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Canvaspop Personalized Pet Portraits Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Written by: Brooke Bundy

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 by Dogster Team

DOG_SAPR_Canvaspop Dog Portrait

Canvaspop Personalized Pet Portraits Review 2024: An Expert’s Breakdown

Our Final Verdict

We give Canvaspop a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 4.5/5
Variety: 4/5
Value: 4.5/5


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What Are Canvaspop Personalized Pet Portraits?

canvaspop pet portrait of tuggles

Pet portraits aren’t exactly a new idea, but Canvaspop makes your dog’s picture really pop on canvas. Canvaspop is a unique blend between the idea of a typical canvas photo print and a super artsy pet portrait. When you upload your dog’s photo to Canvaspop, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from three different styles for your picture: modern, oil, and charcoal. There are also three available sizes to choose from, 12” x 12”, 16” x 16,” and 20” x 20” (20” x 16” for the modern option).

Once you’ve submitted your picture, a Canvaspop designer turns it into a work of art. Before it goes to the printer, they’ll send you a digital proof that must be reviewed within 48 hours to make sure you like it. After you approve the photo or request changes, the final product is printed on a high-quality archival canvas and stretched across a wooden frame. Canvaspop ships the finished masterpiece to your door, already assembled with a wall mount bracket and ready to hang or prop on a shelf.

About Canvaspop

Although we’re reviewing pet portraits specifically, Canvaspop offers a huge selection of archival canvas portraits for everyday and special occasions. From word art canvases to metal prints, there’s a bounty of products for every purpose, whether you prefer to hang a triptych picture of a tree you took on vacation or a group picture from last year’s family reunion.

All of their products come with a Love It For Life guarantee. Reach out if you aren’t happy with your order. They will either try to fix it or offer you a full refund.

The most important thing is to ensure that the image isn’t blurry and that your dog is in focus. After all, they’re the prime subject matter!

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Canvaspop Pet Portraits Reviewed

Canvaspop side by side SAPR image



Canvaspop pet portraits are a great way to celebrate or commemorate your pet without scooping out the hundreds of dollars that other artists might charge to sketch a charcoal drawing or commission a hand-painted oil painting. With options ranging from $100 to $150, the designers at Canvaspop can create your pet portrait in your choice of three different sizes and styles, leaving you with more money to spend pampering your pet.


Canvaspop is a top-notch company that creates fantastic pet portraits (and others) for a modest price. The exceptional quality of the prints makes it worth the investment. Hanging on the wall—and even smelling a little like an oil painting—you or your guests won’t be able to tell that it wasn’t handcrafted.

Plus, the water-resistant canvas protects it from everyday life for many years to come, which is more than most typical photo prints can boast.


Oil and charcoal pet portraits are available in three sizes: 12” x 12”, 16” x 16”, and 20” x 20”. The modern option is also available in these sizes, except it’s offered in 20” x 16” instead of 20” x 20”.

The charcoal sketch looks like a professional drew it by hand, with distinct lines and the edgy black and white aesthetic. This style would look awesome in a modern apartment or neutral office space.

The modern style puts the photo in black & white and then places a color cast over the image. You can specify which color you’d like upfront or change it during the proofing process.

Brightly colored with gradient lighting details, the oil option probably pays the most homage to the natural lighting in the picture and literally captures the most details about your pet’s appearance. The background is a solid color that’s usually color-matched from a detail in the picture with soft smudges to avoid a stark appearance. Alternatively, it may be chosen based on the color palette according to the designer’s taste. You can also request a color change in the proofing phase.

In Summary

  • Charcoal, oil, and modern styles available
  • Three different canvas sizes to choose from
  • Water-resistant, archival quality canvas
  • Free digital proof included with order
  • Doesn’t include anything in the background

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Are Canvaspop Personalized Pet Portraits a Good Value?

Comparing canvas print prices from comparable online stores, we conclude that Canvaspop is a great value. Not only does it bring a unique artistic flair to you and your pet’s home, but it also costs about the same as a regular canvas photo print of the same size. We’d rather have a stylized photo of our pet over a boring picture any day!

Canvaspop Dog Portrait


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Do Canvaspop’s Pet Portraits come with a warranty?

All Canvaspop products come with a Love It For Life guarantee. If things don’t look quite right, get in touch with them and they’ll make the necessary changes or offer a refund.

How fast does it ship?

As soon as your portrait is printed and wrapped, it is shipped with tracking information so you can check its status anytime. Typically prints arrive within the Continental United States within 12–14 days.

Does Canvaspop also offer pet portraits of other animals?

Yes! Whether you have a cat, rabbit, horse, or goat, the designers at Canvaspop can turn their picture into a high-quality collectible masterpiece. If you want more than one pet in the picture, leave a comment in the Designer Notes section to inform the designers that there is more than one pet in the photo.

How does the proofing process work?

You choose the size and style when you upload the picture. Once you submit, a Canvaspop designer will bring your photo to life within a few days and email you a proof to review. You have 48 hours to review the proof and suggest changes, such as background color, before it automatically goes to the printer.

Once the final product is made, it’s shipped usually via FedEx. You can always track your portrait on their website. Expect it to arrive within 12–14 days.

What type of picture can I use?

Your dog’s picture needs to be well-lit, preferably using natural lighting. Ideally, the background should be clean, but it doesn’t matter so much because it won’t be included in the final product. Make sure the file is in JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format up to 100MB to use the upload function on the site. If your photo doesn’t fit those criteria, simply select the “I’ll upload my image later” option and submit an empty order without a picture. You can then send your file through this link.

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Our Experience With Canvaspop Personalized Pet Portraits

There are a lot of 4”x 6” pictures of Tuggles the Maltipoo floating around my house. When I got the opportunity to receive a pet portrait from Canvaspop, I was so excited! Pet portraits are far superior to simple pictures, in my opinion. Since my husband is a photographer who takes lots of pictures of our pets during his time off, I decided to surprise him with a portrait based on one of my favorite pictures he’d taken of our sweet boy. He wasn’t disappointed.

The upload process was very simple. All I had to do was select the picture that I wanted in the appropriate file type and choose the size and style. I selected a 16” x 16” portrait in the oil style. It cost a little over $100, which is very reasonable compared to the price of most standard canvas photo prints.

After a couple of days, I received an email saying that my portrait was ready to review. I had 48 hours to approve or request changes to the digital proof. While I expected the portrait to capture the lush green fields in the picture behind my dog, I was initially disappointed to find that it would only include him. However, that temporary letdown was quickly amended when I noticed the intricate details in the lighting on Tuggles’s face, the hues of his biscuit-colored fur tinged with his natural shade of red, and the exact color-matching of the background to his blue harness. I instantly approved the proof without suggesting changes. Already I was blown away by the digital version and couldn’t wait to see it in person.

A few days later I received another email saying that the product had shipped! I could track it at any time with the given order number and tracking number, so I felt confident that it would arrive soon.

When the package appeared on our porch, we could hardly wait to open it. My husband was very pleased at how the designers had paid so much detail to his picture. Using the wall mount bracket, we promptly hung the portrait on the wall in our bedroom and took a comparison picture of the portrait with Tuggles standing beside it. He looked so proud.

tuggles and brooke posing next to canvaspop dog portrait


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Creating a pet portrait of your dog has never been so easy. They don’t even have to sit still! Once you upload their picture to Canvaspop, you get to choose the size and style, and receive a personalized product that will last for years to come. I can’t think of a better way to memorialize a pet, celebrate a new puppy, or acknowledge a milestone with your dog. Canvaspop was truly an amazing experience, and I’m so grateful to have an archival-quality portrait of Tuggles to cherish forever.

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