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Black Mini Goldendoodle: Facts, History & Origin (With Pictures)

Written by: Nicole Cosgrove

Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Dogster Team

black mini goldendoodle at the park

Black Mini Goldendoodle: Facts, History & Origin (With Pictures)

Goldendoodles are hybrids between Golden Retrievers and Miniature Poodles. The Black Mini Goldendoodle is a miniature version of the designer breed and has a unique solid black coat.

Are you wondering why a “black” coat is a big deal? Well, most dogs of the breed have red, chocolate, apricot, or light tan coats. Black is the least common color, assuring you of a unique-looking dog.

Read on for in-depth information about the genetics behind this unique coat coloration. We will also analyze five unique facts about the Black Mini Goldendoodle and explore the breed’s history, popularity, official recognition, and more.

Breed Overview


13 to 20 inches


15 to 35 pounds


12 to 15 years



Suitable for:

Active families with time to provide lots of attention and affection


Friendly, happy, playful, outgoing, intelligent, and easy to train

Goldendoodles vary in size because of their Poodle heritage. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Poodle breed comes in three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard dogs.

Still, Goldendoodles vary in size, depending on the size of the Poodle used by a breeder. According to the Goldendoodles of North America (GANA), they are classified into four size categories. These include petite, miniature, medium, and standard Goldendoodles.

Miniature variations of the breed weigh between 26 and 35 pounds and are crossbreeds between a Golden Retriever and a miniature Poodle.

Golden Retrievers, as the name suggests, often have gold-colored coats. However, some individuals have dark red or light cream coats. Poodles come in various coat shades, including black, white, apricot, gray, silver, cream, and brown.

Black Goldendoodles, irrespective of size, are a big deal because purebred Golden Retrievers don’t come in solid black coats. To achieve solid black puppies, a breeder must have an exhaustive understanding of the genetics behind this unique coat coloration.

Black Mini Goldendoodle Characteristics

High-energy dogs will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation to stay happy and healthy, while low-energy dogs require minimal physical activity. It’s important when choosing a dog to make sure their energy levels match your lifestyle or vice versa.
Easy-to-train dogs are more skilled at learning prompts and actions quickly with minimal training. Dogs that are harder to train will require a bit more patience and practice.
Some breeds, due to their size or their breeds potential genetic health issues, have shorter lifespans than others. Proper exercise, nutrition, and hygiene also play an important role in the lifespan of your pet.
Some dog breeds are prone to certain genetic health problems, and some more than others. This doesn’t mean that every dog will have these issues, but they have an increased risk, so it’s important to understand and prepare for any additional needs they may require.
Some dog breeds are more social than others, both towards humans and other dogs. More social dogs have a tendency to run up to strangers for pets and scratches, while less social dogs shy away and are more cautious, even potentially aggressive. No matter the breed, it’s important to socialize your dog and expose them to lots of different situations.

The Earliest Records of the Black Mini Goldendoodle in History

The earliest record of the Goldendoodle breed can be traced back to the late 1960s. At the time, crossbreeding experiments were not so popular, and it took decades before the Goldendoodle earned the official status of a hybrid.

The motive behind breeding the Golden Retriever and the Poodle was to achieve a dog that combines the best traits of both breeds. While Golden Retrievers are known for their obedience, Poodles are super intelligent and only second to the smartest dog breed in the world, the Border Collie.

How the Black Mini Goldendoodle Gained Popularity

The Goldendoodle’s intelligence, obedience, and warm temperament amazed dog lovers worldwide. Breeders began intentionally pairing Golden Retrievers and Poodles in the late 1980s.

By the 1990s, Goldendoodles had gained massive popularity and even inspired the rise of other Poodle mixes, including Labradoodles.

Goldendoodles, irrespective of size and color, have a massive fan base. These dogs are prized for more than their good looks. They make excellent family and therapy pets because of their loyalty, affection, and intelligence.

Formal Recognition of the Black Mini Goldendoodle

The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize the Black Mini Goldendoodle. However, the hybrid is registered by various national and international organizations. These organizations include the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA), American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), and the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR).

Top 3 Unique Facts About Black Mini Goldendoodles

Are you the lucky owner of a Black Mini Goldendoodle, or do you want to welcome one to your household? Here are three unique facts you should know about your furry friend.

1. They Make Terrible Guard Dogs

Black Mini Goldendoodles are family-oriented dogs with happy, friendly, and outgoing personalities. These dogs, like Poodles, are also brilliant and generally easy to train.

The hyper-social nature of Goldendoodles, even with strangers, makes them an ill-fit for people looking for reliable guard dogs. Moreover, these dogs love following their owners around and can get needy and clingy, especially if not properly trained and socialized. Their need to be around people makes them prone to separation anxiety if left alone at home.

On the bright side, Black Mini Goldendoodles are patient and gentle with kids. They also play nice with other pets, although you should beware of their strong prey drive. There’s a good chance your dog will not let your bunny or guinea pig live in peace.

2. Getting the Black Color Is a Bit Tricky!

Poodles come in various coat colors, including black. However, purebred Golden Retrievers don’t come in pure black. This makes it challenging to achieve solid Black Goldendoodle puppies. Any other coat colors in the parent breeds’ bloodline can influence a puppy’s ultimate coat expression.

So, how do breeders achieve Black Goldendoodle puppies?

Although the process typically involves using multiple generations of either breed, breeders with an in-depth understanding of coat color genetics can breed Black Goldendoodles. The trick lies in breeding a Black Miniature Poodle and a Golden Retriever with a copy of the recessive black gene.

3. The Black Coat Color Is Uncommon

Although the popularity of Goldendoodles has grown immensely over the past decade, black mini Goldendoodles are still relatively rare.

Only a few breeders have mastered the art of breeding puppies with this unique coloring. Even those who understand the genetics of coat coloration may not be willing to commit to the time and effort required to produce black puppies.

Generally, they find it easier to focus on creating puppies with typical coat shades like apricot, red, and dark golden tones.

Does the Black Mini Goldendoodle Make a Good Pet?

Black Mini Goldendoodles can blend well into any household. They’re loving companions and don’t mind running around with kids. Although they love being the center of attention, they also thrive in multi-pet homes and typically treat other resident pets as play buddies.

If you are looking for a loyal and affectionate furry companion, the Black Mini Goldendoodle is an excellent choice. The hybrid adapts well to ranch or apartment living and maintains a calm and pleasant demeanor when offered plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

Black Mini Goldendoodles are people pleasers and love to follow commands. This makes them excellent furry family members that are easy to train and live with. The only downside is that they’re likelier to befriend an intruder than scare them away.

Closing Thoughts

Black Mini Goldendoodles are adorable hybrids that combine some of the best traits of Golden Retrievers and Poodles. They have big personalities and are joyful, friendly, charismatic, and playful. These dogs offer unrivaled companionship because of their innate need to build and maintain strong bonds with their owners.

If you fancy a dog that will make you the center of its universe, it is hard to go wrong with a Black Mini Goldendoodle.

In return for unwavering loyalty, you must be ready to provide plenty of affection and attention. Moreover, Black Mini Goldendoodles are happier in households where they receive adequate mental and physical stimulation.

Featured Image Credit: Wirestock Creators, Shutterstock

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