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Does a Bernese Mountain Dog Like to Cuddle? Getting to Know Your Dog

Written by: Genevieve Dugal

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Does a Bernese Mountain Dog Like to Cuddle? Getting to Know Your Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is basically a living, breathing plush bear, so the question is not, “Do these dogs like to cuddle?” but rather, “Can you handle the massive amounts of love that these fluffy mammoths will throw at you?” In fact, Berners are so deeply attached to their humans that they can sometimes become clingy.

These eternal puppies hate being separated from their pet parents and crave human contact. Pets, hugs, and head scratches are their way of life! Of course, there are a few exceptions, but in general, Bernese Mountain Dogs are cuddly fluffballs.

Beyond these dogs’ beaming smiles are even more desirable traits—but there are also a few things to consider before you welcome such a pup into your home.

Here’s what you need to know about the temperament of these lovable giants!

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Bernese Mountain Dogs Are Glorious But Needy Companions

Beneath their impressive looks, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a gentle but sometimes clingy pup. They have a constant need for affection and tend to follow their favorite human’s every move. Since they form intense bonds with their owners, they can show little interest in strangers, preferring to focus on shared moments with their pet parents rather than meet new people.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are extremely affectionate and love to be stroked and pampered, and they won’t hesitate to roll over on their backs to demand cuddles on their bellies. If they think that they haven’t received enough affection, they will come and claim it! However, this need for constant attention can sometimes be overwhelming.

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Bernese Mountain Dogs Can’t Deal With Loneliness

The gentle, loyal, and affectionate temperament of the Bernese Mountain Dog has its downside, which is that they hate being alone. The admirable skills of these working dogs helped them perform various tasks on the farms and pastures of Switzerland, their country of origin. Therefore, they were always around at least one person, be that their master, a family member, or even a farm worker. But since then, Bernese Mountain Dogs have never learned to bear loneliness.

Bernese Mountain Dogs Remain Puppies for a While

These dogs mature more slowly and tend to exhibit puppy-like behavior longer than many other breeds. Although a Bernese puppy is overly cute with their adorable face and fluffy mane, their high energy level and great desire for attention can tire you out. So, be ready to train your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy as soon as possible so they can channel their endless reserves of energy and exuberant cuddles into training and socialization.

bernese mountain dog with his tongue out
Image By: Enrique Arnaiz Lafuente, Shutterstock

Bernese Mountain Dogs Have Their Limits

Bernese Mountain Dogs are fantastic canine companions for families, as they show exceptional gentleness, patience, and tolerance toward children, even the smallest ones. But despite their appearance as big teddy bears, these dogs are massive animals with great strength. You must teach children to respect the limits of this dog, no matter how sweet and patient they seem.

Moreover, a Bernese may bump and knock over a toddler by accident, so always keep an eye on dog-child interactions.

Tips to Facilitate the Training of Your Bernese Mountain Dog

For your Bernese Mountain Dog puppy to grow into a valued, well-rounded, happy, and healthy member of your family, you’ll need to dedicate the time to training them.

First, it is essential to use training based on positive reinforcement, firmness, and gentleness. This dog tends to be sensitive and shouting will only scare them. Quality obedience training and good socialization are highly recommended.

Second, Bernese will need lifelong physical and mental stimulation to stay balanced. In addition, given their imposing size, they must be taught early not to pull on a leash. Fortunately, these pups are highly intelligent and understand quickly what is expected of them.

Finally, plenty of hugs and cuddles are essential for rewarding the good behavior of your Bernese Mountain Dog!

Bernese mountain dog with it's handler on dog contest
Image By: PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek, Shutterstock


Final Thoughts

In short, Bernese Mountain Dogs are lovable giants. They are a wonder to behold and know how to shower their beloved owners with affection. So, if you are looking for a cuddly—if sometimes needy—breed of dog, a Bernese will not disappoint.

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