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Can Dogs Eat Hominy? Vet-Approved Facts & FAQ

Written by: Kit Copson

Last Updated on April 26, 2024 by Dogster Team

Can Dogs Eat_hominy

Can Dogs Eat Hominy? Vet-Approved Facts & FAQ


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Hominy comes from corn and is made by soaking the corn kernels in lye or lime. The kernels are then rinsed off to take away the hulls. When cooked correctly, hominy has a soft texture and light taste. Hominy is one of the human foods dogs can eat in small quantities alongside their complete diet, as long as they’re not allergic to corn. Read on to find out more about feeding hominy to dogs.

Is Corn Safe for Dogs?

There is some debate in the dog community as to whether or not corn is safe for dogs. As a result, it’s getting more and more common to find grain-free and corn-free dog formulas on the market. Some aren’t comfortable with the reliance on corn as a “filler” in dog formulas because it is cheap and helps bulk up the formula. Others are concerned about grain allergies.

To find out more, we checked out what VCA Hospitals has to say on the matter 1. VCA Animal Hospitals explains that, though a “small percentage” of dogs have grain allergies, most allergies are meat-related rather than grain-related.

On the subject of corn specifically, the American Kennel Club2 explains that corn is more than “just a filler”, and can be nutritionally beneficial because it is a good source of fiber and contains essential nutrients like protein and vitamins.

The American Kennel Club does mention, however, that corn should be given off the cob because the cob could lead to an intestinal blockage if consumed. So, in short, as long as your dog isn’t allergic to corn, there’s nothing wrong with feeding some hominy in moderation.

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Are There Health Benefits to Hominy for Dogs?

Hominy is a source of vitamin B and folate, which may provide some benefits for your dog’s immune system. Moreover, it contains iron, which can contribute to circulatory health, and fiber, which supports digestive health.

There is a reason hominy should be fed plain and in moderation, however. Hominy is a carbohydrate, and too much could lead to weight issues. In addition, if your dog consumes hominy with seasonings like salt and butter, it could cause a stomach upset and too much salt can result in sodium poisoning—be sure to stick to plain hominy only.

How Should Hominy Be Prepared for Dogs?

Hominy should be given only in small amounts and should never be used as a substitute for a complete, balanced meal. You could try, for example, using hominy as a topper or mixing a bit in with their regular food. Hominy fed to dogs should be cooked and completely plain—avoid offering hominy containing seasonings like butter, salt, or toxic ingredients to dogs like garlic.

Certain foods like garlic, onions, and chives can damage your dog’s red blood cells and upset their stomach. Some people like to get creative with hominy, which is great, but for your dog, plain is always best, unless you’re offering it mixed with some dog-safe vegetables.


Final Thoughts

A bit of plain, cooked hominy is perfectly safe for dogs that don’t have a corn allergy, but moderation is key to avoiding potential issues like obesity and stomach upsets. Moreover, though you might feel bad enjoying seasoned hominy while your dog only gets plain, they’ll thank you for it as seasonings can be really problematic health-wise—particularly when a dog eats too much salt.

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