive are given to protect them from the most common diseases that pose a threat to their life. The four common ones are parvovirusleptospirosiscanine distemper, and infectious hepatitis.

Other vaccinations that your pup will need are kennel cough and rabies vaccinations, but they’re usually not included in the primary vaccinations your puppy will receive and will be to be paid for separately.

Your puppy can receive their first set of primary vaccinations from as early as 8 weeks old and will be ready for their next set of vaccinations at around 12 weeks old.

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How Much Do Dog & Puppy Vaccinations Cost?

The price of the vaccinations your dog will receive depends on their age and where you get the vaccination done. Vet practices located in more expansive areas, such as London, will charge a higher price than vet practices in more affordable areas.

The average cost of primary vaccinations is £68, which is more expensive than booster vaccinations for older dogs, but it includes both sets of primary vaccinations. If you want your puppy to receive both the primary and kennel cough vaccinations, it’ll be around £78.

For booster vaccinations, you’re likely to pay around £47 without the kennel cough and £64 with it.

Primary and Booster Vaccination Prices from Lowest to Highest

Low Average High
Primary Vaccinations £38 £68 £122
Primary Vaccinations with Kennel Cough £44 £78 £122
Booster Vaccination £24 £47 £71
Booster Vaccination with Kennel Cough £42 £64 £116

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How Often Should I Get My Dog or Puppy Vaccinated?

If you’ve taken your puppy to receive their two sets of primary vaccinations, your puppy will be protected from dangerous diseases for 12 months. After this period, you’ll need to make an appointment with their vet once again so that they can receive their booster vaccinations.

Your dog will likely need to get follow-up vaccinations every year but may not need to receive all the same injections. What the vet gives them will sometimes depend on the health of your dog and whether there has been an outbreak of a particular disease in your area. Some vaccinations only need to be given once every 3 years, while others are only effective for 12 months.

No one expects you to stay on top of every vaccination your dog has received. To help remind you about when your dog needs to get another booster vaccination, the vet will give you a card stating which vaccinations your dog has had, the date they got them, and when they need to receive their booster.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Dog and Puppy Vaccinations?

Although your dog will have to continue receiving vaccinations throughout their life, pet insurance generally doesn’t cover them because they fall under routine care. This means that you’ll need to fund the vaccinations yourself.

However, getting your dog vaccinated and staying up to date with their booster shots does affect your pet insurance policy costs, as owners with fully vaccinated dogs often get the reward of paying lower premiums.

If your dog hasn’t been vaccinated and becomes sick from a disease that could’ve been prevented had they been vaccinated, your pet insurance provider can refuse to pay out for their care, and the large vet bills will become your responsibility.

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Paying for Dog and Puppy Vaccinations on a Budget

Properly caring for a dog is a huge responsibility that comes with many expenses. However, keeping them healthy should be one of your top priorities. There are ways to give them the care they need and save money too.

It’s important to get quotes from a variety of vet practices in your area, as dog and puppy vaccinations will vary in price between the practices. When you have many options, you can compare the prices and take your dog to the most affordable vet practice.

Many vet practices offer discounts on kennel cough vaccinations when you get them done at the same time as the standard vaccinations. Always ask for it when your dog goes in to receive their other vaccinations to save money.

Do some research into Blue Cross, RSPCA, and PDSA. If you qualify, you might benefit from their low-cost dog vaccinations. You can also look into your vet’s pet health club and benefit from their discounts.

As important as it is for your dog’s health to keep them up to date with their vaccinations, it’ll also save you money. Forgetting to get your dog vaccinated may mean that you’ll have to restart their vaccinations and add on otherwise avoidable costs.

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Getting your dog vaccinated could save their life—as well as your savings. It gives them the freedom to play outside and be walked at dog parks instead of being isolated inside their home for their own safety. It allows them to socialize with other pets without the risk of getting sick or passing on a disease to them. Vaccinations are ongoing and can cost around £68 for the first two sets and around £47 for a booster shot, but there are ways to lower the costs. Keeping your dog healthy should be your highest priority.

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