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6 Types of Yorkie Dog Breeds (with Pictures)

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Dogster Team

yorkshire terrier dog standing on grass

6 Types of Yorkie Dog Breeds (with Pictures)

Do you want to add a pint-sized pup with a ton of personality to your household? Then, a Yorkshire Terrier might be the perfect pooch for you! Growing to be only about 7 inches tall, the Yorkie is a toy-sized terrier with silky, golden fur.

Feisty, brave, and a tad bossy, the Yorkie is an excitable and energetic dog brimming with a big-town attitude. A great pet for both homeowners and apartment dwellers, the Yorkie will provide you with love and companionship for her entire lifetime.

Wondering what type of Yorkie breed you should get? While there are several different types of Yorkies, all of them make amazing pets for people of any age.

The 6 Types of Yorkie Dog Breeds

1. Parti Yorkies

Parti yorkie dog in grass
Image Credit: Julio Yeste, Shutterstock

While all Yorkies are social butterflies, a Parti Yorkie, or particolor, is definitely the life of the party! These Yorkies are different from your standard blue and tan, gold and black, or blue and gold Yorkie because they’re actually tri-colored. This means that they have three colors to their coats. If you adore eye-catching dogs, the Parti Yorkie is sure to please!

2. Teacup Yorkies

Teacup yorkie dog wearing a harness
Image Credit: Nshahwan, Shutterstock

While Yorkies are tiny dogs to start with, the teacup variety can actually fit inside your pocket. Teacup Yorkies will grow to weigh no more than 7 pounds and can live for up to 15 years. Despite their long lifespan, Teacup Yorkies are prone to numerous health issues, including dental problems, patellar luxation, collapsing trachea, and liver shunts. Be prepared to take this compact dog to the vet for regular wellness checkups to catch a potential problem before it can become more serious.

3. Designer Yorkies

bichon yorkie mix
Image Credit: gabriel12, Shutterstock

Designer dog breeds are all the rage these days. Also called “hybrid’ dog breeds, designer Yorkies are dogs that come from two different parent dog breeds. For instance, a Chorkie is a designer Yorkie variation that was developed by breeding a Yorkie with a Chihuahua. Designer Yorkies are different from mutts in that the parents were intentionally bred to produce a mixed dog. When you get a designer Yorkie, you’re getting the best of both worlds and can enjoy the best personality traits from two different breeds!

4. Black Yorkies

black yorkie
Image Credit: Jolanta Beinarovica, Shutterstock

While most Yorkies have two colors to their coats, all-black Yorkies do exist. While extremely rare, black Yorkies are no less loyal or loving than standard-colored Yorkies.

5. Mismarked Yorkies

Mismarked Yorkie
Image Credit: Amber Earnest; Shutterstock

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has four recognized color combination standards for Yorkies, including black and gold, blue and tan, black and tan, and finally, black and gold. Any other markings on these dogs are considered to be mismarked colors. For example, according to the AKC, “Any white markings other than a small white spot on the forechest that does not exceed 1 inch at its longest dimension is a disqualification.” While not extremely valuable or rare, mismarked Yorkies still make excellent pets.

6. Biewer Terriers

Biewer terrier
Image Credit: Eve Photography, Shutterstock

The Biewer Terrier is a gorgeous little dog that got her foundation from the Yorkie. This breed got its start as a particolor Yorkshire Terrier with liberal random markings covering the traditional breed standard coat pattern. Today, the Biewer Terrier is recognized as a purebred dog using “scientific means.” These are DNA markers that indicate a dog’s heritage and parentage. Added to the Foundation Stock Service of the American Kennel Club in 2014, Biewer Terriers can compete in the Toy group after they are officially recognized.


Whether you decide to scoop up a black, teacup, or designer Yorkie breed, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting an amazing little dog. Smart, friendly, and devoted, Yorkies are great dogs for nearly everyone.

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