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Why Is My Pomeranian Spinning in Circles? 4 Likely Reasons

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on June 4, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Why Is My Pomeranian Spinning in Circles? 4 Likely Reasons

Today’s Pomeranian is a tiny dog breed that is kept primarily as a companion dog. Traditionally, however, the breed weighed as much as 30 pounds and is a relative of sledding dogs. It comes from the Pomerania area, near Germany and Poland, and while it might be small, the breed is known for being brave. Some owners know it for being the embodiment of small dog syndrome, and owners need to ensure that this cute-looking dog doesn’t try to tackle much larger dogs when at the park.

The Pom also has many characteristic quirks and behaviors that might seem odd to non-Pom owners. One such quirk is the Pomeranian spin.

Many owners report that their Pomeranians have the propensity to spin in circles and that it can happen at seemingly any time. The activity isn’t dangerous, doesn’t typically mean that the dog is ill, and it isn’t usually anything to be worried about. Below we look at the most common reasons that a Pomeranian would spin circles, as well as take a look at some other interesting quirks of the breed.

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About the Pomeranian

The Pomeranian originally comes from the Pomeranian region, which was split between Poland and Germany. It was first bred from several Spitz sledding dogs and would have originally weighed as much as 30 pounds. The breed has always been popular, and Poms have been owned by the likes of Martin Luther, Michelangelo, and Isaac Newton. Mozart even dedicated an aria to his Pomeranian. It is Queen Victoria, who was known to have bred many different breeds of dog, that is widely credited with having encouraged the breed to be smaller. The original breed weighed as much as 30 pounds, but today’s Pomeranian weighs around 5 pounds—significantly lighter than its ancestors.

The breed is smart, lively, and gets along with most people. It will usually get along with other dogs, but Poms may believe that they are the 30-pound Pomeranian of old, potentially challenging dogs that are much larger! The breed does have a tendency to be yappy, but this can make it an excellent watchdog that will alert its owner to anything it considers strange or unusual.

Pomeranian dog isolated in front of white background
Image By: KUNANEK SUPAKOSOL, Shutterstock

Introducing the Pomeranian Spin

As well as being a yappy dog that sometimes forgets its tiny size, the Pomeranian is also known for its spinning antics. With seemingly little notice, the dog will start spinning in circles on the spot. The activity can alarm some owners, especially those that have little experience with the breed. But aside from potentially banging its head or feet on nearby objects, the motion is not considered a sign of illness or anything negative.


The 4 Reasons Your Pomeranian Spins in Circles

So, if illness doesn’t cause the Pomeranian spin, what does? Below are four likely reasons your Pomeranian has started spinning on the spot.

1. Ancient Instinct

Spinning usually refers to a fast action, but it can also be meant to refer to a slow rotation, and this is something that a lot of dogs, regardless of their breed, do. It is especially common just before they lay down to sleep, and although there haven’t been any studies into why dogs do this, it is widely believed that it harks back to when dogs were wild animals. They would have circled around before lying down to flatten the grass and other surfaces to make them more comfortable. It could just be instinctive.

red pomeranian on a white coat
Image By: Tvm1980, Shutterstock

2. Excitement

If the spinning motion is faster and more erratic than the slow circling of treading a bed, it may have been caused by excitement. Your Pom could be excited about going for a walk, the possibility of being given a treat, or just because you’ve entered the room. Essentially, your dog has got so excited that it just can’t contain it anymore, and spinning is a far better way to let that excitement out than unwanted urination.

3. Attention Seeking

If your Pom knows that you find it amusing when it spins in circles, then it could be doing it just to get your attention. It’s a quick and easy way to have you look over and chat. It may be doing this because it needs to be let out, wants to go for a walk, thinks it’s dinnertime, or just because it wants you to give it some attention.

Incredibly beautiful red-haired Pomeranian in the park
Image By: Oksamutnaya, Shutterstock

4. Playtime

Poms love to play, and while they prefer to play with their humans, they are quite good at playing independently, too. Spinning in circles might be part of their independent play routine. This is generally normal behavior, and the longer you own a Pomeranian, the more normal it will start to feel.


In Summary

The Pomeranian is a fun, quirky, energetic little dog. Surprisingly, it is actually related to sledding dogs and Spitz dogs, although it is more likely to be seen spotted in a park or on its owner’s lap than pulling any kind of sled, now. Spinning, along with yapping and challenging bigger dogs, is one activity that Pom owners report. Fortunately, it isn’t considered a negative action. It is likely a sign of excitement at your return, or your Pom could just be playing or seeking attention from you. Because it isn’t a negative activity, there isn’t really any reason to stop it.

Featured Image Credit: Wirestock Creators, Shutterstock

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