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31 Rat Terrier Mixes (With Pictures)

Written by: Oliver Jones

Last Updated on May 7, 2024 by Dogster Team

Rat Terrier

31 Rat Terrier Mixes (With Pictures)

The Rat Terrier is considered fun, friendly, and energetic breed with a high prey drive. They tend to require a lot of exercise and will give chase to just about anything that catches their eye and their attention. Their popularity as a pet and their usefulness as a utility dog mean that they have also become very popular as one of the dogs involved in a mixed breed.

Below are 31 Rat Terrier mixes, including some common crosses as well as rarer examples, to help you find the one that might make the best pet for your family.

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Top 31 Rat Terrier Mixes:

1. American Bullrat Terrier (Rat Terrier x American Bulldog)

The Bullrat Terrier, or American Bullrat Terrier, combines the Rat Terrier with the strong and muscular American Bulldog. The hybrid will keep a close eye on your home and also makes a great family pet, too.

2. Beagat Terrier (Rat Terrier x Beagle)

Crossed with the Beagle, the Beagat Terrier will get along with other dogs and should mix well with other animals also. It will love all family members and welcome most strangers but will have a strong prey, drive so you will have to take some care when walking this breed.

3. Blue Terrier (Rat Terrier x Blue Heeler)

Blue Terrier
Image Credit: vgorlitsky, Shutterstock

A hybrid of the Blue Heeler, this cross is alert and lively. It has masses of energy that you will likely struggle to burn off. If the breed gets bored, it is likely to chew and it can make short work of furniture and other items around the house.

4. Bluetick Rat Terrier (Rat Terrier x Bluetick Coonhound)

Bluetick Rat Terrier
Image Credit: David ODell, Shutterstock

This friendly cross breed combines the Rat Terrier and the Bluetick Coonhound. It may have the speckled blue coat of the Coonhound or the black and tan markings of the Rat Terrier.

5. Brat (Rat Terrier x Boston Terrier)

The brilliantly named Brat is a small breed like both of its parents, the Rat Terrier and Boston Terrier. It usually has the distinguished marking of the Boston Terrier and is a playful and colorful little canine character.

6. Catarat Terrier (Rat Terrier x Catahoula)

Mixing with the Catahoula gives us the Catarat Terrier, which is a loving breed but is also known for being stubborn. Train often and from a young age to ensure that the hybrid does not suffer from this same stubborn streak. This can be a very energetic dog!

7. Collie Terrier (Rat Terrier x Border Collie)

Expect the Collie Terrier to be alert like both parents and energetic like the Border Collie. You will have to provide plenty of exercise, but the intelligence of this hybrid breed means that it should be able to pick up most commands and learn plenty of tricks in no time.

8. Corgi Terrier (Rat Terrier x Corgi)

The Corgi is a herding dog and is very good at it. While the breed may have become more domesticated in recent years, it retains its high energy requirements so expect to provide exercise and plenty of it.

9. Dachrat Terrier (Rat Terrier x Dachshund)

Like the Dachshund, the hybrid Dachrat Terrier is prone to back illnesses and injuries, so you will need to take extra care to ensure that your Terrier mix remains healthy and does not get injured.

10. Doberat Terrier (Rat Terrier x Doberman Pinscher)

This is a rare combination with the Doberman Pinscher. The Doberman is one of the world’s most popular guard and close protection dogs, so expect a hybrid with similar qualities. Offer early socialization to ensure a good-natured dog.

11. French Terrier (Rat Terrier x French Bulldog)

French Terrier
Image Credit: Paisansa, Shutterstock

The French Bulldog is a very popular small breed, because of its friendly and characterful nature. You can expect the resulting crossbreed to have similarly playful characteristics, but it may also share some of the myriad health conditions that the French Terrier is prone to.

12. German Terrier (Rat Terrier x German Shepherd)

The German Shepherd is another breed that is renowned for its utility; in this case, it is used as a police dog, protection dog, and by armies around the world. The hybrid will be lively and should get along well with the whole family.

13. Golden Terrier (Rat Terrier x Golden Retriever)

With its Golden Retriever parent, the Golden Terrier should be easy to train and clever enough that it will be able to complete a good series of tasks. It will require a decent amount of exercise, too, though.

14. Jack-Rat Terrier (Rat Terrier x Jack Russell Terrier)

Jack-Rat Terrier
Image By: Meriluxa, Shutterstock

This breed combines the appearance and the characteristics of the Jack Russell and Rat Terrier parents, both of which are similar. The resulting terrier will be lively, loud, and very spirited, as well as being a highly gifted rat catcher.

15. King Rat (Rat Terrier x King Charles Spaniel)

The King Rat will enjoy spending its time at your side, on your lap, or just generally somewhere very close by. The addition of King Charles Spaniel to the hybrid means that it is a slightly more sophisticated and laid-back character than the Rat Terrier parent.

16. Labrador Terrier (Rat Terrier x Labrador Retriever)

The Labrador is renowned for being affectionate, loving, great with family, and a bit daft. It will charge around while outdoors and sit on your lap while indoors. Intelligent and eager to please, the Labrador Terrier is a good dog for family training.

17. Mastiff Terrier (Rat Terrier x Mastiff)

The Mastiff Terrier is a somewhat unusual mix, combining the outgoing and friendly Rat Terrier with the aloof and somewhat shy Mastiff parent, not to mention the size difference between the parent dogs. The rarity of the hybrid means that not much is known of its traits and characteristics.

18. Newfoundratterier (Rat Terrier x Newfoundland)

rat terrier and newfoundland
Image By: Left – Rat Terrier ( Nick-Chase-68, Shutterstock); Right – Newfoundland (Pandas, Shutterstock)

The Newfoundratterier is another combination with a large breed; this time, with the Newfoundland, a loving dog that looks akin to a giant toy dog.

19. Pitrat Terrier (Rat Terrier x Pit Bull)

The Pit Bull is strong, athletic, and never gives up, and the Pitrat Terrier will have similar characteristics while also being easy to groom and care for. The resulting hybrid should be hardy and relatively healthy.

20. Poorat Terrier (Rat Terrier x Poodle)

The Poodle is one of the most popular breeds in the world and is described as hypoallergenic while also being prized for its intelligence. The Poorat Terrier may or may not be as hypoallergenic as the Poodle parent, but it will usually enjoy the water as well as spending time exercising.

21. Prug Terrier (Rat Terrier x Pug)

The Pug is as energetic and lively as the Rat Terrier, so you should expect the same of the resulting Prug Terrier hybrid breed. A good choice for children, the breed can have a strong prey drive, so you will need to take care around cats and small animals.

22. Rashon (Rat Terrier x Bichon Frise)

The Bichon Frise mix is friendly and playful, which means that this is another hybrid that will be good for families with children. Its size means that this hybrid is suited to life in an apartment or on a large country estate.

23. Ratchua Terrier (Rat Terrier x Chihuahua)

The Ratchua is one of the older combinations of Rat Terrier. Crossed with the Chihuahua, this breed was discovered in the 1990s. It is cute and playful and considered a great pet, but it may vocalize everything that is happening in its life.

24. Ratterrier Aussie (Rat Terrier x Australian Shepherd)

The Australian Shepherd in this hybrid means that it should be highly energetic with lots of stamina, while also being intelligent and willing to follow orders. Alternatively, it could be more difficult and headstrong like the terrier.

25. Rattle Griffon (Rat Terrier x Brussels Griffon)

The Rattle Griffon combines the Rat Terrier with the unique-looking and spirited Brussels Griffon. The hybrid should be loving and will integrate well into the family unit, but it will also be very energetic and require plenty of exercise and training.

26. Rat Basset Terrier (Rat Terrier x Basset Hound)

The Rat Basset Terrier combines the highly skilled hunting prowess of the Basset with the equally skilled characteristics of the Rat Terrier. The hybrid will be energetic and lively.

27. Rat Dane Terrier (Rat Terrier x Great Dane)

rat terrier and great dane
Image By: Left – Rat Terrier ( Nick-Chase-68, Shutterstock); Right – Great Dane (Martin Tajmr, Pixabay)

The Great Dane is known as a gentle giant because while it is truly mammoth in size, it knows that it is larger than children and other animals and usually does well to avoid injuring and upsetting them. The resulting cross will be sweet-natured and loving, and good with children.

28. Ratsky (Rat Terrier x Siberian Husky)

The increasingly popular Husky is known for being vocal and for its wanderlust. It also likes to spend time on top of things but struggles in heat. The Ratsky will make a good family pet that should be relatively easy to train.

29. Shapreit Terrier (Rat Terrier x Chinese Shar-Pei)

The Shapreit combines the Rat Terrier with the Chinese Shar-Pei. The latter is not as friendly or sociable as the Terrier, and which parent is dominant will determine whether you get a friendly or a standoffish combination of the two breeds.

30. Shizurat Terrier (Rat Terrier x Shih Tzu)

The Shizurat combines two dogs of roughly similar size. The resulting small breed will require quite a bit of exercise and daily brushing, and it will tend to chew on furniture and other items when it gets bored.

31. Spaniel Terrier (Rat Terrier x Spaniel Terrier)

The intelligent and friendly Spaniel Terrier is a great blend of the two parents, being a superb family pet and a hard-working dog. Socialize it early and provide plenty of exercise and you will enjoy the benefits of a good family pet.

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Rat Terrier Mixes: Wrapping Up

The Rat Terrier is a feisty and lively dog that was bred for hunting rats. It makes a popular pet and, by crossing it with any of several other breeds, as above, there is a large list of Rat Terrier-based hybrid breeds to choose from.

Featured Image Credit: Nick Chase 68, Shutterstock


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