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Do Siberian Huskies Bark a Lot? How Much & How to Stop It

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Do Siberian Huskies Bark a Lot? How Much & How to Stop It

Barking is a common problem for many dogs. If you live in a quiet neighborhood, introducing a vocal dog isn’t likely to win you much favor with your neighbors. You might even be reconsidering adopting that Siberian Husky puppy because they’re well known to be vocal. However, Huskies rarely bark. Instead, they often rely on whining or howling to vocalize their feelings. But howling can be just as noisy and irritating to your neighbors as barking, especially when people are trying to sleep.

Here’s why Siberian Huskies rarely bark, along with a few tips on how to encourage your howling best friend to be a bit quieter.

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Do Huskies Bark Frequently?

Despite being a vocal breed, Huskies rarely bark. That said, they have the physical capability, just like all dog breeds, and some Huskies do communicate by barking. More often than not, though, Siberian Huskies prefer whining or howling to get their point across.

There’s no need to worry if your Siberian Husky whines or howls instead of barks. While it can sound like your puppy is in pain, both vocalizations are normal methods of communication for canines. Howling is a method of communication that most people associate with wolves. It’s their way of calling for help or otherwise talking to wolves in the vicinity.

However, some Huskies do bark more than others. It depends on their personality. All dogs are individuals and have various likes and dislikes. Where one Husky might only communicate in howls, another might challenge the neighbor’s dog to daily barking competitions.

Siberian Husky Dog standing on grass
Image By: jpgordijn, Pixabay

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Why Don’t Huskies Bark Frequently?

Barking is something that all dog owners expect to deal with at some point, especially if you choose a vocal breed. The Siberian Husky is unique in their preferred method of communication, though. This is mostly due to their personality. When it comes to expressing their desires or needs, Huskies find howling or whining to be easier and more effective. Here are a few other reasons that Huskies don’t bark much.


One of the reasons many dogs bark is that something or someone is trespassing on their territory. It’s a defensive action that dogs use when they’re defending their territory or guarding their family members.

Huskies are not a territorial breed. They’re friendly to a fault and love meeting new people. For this reason, they’re not a great choice if you’re looking for a guard dog.

Although they might bark if they want to play, your Husky is unlikely to bark at a stranger breaking into your home or alert you to someone standing at the door. They’re not territorial enough to aggressively protect their home from strangers and are happy to share their space with new people.

Siberian husky running in the yard
Image By: LynetteC, Pixabay


Wolves howl to communicate, and despite being several generations away from their ancestors, Huskies have a similar history. They were bred to work outdoors and in packs. This is where their friendliness and their tendency to howl come from.

Howling is louder and travels farther, giving Huskies the unique ability to talk to their pack mates whether they’re nearby or not.

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Why Does My Husky Bark?

Despite not being well known for barking, Huskies are fully capable of communicating in this way. Many of them just prefer howling or whining.

If you have a Husky that does bark, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them. It just means your dog finds barking to be an easier or more convenient method of communication.

Your Husky is likely barking for many of the same reasons that other dog breeds do. While they’re not particularly territorial and won’t bark at strangers, some Huskies bark if they’re startled by something new. They’ve also been known to bark if they’re feeling anxious, lonely, or frustrated because they’re not getting enough exercise. Some Huskies bark when they want to play.

Pay attention to when your Husky barks to figure out the reason for it. The situation that they’re in can explain why they’re barking. For example, if your Husky barks every time that you get home from work but is quiet the rest of the time, they’re likely just happy to see you.

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Image By:, Shutterstock

Can You Teach a Husky to Be Quiet?

Siberian Huskies are naturally vocal, and you’re unlikely to ever affect their instinctive desire to howl, whine, or even bark. Since howling is the Husky’s primary form of communication, they’ll always be prone to vocalizing their desires in this way.

However, you can teach your Husky that there is a time and place when howling is acceptable. By establishing firm commands, you can teach your Husky that excessive howling isn’t the best way to get your attention.

You can use a simple command, such as “quiet,” but remember to always be consistent and firm. When your Husky howls, tell them to be “quiet,” and wait until they stop howling. If your dog is known for howling excessively, you’ll need to pay close attention and reward them as soon as they stop howling — preferably before they start again.

You’ll need to do this every time your Husky howls to reinforce the quiet behavior that you desire and to avoid accidentally teaching them that excessive howling is acceptable.

With time, patience, and consistency, you’ll soon teach your Husky to be quiet on command. You can also partner this with the “speak” command to get them to howl when you want them to do so. This way, your Husky will still be able to enjoy howling under controlled circumstances, and you’ll know that they can be quiet when necessary.

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Image By: Tanya50, Pixabay

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In Conclusion

Siberian Huskies are talkative, but unlike many other dog breeds, they don’t have a barking problem. This doesn’t mean they’re the best dog for your peaceful apartment, though. While you’re unlikely to find a Husky that barks enough to bring the roof down, they often rely on howling instead, which is something your neighbors are also unlikely to appreciate.

Featured Image Credit: Sanchoz, Shutterstock

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